Red Post Collection: Dev Diary on Variance in League, 2016 ASE Shirt, Nexus Siege in RGMQ, Camille Launch on 12/12, and more!

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This morning's red post collection includes  a dev diary from Ghostcrawler on variance in LoL, a heads up the Camille launch day stream on December 12th, a new 2016 All-Star event shirt available in the shop, Meddler on tentative Lucian PBE changes,  and more!
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/DEV DIARY: On Variance in League

Here is  Ghostcrawler discussing variance in LoL as part of the first entry in the new /DEV DIARY video series:
"Where does randomness belong in League?

"Editor’s Note: /dev diaries is a new video series in which League’s developers talk through their thoughts on a variety of topics. This video is our first attempt at the format — we have a lot to learn and are depending on your feedback to make this stuff better. Thanks for watching!"

Join the Camille Launch Day Stream on 12/12 PST 

Camille will be launching Monday the 12th and VoyboyNickWuRiot Jag, and Cactopus will be jumping on the LoL Twitch channel to host a launch day stream!
"Join Voyboy, NickWu, Riot Jag, and Cactopus as they shave some noobs as Camille live on Twitch from 2:00pm to 5:00pm PT on December 12, 2016. Will they slice open their enemies? Or will they feed like crazy? Leave your questions, memes, and dreams in the comments below so we can address them during the stream!"
Look for Camille's champion spotlight to come out Sunday.

To hold you over until her release next week, more on Camille available here:

All-Star Event Shirt now available

With the event in a full swing, a new two sided 2016 All-Star Event tshirt is now available for purchase.
"The official All-Star Event shirt for 2016. Fire and Ice will clash when 30 of the top pros from around the world meet in Barcelona."

Nexus Siege lives in the Rotating Game Mode Queue

Nexus Siege has returned for the weekend in the RGMQ!
"From the original clone-tastic One For All to the sand-strewn battlefield of Ascension, featured game modes provide unique spins on the classic League formula. It’s time to kick things off with the next game mode in the rotation:Nexus Siege returns. 
This time around, Nexus Siege is now available and lasts through the evening on Monday (we’ll shut it down very early Tuesday morning--usually between 1:00 AM and 3:00 AM).
As always we’ll be trying out different things with the rotating game mode queue and we’d love to hear your feedback. GLHF!"
As of 6.24, Nexus Siege (and LotPK) now show up in the League Client Update so you no longer have to switch back to the legacy client to play!

On the topic of having three back to back weeks of LotPK, L4T3NCY noted:
"Heya guys, feel you on this one. 
We finally have the first two RGM modes working in the new LCU client for 6.24 (although we're still in beta and is a little rough)! To do this we've had to slow down our cadence to one game mode per patch while we focus on getting more modes LCU-ready for next year. :/ 
I personally can't wait until we get back to where we are in AIR client (and eventually even better!)"

Meddler Grab Bag - Lucian PBE, Rylai's, and more!

Here's Meddler with posts on tentative Lucian PBE buffs, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and more.
When asked about the previously mentioned Lucian buffs, Meddler shared details on two changes that will be hitting the PBE soon!
"Agreed, post Fervor buff and Vayne/Twitch nerfs Lucian still looks like he needs some help. We've been testing a couple of different Lucian buffs aimed at giving him some early game strength. Latest set of changes look promising enough that we'll push them to PBE shortly (passive damage starting at 40% and climbing to 60% by 13 instead of 30% climbing to 60% by 16, Q damage to 80-220 from 80-200)."
Meddler also commented on the Kalista buffs pulled from the PBE during 6.24 -
What about the Kalista buffs?
Watching her performance post Fervor and BotRK buffs at present. Still considering putting the ones we pulled from 6.24 into 7.1, being careful though because she's a tough champ to balance."
He continued:
"The ones pulled from 6.24 would probably be the ones we went with if we buffed her in 7.1."

As for follow up to the recent Rylai's Crystal Scepter changes, Meddler commented:
"The Rylai's change hit a few champs hard, with Azir, Taliyah, Viktor, Malz and Vlad being the noteworthy ones. A number of other champs don't seem to have been significantly affected (e.g. Kennen, Morde, Zyra) or are doing at first glance doing better in the new environment (e.g. Swain, Zilean). 
Azir and Taliyah specifically have both been hit hard enough we're working on buffs for them at present. There's a possibility we do those in a hotfix next week, rather than waiting until 7.1 in January. That's not a definite thing yet though, just a possibility. 
Viktor, Malz and Vlad we'll just be watching for now to see how they do. Malz and Viktor at least were both on the strong side to begin with, so some of that drop in power's appropriate."

