Red Post Collection: Preseason Discussion, 2015 WC & Esports Legacy Content leaving shop soon, and more!

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[NOTE: Harrowing legacy content and the new Zombie/Slayer skins will be out later this week!]

This morning's red post collection includes a reminder that the 2015 World Championship & returning esports legacy content will be leaving the shop on NOVEMBER 5th, a ton of discussion from Pwyff and crew on the new dev corner boards and the preseason changes currently on the PBE, and much more!
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2015 Worlds skins, icons, and wards hit the road

With the 2015 World Champion wrapped up, remember to grab Championship Kalista, summoner icons, ward skins, and all the legacy esports content before it leaves the shop on NOVEMBER 5th!

"As the 2015 World Championship wraps up, we’re getting ready to send off the skins icons, and wards that helped celebrate the big event. Championship Kalista and the rest of the legacy esports skins won’t be back until next year, so pick them up before they sail away on a flowing river of tears cried by those who ran out of time. Icons, wards, and bundles will also be joining Champ Kalista and crew when they depart at 23:59 PT on November 5!"
For content previews of Championship Kalista and all the other World Championship & legacy esports content, check out this post!

Welcome to the Dev Corner - An Introduction

With all the buzz around preseason, Riot has started up a new DEV CORNER board where reds can start up specific discussion threads in one convenient place.

Here's Pwyff with more:
"Hey all, 
With preseason 2016 kicking off, we also figured that now would be a good time to try out some new ways to engage. 
First: goals. 
We want to build a sustainable channel of casual communication between Riot developers and the community. 
In an ideal world, this would be scalable for all languages (although I wonder about the conversation overload), but until our developers learn other languages, we're going to try this dev corner. For now, I believe all regions can login and comment, but if you're not speaking English there's a high chance we won't understand. 
Welcome to the (presently named) Dev Corner. This is going to be an experimental communications channel for teams at Riot to have a conversation about, well, pretty much anything to do with designing League of Legends. 
We're a little different from our delightful Engineering Tech Blog (, as the primary focus is going to be on design discussion, with the potential to branch out to other topics in the future.  
Additionally, we're going to aiming for rapid iteration, which is highfalutin talk for wanting to try out a lot of different things, ranging from...
  • Low-scope dev blogs - Don't expect any pretty formatting, but we should be able to talk about more interesting behind-the-scenes dev work, faster.
  • Office hours - Ever want to just... chat? It's tough for some on a busy work schedule, but maybe office hours can bring some consistency to it all.
  • Open forum discussions - Every month or two we'll get a team together for a nice, pleasant open discussion where nothing can go wrong and everyone will be pleasant.
  • State of the Game! - Every now and then (maybe a quarter?) we'll assemble the design leads of League to talk a bit more about... wait for it... The State of the Game.
  • ... and more! - In reality, while we have a few ideas about what we want to put in here, a lot of the content & discussion we push forward with will probably be with your feedback.
We're looking forward to seeing what sticks. Have an additional FAQ where the Qs aren't actually FA, they're just ones I figured you'd ask so I'm answering them now (I'll add to this as we go): 
Why'd you make this?
We had two challenges to solve: one was to figure out a way for developers to engage with players in a quick and easy way. Two: make more constructed conversations around specific topics. This lets us accomplish both. 
What about the boards?
I'm going to be honest about the challenge of the boards: while there's a lot of great discussion there, it's often challenging to dive deep for an extended period of time. Hopefully we can set an example here of good, constructive conversation that will spill out into the boards, and vice versa. 
As you've likely already read in our PRESEASON announcement post & red post collection, here's a few of the threads already up for discussion in the DEV CORNER:

