Red Post Collection: LCU Alpha update & Loot/Clubs/Ranked testing, Meddler on Galio, Jinx, & Rek'sai, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes a new LCU Alpha changelog & info on upcoming Loot, Clubs, and Ranked testing, Meddler with a grab bag discussing Galio, Jinx, and Rek'Sai, the first episode of the new season of Legends Rising, and more!
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[LCU] Prepare to Test: Loot, Clubs, and Ranked 

Loots, Clubs, and Ranked are headed to the LCU Alpha soon!
"Whaddup, alpha testers! 
We've got a pretty chunky update for you today. Things are starting to move very quickly in alphaland (a magical place where alphas are made and everyone wears tank tops). Over the next couple of patches, a load of crucial features will start appearing in the live alpha. 
For now, alpha testers should see ranked information on their profiles, including stuff like emblems and borders. We've also turned on access to ranked leaderboards, Co-Op Vs. A.I. mode, and gifting.
Ranked queues themselves are also coming, but they're still a little work-in-progress. About a week ago we had to turn the alpha off over the weekend due to a pretty serious bug—exactly the sort of critical issue we need alpha testers to find. When we feel pretty confident that our ranked queue won't put your LP at risk, we'll turn it on and monitor closely. That may be just a couple of days after we ship the 6.18 patch, but things could change. 
Looking forward, we're preparing to launch a few key features, including Clubs, Loot, and the ability to purchase RP in the store. The latter two things work essentially just like they do in the legacy client, but we've rethought Clubs for the client update. Instead of incessantly popping up from the bottom of your screen, they're safely tucked away into their own subnav menu under the client's Social tab. All your club management tools are found there. 
Note from the author: I'm an officer in a top secret, super awesome Club for people with "Cactus" in their SN. We're always recruiting new thorny brethren. HMU if you want in. 
We’re also reworking the client home screen, giving it a newer look. While we’re not yet ready to make it the default home screen, we’ll continue working on it during the next few patches until it replaces the alpha home screen. 
Oh, and soon we'll ship a long-requested feature that's exclusive to the client update: you'll finally be able to change your in-game settings from the client itself. 
We've recently opened up the alpha to hundreds of thousands of new testers, but it's not too late to sign up if you haven't already. We still need your help!"
More information and sign ups for the live LCU Alpha available [here]. As usual, expect new features to hit the PBE LCU Alpha first followed by the live LCU Alpha shortly after!

[LCU] Alpha client patch .09 changelog 

We also have a new changelog for the live LCU Alpha .09 patch!

Here's Cactopus with an introduction:
"Alpha patch .09 is a big one. At some point during the patch, we're going to finally turn on ranked SR. This feels pretty scary for us. 
See, the alpha's ranked queue will be connected to the same live servers that everyone in the legacy client is using. That means that potential LP gains or losses are riding on us having eliminated any client-crashing bugs you (our beloved testers) found while testing draft pick normals. Thus, we’re gonna keep a close eye on ranked—we want to be extra sensitive to ensure a great experience for testers. A client-crashing bug here could very easily force us to temporarily shut off the alpha, so heads up. 
While you're climbing to challenger, surveys are gonna pop up. Take them! For bonus LP, submit feedback and bug reports using the buttons on the client's alpha homepage (this won't actually grant you LP). Thealpha discussion board is also always around if you wanna hang with your fellow testers and the client dev team. 
Still haven't signed up for the alpha? Time's a-wastin'."

Meddler on Galio, Jinx, Rek'Sai, and more!

Next up we have a collection of posts from Meddler concerning Galio's future champion update, thoughts on current state of Jinx and Rek'Sai, and more!

