2016 International Wildcard Finals

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Following the round robin matches, the 2016 International Wildcard Finals round has begun!
Continue reading for a (spoiler free) look at team info, schedules, and VODs once they become available!

( Please be aware that this post WILL BE UPDATED as the action continues throughout the week. VODs and any other pertinent info will be posted once available! )

2016 International Wildcard Finals

The International Wildcard Qualifier continues this weekend with the top for teams from the round robin stage moving to to the finals! These teams will play best of 5 matches with the winners from each match moving on to represent IWC in the 2016 World Championship!

2016 International Wildcard Finals will be played on patch 6.16. Kled and Aurelion Sol are both disabled.


The teams participating in the finals are those with the best records coming out of last week's round robin - 2nd place plays 4th place on Day One while 1st place plays 3rd place on Day Two!
  1. Lyon Gaming (LAN)
  2. INTZ (CBLoL)
  3. Albus NoX Luna (CIS)
  4. Dark Passage (TUR)



Day 1  - September 3rd - Beginning at 2:00 PM PST // 11:00 CET

INTZ (CBLoL) vs. Dark Passage (TUR)
2:00 PM PST // 11:00 CET
[VODs 1/2/3/4/5]


Day 2 - September 4th - Beginning at 2:00 PM PST // 11:00 CET

Lyon Gaming (LAN) vs. Albus NoX Luna (CIS)
2:00 PM PST // 11:00 CET
[VODs 1/2/3/4/5]


Following this weekend's games, we'll have our two two IWC spots for the 2016 Worlds Championship!

As always, feel free to check LoLesports.com for more information, VODs, and advanced scheduling!

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