Preseason Discussion

Next up, here are the most recent red posts from the various DEV CORNER preseason discussions:
When asked how long the preseason content will stay on the PBE before hitting live, Riot Sotere noted:
How long will this be in the PBE for until it is released to live? Can't remember how long preseason changes remain in the PBE. Feel like something this impacting to the game should be in there for quite a while before reaching live. With how much supports cast their spells and some of those supports being used in solo lanes, do you think it would be a better idea to give supports a significant buff further down in the utility mastery tree to compensate? Again, just trying to look out for the supports since casting is all we are good for (and vision).
Preseason will only be on PBE for one cycle. The content will be shipping with 5.22 on a normal patch cadence. Of course, we have a lot of follow-up planned once we see how the changes impact Live. 
We're trying to shoehorn supports into one mastery tree less. In fact, there's no 'Utility' Tree anymore. It's got a new name, and generally new purpose. While supports may still go down it for some of the tried and true gold generation masteries like Bandit, we expect them to explore other trees as well. 0/9/21 shouldn't be the path that all supports need go down (as some could argue it is on Live). 
Supports are generally going to be compensated through base mana buffs, itemization, and they also should be getting a bit more gold at the end of the day due to how ambient gold is going to scale (specifically towards the support team members)."
On the vision changes in testing,Fearless  elaborated:
"The vision changes are about making the vision portion of the game more of an effort for the entire team, and a more learnable game for all. Green wards as a stand alone purchase ensured that many players never fully engaged in the game. By putting many of the baseline vision tools in the hands of every player, in every game, and then augmenting the ways the game tells players about how the vision game is being played around them, players have much more access to understanding a vital part of the game."
As for how Junglers will contribute to the vision now, Fearless reminded that the new Tracker's Knife has the ability to drop stealth wards just like sightstone:
"We gave junglers the Tracker's Knife jungle item (essentially a jungler's sightstone) because we believe that allowing them to easily opt into the vision game should be easier and a more recognized option for junglers.
As for the removal of mana potions and mana hungry supports,  Fearless  noted:
"We've increased the mana regen on Frostqueen's Claim, and we are actively tuning around the support mana usage. We'll be watching these champs and some of the mana starved junglers to make sure they changes we've made for them are doing enough to keep them reasonable. Maybe not 3 mana pot start full, but able to cast their spells and have a strong impact.
Xypherous also commented on why they removed ZEPHYR from the game:
  1. "Based on purchase rate of highly ranked play - this item appeared in the bottom 5 items (So, out of 140 items, it was ~136 out of 140). It did not even meet our threshold of 'situational' buys - this means that even in highly organized or competitive play - Zephyr was most likely either a trap purchase or an item which was rightly identified as one having little worth or to be avoided.
  2. Buffing the item did not seem to create desired gameplay results - as it led to many champions who were unnaturally sticky and shut off the innate defenses of many champions - Irelia Syndrome.
  3. The item's flavor did not lend itself to an easy rework - nor did anyone have any promising reworks for the item that lead to gameplay that we preferred."

When asked about the current changes to Trinity Force's statsRiot Axes  explained:
"We're standardizing item efficiencies across the board, and Trinity Force was one of a number of outliers - much too high. 
For the crit specifically, the more closely your crit chance approaches 50%, the fewer attacks it takes for crits to average out (this is helped along considerably by some under-the-hood magic we do - crit isn't quite true RNG). Basically, increasing the crit chance to 20% actually makes combat less RNG-driven for fighters. We're aiming to have at least 20% crit on anything bigger than a Brawler's Glove that has crit on it in the first place. 
As for specific champions being impacted - most champions in the game are going to be impacted by at least some of these changes (even if they're not strongly impacted by items, Keystone Masteries and general game tuning will have large effects on champion power levels). We will certainly be following up on champion balance as preseason progresses."
Riot Axes continued:
In that case you should just knock crit off of Tri and maybe add a small amount of Phys damage per hit and put Recurve bow into the recipe instead of Zeal. 
No fighter wants crit, regardless of if it's RNG driven or not.
We explored this - it felt really bad. Few Trinity Force users expect to be able to basic attack repeatedly enough to use that much AS + an on hit effectively, and it costs you the % movement speed (or requires us to drive the price up). 
Zeal went back into it because that version felt so bad to play." 
When asked about the crazy item efficiency of the updated Guinsoo's Rageblade,
Riot Axes  commented:
Why is rage blade so much more gold efficient than any of the other items?
My opinion is that if its going to be that efficient at full stacks then it shouldn't have any stats at zero stacks.
You don't average full stacks over the course of a fight, obviously, especially since with the reduced stack duration it's actually possible to lose your stacks mid-fight. For a melee champion, five or six consecutive basic attacks is actually pretty rare in a fight, while for a ranged champion, you're making 8 consecutive attacks to get to that fully stacked state. If you're attacking for an extended enough period of time to make great use of full stacks, you've done something good and the item should reward you quite well for it.
It's possible Rageblade is still too strong at that price point, of course, but that's something we plan to watch and react on if it occurs.
When asked about the lack of jungler specific keystone masteries, Fearless noted:
While the keystone masteries are great for laners, there are only 1 or 2 keystone masteries that I see are useful for junglers. Most of them only become useful as they get into the mid-lategame and the map "opens up." Was this intentional? I would like to see some keystones adjusted to either cater to or account for jungle interaction.
We originally had more masteries that had jungler interactions, and what this did was force junglers to take very specific options. To ensure junglers could actually have choice in the system, we kept the options focused on the champion vs champion options, and tuned the jungle down a bit to compensate for the jungler power that used to be in the system.