With Galio recently being added to the champion update listMeddler elaborated:
"Full VGU, so new model, animations, spell effects, sounds, voice, loading screen art, bio and gameplay.
In terms of kit changes I'd expect fairly significant kit changes (so more than say Ryze or Gangplank got). Too early to say yet exactly which skills we'll be keeping or replacing though."
Meddler continued:
i heard something a while back about galio getting MR scalings on his abilities. was that true?
That was a concept we kicked around a year or two back, no plans to go through with it though."
When asked what might be changing with his kit, Meddler added:
"I think the ult's the strongest contender on the kit to be kept yeah. Despite that, don't want to promise anything, given he's still a fair way out and kit changes aren't figured out yet. 
Whether or not a dash would be appropriate I think depends on a lot on what sort of role he's expected to play. Initiator tank (Vanguard)? Yep, dash could be reasonable. Defensive tanky (Warden)? Power should be put elsewhere. Some form of mage/tank hybrid still? Hard to say without knowing more about the details."

As for thoughts on the current state of JinxMeddler noted:
"She's on our watch list right now. Her performance did improve more than we expected off the recent changes, nerfs to other popular marksmen (Ashe, Jhin) likely contributing significantly to that. No nerfs planned for 6.19 at least, wouldn't surprise if we had to chip a bit of power off later though."
When asked about Rek'Sai's current state and if they have any additional work planned regarding the 6.18 patch note comment, Meddler explained:
"We're planning on doing some work on Rek'Sai to shift her back towards a more damage focused champ. That'll likely involve transferring utility or tank power into damage, or at least pushing her towards more damage focused itemization. Details on that haven't been figured out yet. We wanted to mention it at this point since we've nerfed Rek'Sai a number of times recently but in not ways that have indicated that's our direction however (shorter term changes basically, working within her current state more than pushing her towards what we think she should be)."
Meddler continued:
So, pushing her from a Vanguard tank to more of a Diver? Maybe Top lane Rek'sai will come back.
Yeah, diver's should be the better fit. Some CC, but less focus on team initiation power and more on personally killing stuff."

As for if Shaco will have changes in the assassin class update later this year, Meddler explained:
have you guys decided which are the smaller scope assassins of there are any changes like that?
Still figuring out the exact champs so won't get into a full list yet. Shaco looks likely as below, almost certainly some further work on Ekko to drag him back towards squishier builds. We're actively looking at the others you'd consider traditional assassins, not expecting changes on all of them to work out though."

No New Skins in 6.19

KateyKhaos has confirmed on twitter that there will be NO NEW SKINS in the 6.19 PBE cycle:
Sure! No teasers, just chromas this patch, no additional skins. Hope this clears things up! :)
She continued, noting we've had small patches as far as skins go in the past:
"We've had smaller patches before. Once was just Cottontail Fizz"
When asked if this means they wil lhave something "really awesome" next cycle instead, she noted:
"Not necessarily. If something isn't ready, we won't ship it until it is. :D"

You can check out the first patch of the 6.19 PBE cycle [here].

Reav3 on What's Next After Assassins

In a reddit thread inquiring which class update we might see after the Assassin update later this year during preseason, Reav3 noted tanks and divers are the two mostly likely candidates:
"It's either tanks or divers. Tanks and tank itemization are in pretty dire need to looked at tbh so there is a pretty strong case for tanks to be next as well as divers."

Legends Rising Season 2: Episode 1 - Spring

Following a slew of teasers over the last week, season 2 of LEGENDS RISING starts today with Episode 1 - Spring. 

"There can be only one World Championship-winning team, and for Rekkles, ClearLove, and Smeb, that fact is all too real. With all three having made deep runs at the championship in 2015, they now must suit up and start fresh, focusing on the victories ahead and not the crushing defeat behind. For Rekkles, This year represents more than a new shot at EULCS dominance, it’s his chance to emerge as a leader in one of EU’s strongest esport organizations. 
Legends Rising Season 2 follows six of the game's greatest pros through the hard work and sacrifice necessary to achieve greatness, in a six-part series. Do they have what it takes to become a legend?"


To round out tonight's red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

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