[Skin Teaser] REACTIVATING...

Posted on at 11:56 AM by Moobeat
[UPDATE: This is a teaser for Mecha Zero Sion, who is now on the PBE!]

A new teaser for an upcoming mecha skin is up! Check out "REACTIVATING..."
Continue reading for more information!

From the official teaser - "REACTIVATING..." -
<WARNING!> System breached.... 
/Cmd: Prototype 00_Failsafe… [INITIATING SELF-DESTRUCTION MODE] 
<WARNING!> Unauthorized access detected... [OVERRIDE] 
System reboot… [INITIALIZED] 
Engine recalibration… [COMPLETE] 
Weapons Systems… [ONLINE] 
Locating Enemy Targets… [IDENTIFIED]
Status…. [READY]
“Crush. Kill. Destroy.”
Including a mecha header image The teaser shows pictures for Mecha Aatrox (13)Mecha Malphite (06)and Mecha Kha'zix (01) as well as the bottom image of a power core with the numbering 00.

With that in mind, this teaser lines up very well to be for the Mecha Zero Sion name that we recently saw on the PBE!

Typically we see these sort of teasers for legendary tier skins, such as Omega Squad Teemo or Final Boss Veigar.

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