As for seeing these keystone masteries on the loading screen, Fearless noted:
"Not in 5.22, but we're looking into it. Just scoreboard for now."

Riot Pwyff  also chimed in on a few Mastery related questions:
Why is the Windspeaker's not available as a self buff? It would be nice, as a support main, if we could buff ourselves as well. This encourages better decision making, imo, because you get to _choose _if you or the ADC get the resistances. Just my two cents, butI think it becomes a much more engaging mastery that way with more strategic decision making involved. Going along with this, is there going to be a cooldown on the Deathfire Touch Mastery? As it stands, I think Thunderlord's is almost always inferior to it, though both seem pretty cool. 
Why all the massive nerfs to Zhonya's in particular? It feels like a double whammy to be buffing ADCs and AD items so hard, and then to be nerfing Zhonya on top of it. I can see Zed and Yasuo becoming more overbearing than they already are. What are your plans to keep AD mid lane honest?
1.) The concept of self-heals buffing yourself would almost immediately make guys like Mundo or lifestealers very interested in taking the mastery to double down. I think the bigger issue with it is along the lines of this: a healer should have their own recognizable weaknesses. If we were to give this kind of mastery to, say, Soraka, who then goes full tank and heals with Windspeakers, the question of who to focus gets very convoluted. There should be a decision point there at least. If Soraka wants to tank, she has to give up some of that utility, like from Windspeakers. 
2.) Thunderlord's is far more about the AoE wombo than Deathfire Touch, but perhaps something to consider? Armchair balance is tough, mang. Just checking you - that's an opinion posed as a question. 
3.) We'll talk about this more with the the itemization gold efficiency balancing as we go. Turns out that's a fairly nuanced topic."
As for thoughts on being able to solo the new Rift Herald objective, Riot Jag  noted:
"RH is pretty durable, but getting the Eye Backstab proc off is a huge amount of damage, so taking it solo is considerably harder than duoing. It should be questionable in terms of trading for Dragon, depending on your team comp and win style (if you're an early game push team then RH will obviously be better). More details on the reward here: 

I don't think the top laner solo jungle start will work anymore since camps only give you level 2 if you have a jungle item. That'll push Ignite/Exhaust viability up a lot, along with the TP CD nerfs we have in."

