Red Post Collection: Spooky Teaser on Social Media, Worlds Merch, Worlds starts 9/29, Pentakill 2 teasers, and more!

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This afternoon's red post collection includes a look at a spooky new teaser going around on Riot's social media, Worlds 2016 kicking off 9/29, new Worlds merch now available, small teaser on Pentakill 2, and more!
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New Social Media Teaser

A spooky new teaser image is going around Riot's social media accounts!
The image has no caption on any of the original shares. It appears to feature a costumed Morgana &  (Tristana?) and a mysterious figure in the middle of the smoking cauldron. Why are those minions jumping into that pot?? With Halloween coming up soon, keep an eye out for more info soon!

Ivern Q&A Coming 9/29 

With Ivern on the PBE and testing for a release in 6.20, the team working on Ivern will be headed to the boards on September 29th to host an Ivern Q&A! 
"Explore the wild unknown of the boards with Ivern's creators to learn more about the Green Father. Coming at 11 AM PDT on 9/29
Got a green thumb? Check out more Ivern news here. 

2016 Worlds Merch Now Available

As previously announced, the new Worlds 2016 merch is now available in the Riot Games merch store including a new Championship Riven figure, bomber jacket, and more!

  • Championship Riven Figure -  
    • "The Exile has returned. Throughout Worlds, the Championship Riven figure also includes a digital unlock of her in-game skin. $30"
  • 2016 Worlds Tee
    • "The battle for the Championship begins. Who will rise? $25"

2016 World Championship Starts September 29th

The 2016 World Championship kicks off later today with the start of the GROUP STAGE at 4 PM PT!

More info on group stages available [here].

Meddler on Surrender Timer

In a boards thread inquiring about the possibility of lowering or otherwise changing the surrender timer, Meddler commented:
"We've been looking at early surrender options a bit recently. There are definitely some games it'd be good to allow people to get out of quicker. At the same time we don't want to create a lot of extra games where some of a team chose to give up too early, when other players are doing well enough it's still a winnable game they want to keep playing. What we're thinking of as a result is testing out an early surrender option, but only if the entire team unanimously agrees to surrender. Something like 100% agreement between minutes 15-20 and then normal surrender rules after that. Ensures that no player gets forced out of a game they want to keep playing, while giving an option for things like the 2 people DC'd for a while case, or the 24 to 0 by 14 minutes game that's effectively decided. 

Again, that's something we're interested in testing, probably just in a single region to start with, not a committed plan or anything. There are likely other improvements that could be made to the surrender system to, that looks like one of the clearest wins though, hence work on it being tested first."

Praeco on new Pentakill album

Praeco has tweeted out a small teaser for the next PENTAKILL album!
He also added that the vocalist on the track is Jorn Lande.

Praeco later tweeted:
That's all we have for now! Check out the debut Pentakill album SMITE AND IGNITE [here].


To round out tonight's red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
  • The 2016 World Championship starts on September 29th!
    • The 2016 Worlds Pick'em is available now through the 29th! Earn summoner icons and more by participating and guessing correctly!

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