When asked about Mordekaiser, Meddler added:
"Stats aren't everything, but last I checked (yesterday) Morde was still sitting slightly above 50% on average in top and around 49% in mid after the Rylai's change. Win rate for experienced Morde players was substantially higher. 
Morde does need a full VGU. We don't believe doing partial update, like Shyv's, on champs in that state's a good approach. That scale of update still takes a noticeable amount of developer time that could be making permanent improvements (hopefully) to a champ who's close to a good state, rather than doing more temporary work on a champ who'll still have a lot of problems. Small scope updates in those contexts also have a risk of introducing a range of new problems even if they address some old ones (Morde's update last year for example). 
That's not to say we won't do anything for Morde until a VGU of course. In particular if something actually puts him in a really bad spot performance wise we'd want to help him out. So far though we're not seeing any evidence the Rylai's change has done that however. As above it has hit some champs hard enough we'll potentially hotfix them rather than waiting for a normal patch. Morde doesn't seem to have been affected much overall though, possibly in part because few people with Rylai's and a weaker Rylai's slow's a more favourable environment for him."

Some thoughts on Viktor. 

Following some concern regarding Viktor's portrayal in the new A Quick Fix story, Dinopawz jumped on the boards to offer some reassurance.
"Hey folks, 
Well, looks like the latest bios have got a lot of folks worried about Zaun’s very own Machine Herald! 
The first thing to say is that it’s great to see so many people leaping to the defense of this misunderstood(?) genius. The second is, to borrow a phrase from the late, great, Douglas Adams… Don’t Panic. 
The perception you’re getting of Viktor is largely from Jayce’s bio, and if ever there was an unreliable narrator, it’s him. Sure, from Jayce’s point of view, Viktor might seem like a complete and utter psychopath, bereft of a moral compass and utterly devoid of humanity. But what of Viktor’s point of view? Might what’s he’s doing be entirely misrepresented? Might there be a good reason behind it (even if what he’s doing might be - from outside perspectives - be seen as reprehensible?). 
The reaction is also likely coming from people reading about the place Camille visits in her short story, but I can imagine Viktor’s response to seeing what those people are doing in his name… I can imagine him being incensed at this perversion of his grand philosophy, this naive, quasi-religious cult that has grown around his ideas and which has - to him - woefully misinterpreted his vision. Viktor plays the long game and knows that greatness cannot be achieved without cost. Does that make him evil? Perhaps to the folk who pay the price initially, but what of the folks who’ll reap the benefit in the long run? What will history say of Viktor? That’s the legacy Viktor is concerned with, not the fragile, emotional and short-sighted people around him. 
So, no, we absolutely don’t want to paint Viktor as a pantomime villain, twirling his metal mustache, but nor do we want to turn away from the dark deeds he’s doing in the name of his Glorious Evolution. When Viktor’s bio lands, it’ll provide balance to the perception. Will it reveal the truth? Well, it’ll reveal Viktor’s truth, and the reality will likely lie somewhere in the middle. Perhaps shrouded by a fug of the Gray, but, hey, that’s Zaun for you… 

/ALL Chat | That Was Old Lore?! 

New /ALL Chat discussing old lore and new lore!

"Remember the old days? Before fancy lore websites and story cohesion there were forty ragtag champions smashed together in a world that barely made sense. We remember. FYI, Malphite is still a rock man from the rock planet made of sentient rocks."

Piltover Stories & Art AMA

Several Rioters jumped on reddit earlier today to host an AMA on the recent Piltover stories and art!
"Hey friends!
We're the Rioters behind the Piltover story event, here to answer your questions about the city and the people who call it home. 
We recently launched a ton of new content around the City of Progress, with plenty of story content and a huge map. Check it out, then come back here and ask us anything.
Joining us today are writers, artists, and more: 
Let's get this show on the road."
Check out the reddit thread for more. Over the weekend we'll publish a separate and no doubt lengthy red post collection containing both the recent Camille and Piltover AMAs!


To round out tonight's red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

  • Piltover summoner icon available for FREE through December 13th!  Just visit the the Piltover page (be sure to be on your correct region - url or switch in upper right)!

  • 2017 Season Kickoff Sale is live through  December 13th! This sale includes 2 for 1 rune pages, 50% off IP/XP boosts, 50% off RP name change, and a multitude of bundles.

  • Purchase Elementalist Lux before the end of the day on December 13th to received the exclusive Elemental Origin loading screen border and summoner icon.

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