Gypsylord also popped in to talk a bit about the preseason Jinx changes:
"A few notes here 
A) Rockets are intended to be a safer option that offer far less DPS than the riskier minigun. They should be stronger for poke but much less about sustained DPS on a single target (unless you have a couple Get Excited! stacks) 
B) Not too worried about the feel of Jinx's lane due to rockets retaining minigun attack speed for the first attack, this preserves them as a strong poke tool in lane even after the AS nerf on them. 
C) This said we still view Jinx as a hyper carry (along with Kog and Vayne) and understand that part of the reason she's able to function in that capacity is thanks to rocket safety and damage so we'll be watching her to make sure this is still achievable. The reason for the passive changes (stacking Total AS on proc) is to retain/increase Jinx's power as enemies begin to fall but shift some power out of her start of fight and make her a bit more team reliant for that first kill. Ideally you're bringing a few more damage dealers with a Jinx to ensure that she can get rolling (vs. how you might run 4 supports with a kog) 
D) Is it possible we've gone too far? Sure. If so we'll react to it and make changes. Our goal with these changes is not to "nerf" "gut" or "kill" Jinx. It's to shift her power around in a way that differentiates her from the other hyper carries and boosts up her special way of doing things (Getting Excited)"
When asked about Vayne's PBE changes that remove her base true damage but increase the % and add in a minimum damage, Meddler explained:
"Vayne's current damage against a 1000 HP target:
  • Rank 1 Silver Bolts - 60 (20 flat + 40 as 4% of 1000)
  • Rank 5 Silver Bolts - 140 (60 flat + 80 as 8% of 1000)
Vayne's damage after the 5.22 change:
  • Rank 1 Silver Bolts - 60 (6% of 1000)
  • Rank 5 Silver Bolts - 120 (12% of 1000, also the minimum value for rank 5 Silver Bolts)
So, against a 1000 health target these changes are a slight nerf to the rank up value of Silver Bolts. At 2000 health rank 1 damage goes from 100 to 120, rank 5 damage goes from 220 to 240, so in both cases slight buffs. At present however Vayne's also got a reduction of 1 AD per level, so at level 9 (assuming she maxed W first for sake of discussion) she'll have missed out on 27 physical damage from those three attacks. Any attacks that don't contribute to a Silver Bolts proc will also be weaker of course too, without the benefit of the extra Silver Bolts damage against a target that's itemized at least some health. 
Finally, to look at a later game scenario, let's look at a level 15 Vayne with rank 5 W against a target with 3000 health. Previously she'd have dealt 300 damage per Silver Bolts Proc. With these changes she'd deal 360, though with at least 45 less physical damage as a partial offset. 
TLDR: This change is neutral or a nerf against low health targets and a small buff, though one partially offset by lower AD/level, against health stacking targets.
That seems like a lot of work for what's essentially the same Vayne.
Yeah it's a fairly small balance adjustment basically, aimed at focusing Vayne more on killing health stackers while weakening her damage against squishies."
Repertoir added:
"Vayne's changes are intended to be about power neutral. If they turn out to be highly power negative or positive, we'll have to adjust."
As for spicing up Vayne's R to do more than just give AD, he noted:
"We thought about a few things that Final Hour could do rather than just give AD, but we decided to take it slow and not force a big change when we didn't feel like we had a great idea as to what to do."

Commonly Asked Preseason Questions, aka why manual solutions are the worst 

Along with all the individual preseason day discussion, Pwyff has also put up a thread on the DEV CORNER to answer the most commonly asked preseason questions:
"Just putting in some of our more commonly asked preseason questions thus far in a referable document for when you're having a respectful debate with your friends and want to pull out some knowledge. Or not, whatever. 
I'm pulling the more interesting answers from the preseasoning discussions. 
Some notes on what makes a good question: Asking for specific details when they're still in testing is a difficult thing to work with, and usually doesn't give a satisfactory answer. We just want to share philosophy with you right now - do you agree with the direction? If not, what about the direction do you want to ask about? Later on, if the details don't 'match' the design intent, that's a different discussion! 
You've also probably already seen the PBE changelists if you'd like, but we're not going to be really discussing them here. ( 

