2016 All-Star Event [DEC 8th - 11th]

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[UPDATE: 2016 ASE has concluded! Post updated with spoiler free results.]

The 2016 All-Star Event is here! The event runs December 8th through the 11th from Barcelona, Spain with fan voted players from all over the world competing  in regional matches and various game modes! 
Continue reading for a (spoiler free) look at team info, schedules, and VODs once they become available!

( Please be aware that this post WILL BE UPDATED as the action continues throughout the week. VODs and any other pertinent info will be posted once available! )

Table of Contents

Post Event Results and Standings

Day four has concluded and we have our winners!

Congratulations to [SPOILER] for winning the 2016 ASE - a full article looking at the teams victory and performance over the event can be found here.   Congratulations to [SPOILER] for winning the 1v1 tournament. Final standings can be found [here].

Be sure to check out the Pentakill musical performance from the evennt's closing ceremoney!

More images of the event can be found on the LoL Esports flickr.

2016 All-Star Event

The 2016 All-Star Event event features fan voted players from from all over the globe split into into regional teams competing to see who is stronger - Team Fire or Team Ice! Alongside regular 5v5 games, 2016 All-Stars will feature the all-star teams competing in a  1v1 tournament and other fun game modes such as LotPK or marksman mode. At the end of the four day event,  the team with the most points wins and players from the winning team's regions will received an IP boost!!

2016 All Star event will be played on 6.23.

The teams will compete in a variety of different game modes over the four day event:

Teams & Players:

Team Fire
  • NA LCS - Impact, Reignover, Bjergsen, Doublelift, aphromoo.
  • LCK - Smeb, Bengi, Faker, PraY, MadLife
  • IWC - QTV, Levi, Optimus, Celebrity, RonOP
Team Ice
  • EU LCS - sOAZ, Jankos, xPeke, Rekkles, mithy
  • LPL - Mouse, ClearLove, We1less, Uzi, Mata
  • LMS - Ziv. Karsa, Maple, BeBe, Albis



Day 1  - December 8 - Beginning at 7:00 AM PST // 16:00 CET

Opening Ceremony
7:00 AM PST // 16:00 CET


Regional 5v5
7:10 AM PST // 16:10 CET

Team Ice Marksmen vs. Team Fire Marksmen
Marksmen Mode
8:10 AM PST // 17:10 CET

9:10 AM PST // 18:10 CET

1v1 Tournament - Day 1
10:10 AM PST - 10:40 AM PST
[Matches in order, estimated 5 minutes length]
xPeke vs. Aphromoo [VOD]
Impact vs. Mouse [VOD]
ClearLove vs. Bjergson [VOD]
mithy vs. Levi [VOD]
Doublelift vs. We1less [VOD]
BeBe vs. Optimus [VOD]
MadLife vs. Uzi [VOD]

Regional 5v5
10:45 AM PST // 19:45 CET

[Scoreboard for Day 1]

Day 2  - December 9 - Beginning at 7:00 AM PST // 16:00 CET

Regional 5v5
7:00 AM PST // 16:00 CET

Team Ice Poro King vs. Team Fire Poro King
Legend of the Poro King
8:00 AM PST // 17:00 CET

9:00 AM PST // 18:00 CET

1v1 Tournament - Day 2
10:00 AM PST - 10:30 AM PST
[Matches in order, estimated 5 minutes length]
Celebrity vs. Karsa [VOD]
Reignover vs. Rekkles [VOD]
Ziv vs. Smeb [VOD]
sOAZ vs. QTV [VOD]
Bengi vs. Maple [VOD]
Mata vs. Faker [VOD]
Jankos vs. PraY [VOD]

Regional 5v5
10:35 AM PST // 19:00 CET

[Scoreboard for Day 2]

Day 3  - December 10 - Beginning at 7:00 AM PST // 16:00 CET

Regional 5v5
7:00 AM PST // 16:00 CET

Team Fire One for All vs. Team Ice One for All
Legend of the Poro King
8:00 AM PST // 17:00 CET

1v1 Tournament - Day 3
9:00 AM PST - 9:35 AM PST
[Matches in order, estimated 5 minutes length]
RonOP vs. xPeke [VOD]
Impact vs. Clearlove[VOD]
Levi vs. We1less [VOD]
Optimus vs. Uzi [VOD]
Albis vs. Karsa[VOD]
Rekkles vs. Smeb [VOD]
QTV vs. Maple [VOD]
MATA  vs. PraY [VOD]

Regional 5v5
9:40 AM PST // 18:40 CET

Team Ice Assassins vs. Team Fire Assassins
Regional 5v5
10:40 AM PST // 19:40 CET

Regional 5v5
11:40 AM PST // 20:40 CET

[Scoreboard after Day 3]

Day 4  - December 11 - Beginning at 7:00 AM PST // 16:00 CET

Team Ice Tandem vs. Team Fire Tandem
Tandem Mode
7:00 AM PST // 16:00 CET

1v1 Tournament - Day 4, Quarterfinals
8:00 AM PST - 8:15 AM PST
[Matches in order, estimated 5 minutes length]
xPeke vs. Impact [VOD]
Levi vs. Uzi [VOD]
Karsa vs. Smeb [VOD]
Maple vs. Mata [VOD]

1v1 Tournament - Day 4, Semifinals (Bo3)
8:20 AM PST - 8:35 AM PST
TBD vs. TBD [VOD 1 / 2 / 3 ]
TBD vs. TBD [VOD 1 / 2 / 3 ]

1v1 Tournament - Day 4, Final (Bo3)
8:50 AM PST - 9:05 AM PST
TBD vs. TBD [VOD 1 / 2 / 3 ]

Team Ice All-Stars vs. Team Fire All-Stars 
Regional 5v5
9:05 AM PST // 18:05 CET

Team Fire All-Stars vs. Team Ice All-Stars
Regional 5v5
10:05 AM PST // 19:05 CET

Team Ice All-Stars vs. Team Fire All-Stars
Regional 5v5
11:05 AM PST // 20:05 CET

Special Closing Ceremony performance ft Pentakill!

2016 All-Star In-Game content, promotions, & merch!

Several 2016 All-Star cosmetics and bundles are available through  December 14th!

A new two sided 2016 All-Star Event tshirt is now available for purchase.

New 2016 All-Star Team ICE and Team FIRE summoner icons are available for 250 RP each through December 14th.

These two summoner icons also include temporary cosmetics when equipped - unique recall stamps (F/I), emotes (F/I), and LCU profile background (F/I). While the icons are permanent, these temporary effects last through December 14th at 23:59 PST.

A new 2016 All-Star Ward skin is also now available for 640 RP through December 14th.

As with many other esports events, 2016 All-Star event will include a mystery gift bonus trigger! Purchasing mystery gifts while this bonus is active will increase changes for Legendary and esports skins.
Watch closely throughout ASE as any Pentakills and Baron steals that happen during matches will trigger bonuses on Mystery Gifts. This trigger will grant up to 4x the chance of legendary and esports skins! Just for All-Star, we’re also adding a trigger: if a 1v1 ends before the minions meet in lane, we’ll also up the chances.

You can also grab the 2016 All-Star summoner icons for 1 IP through  December 14th.

There are also new  Team Fire and Team Ice MEGA champion and skin bundles available in the shop. These large bundles include mostly mostly fiery or frosty champions and skins for 50% off!

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