Okay so. I'm going to lead with the top question I hear a lot, so I'll paraphrase: 
Have you considered my champion in all of this?
"This is the most commonly asked question, even if it doesn't seem like it. Questions like "will my Nami be alright if you remove mana potions?" relate to it, and we'll get a specific answer later down the line. At the end of the day, however, I'll say this: We will try to accommodate for edge cases and weirdly impacted champions with this preseason, but that is not the highest priority. Large-scale system changes like the introduction of the Rift Herald, the revamping of marksmen itemization and marksmen themselves, keystone masteries, etc - these all interact with each other in millions of different permutations. 
What we can promise is that we'll be keeping a close eye on what shakes out from this preseason, and we'll be ready to adjust accordingly. In the meantime, I'd suggest you just give your champions a try!"
Riot Xypherous on why remove mana potions?:
(I'm going to steal from Xypherous' dev blog early, and I'll add my own thoughts)
"We’ve generally found that the decision to opt into Mana Potions was one that was either forced upon some champions (aka “I need this mana to function”) or one that was generally only available to a handful of circumstances. 
The best use cases of Mana Potions were typically to circumvent Mana restrictions for boom/bust play patterns (ie: save up to X amount of mana before dumping it all in a large burst of damage, repeat) vs. attrition-based approaches that are more in favor of straight mana regeneration. A champion being able to access their big “all-in” combo more frequently also makes it challenging for us to balance appropriately, and we’ve seen some more frustrating champions have their power reduced as a result (see: LeBlanc). 
With the removal of mana potions, we can also retune some champion mana values back to a middle ground. We’ve looked at the data for champions that frequently bought 2 or more mana potions in the game and we’ve either increased their maximum mana or the mana regeneration values based on their class."
Other Pwyff thoughts: Mana 'balance' is an incredibley nuanced topic. I might get in trouble for saying this, but I would hazard that mana conservation and intelligent use of spells is probably a major point of differentiation between high-skill players and lesser skilled players. The ability to understand when to use a spell 'properly' so that you can have a lasting impact on the balance of the lane - without pushing yourself oom - is a daunting challenge. I wonder if mana potions are more of a 'shield' at this point in time, preventing us from really giving meaningful sustain buffs to those who actually need it. If Nami or Zyra or Lulu are really useless without mana potions - and were only sustaining themselves through their blue-liquid addiction - that's something we can now address with itemization or base stats, rather than assuming they - and only they - were chugging mana pots. That automatically puts them at a weird gold disadvantage over the early game. 
Riot Xypherous on why remove Green Wards?: Stealing this from the dev blog:
:When vision is in a “consumable” state, it does a few things to the game that we want to change. First, because map knowledge is so powerful, the ideal state of vision for two teams is basically “as much as you can.” That means that teams will be perpetually funneling their excess gold (or in the case of supports and some junglers, their core gold income) into as much vision upkeep as possible. The compelling decision of when to ward and where to ward gets flattened. For supports, this means they’ll often need to give up late-game purchases and slot efficiency to ensure the map is well lit. For others, it becomes a gold dump to push an advantage. By taking all ‘safe’ vision (invisible wards) out of the gold stream and placing them on meaningfully gated cooldowns, we’re hoping teams will have to think a lot more about where they want to set up on the map. :
Will Pink Wards light up the map and negatively impact stealth-based junglers?
:See above re: "Have you considered my champion?" - if Pink Wards in the early game become that much more prevalent, we'll keep an eye on our invisible buddies.:
Riot Reinboom on new marksmen items impacting mid-lane assassins and other AD champions:
:Some of the Marksmen item changes will definitely (and intentionally) be used by non-Marksmen. 
Jayce in particular we've seen have two viable build choices internally. Classic Jayce and a newer Caster Marksman like Jayce. 
The major goal of the Marksman itemization changes (choice) leads to versatility, so that's where you'll mostly see changes. 
Of course, with versatility also comes the potential for powerful combinations to work exceptionally well with certain Marksmen. Power will definitely shift around (and we have a number of changes to make up for that). :
Riot Scruffy on lessons learned from juggernauts:
"A big learning we had from our first go on this style of update (the juggernauts) was that we wanted to aim towards playstyle like you say rather than mechanics that feel too much like mini games. "
Riot Jag on the Teleport Summoner spell:
Teleport is definitely too powerful, particularly in the pro game. We're doing some cooldown changes on it, but also Rift Herald features prominently here since there's a good reason to not TP away from the top side of the map.
Riot Jag on Rift Herald making SR 'top heavy':
"Yep, it is a concern that top laners may use this to take over the game. That being said, I think the state of having top lane carries stay viable is very brittle (in the pro game specifically: do you have the ability to double jungle for free level 2 + potion sustain? does the meta favor engage/tanky supports and jungles so the tops can build damage? are utility ADCs particularly strong to pick up the burden of bringing a pure DPS top? etc). RH gives firm ground for fighters and top lane carries/splitpushers to stand on, and it's a lever we can tune as appropriate to make sure those guys are fair. 
I think if jungles/mids feel like they need to care more about interacting with top then it's totally fine. We are trying to play up the top lane domination (1v1 me bro) fantasy a bit, and let people consider taking Ignite or Exhaust instead of TP, but we don't want it to be an island. And honestly I think bot lane can use the relief of pressure a bit from mid/jungle attention (and top lane teleporters, for that matter).*"
Riot Repertoir on Quinn's 'core' identity:
"These changes are meaningful, yes, but we don't think they're a gutting or anything of the sort. Quinn was a character being torn in the direction of several identities. With these changes, we're committing to one, and we intend to make it powerful and effective at doing its job.*"
Gypsylord on Keystone masteries for niche champions:
"We're hoping there's masteries out there for those guys. Deathfire Touch comes to mind as something Rumble and Brand should be quite excited about (Do you like burning on your burning?). 
Cool part about the new system is that it's pretty expandable, so if there is a class of champions that's getting left out we could likely add in something new for them in a later patch :D"
Ghostcrawler on critical hits in League of Legends:
We definitely hear player concerns about crit. Our thought process was that we are introducing a lot of change with this preseason and replacing crit with another stat at this time would mean less bandwidth to make sure all of these other changes accomplished what we hoped they would. We still might reach a point where we swap the crit stat for something similar that is still attractive to Marksmen. 
We think the game needs a certain amount of unpredictability in order to really test player decision-making in the heat of the moment, but there are ways to add unpredictability that aren't as RNG as crit. 
No promises it's going away, but no promises it's here to stay forever either."

Reinboom on Less Obvious Preseason Changes 

Reinboom has taken to twitter to share a few of the less obvious preseason changes that are currently testing on the PBE, including increased passive gold generation, minion behavior,  and increased AP damage to turrets.
[1] "I'll start posting some of the changes that are a little less obvious with #preseason tags."
[2] "Like... red and blue monsters will now push their little guys out of the way to get to you. #preseason"
[3] "The start of game speed boost is faster. This is because minions spawn 15 seconds earlier. #preseason"
[4] "#preseason #pbe Lane minions will drop aggro from things that are in river or jungle."
[5] "Or to go really subtle... There's no more "unique passives don't stack" in item tips because it shows up in a hover over. #preseason #pbe :P
[6] "#preseason Ally minions very close to enemies will respond when that enemy attacks you. This is a second ring to the one already there #pbe"
[7] "#preseason Rough edges over the map have had transparency added so that bad vision cubby holes are fixed. Also, better tag: #preseason2016"
[8] "#preseason2016 Grievous Wounds has been reduced to 40%. One of the reasons why we're more comfortable bringing back Executioner's Calling."
[9] "#preseason2016 The big reason Phantom Dancer has a new icon is the new passive makes a very shadow isles VFX and SFX when you hit someone :3"
[10] "More tomorrow, but one more before I sleep: Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon's passives interact in fun ways. #preseason2016"
[11] "And tonight's subtle #preseason2016 change: AP damage to turrets has been increased by 25% (0.4 AP ratio to 0.5 AP ratio)"
As for the increase to passive gold generation, she noted:
[12] "19 per 10 to 20.4 per 10. There's also kill bounty changes. And... Uh... #preseason2016 :3"

Patch Rundown 5.21 – End of the Season ft. Xpecial

With patch 5.21 out on live, Scarizard and crew are back for another patch rundown!

"Scarizard, Zirene, Jag, and Xpecial take on patch 5.21–the last of the regular season–as well as diving into the landscape of the World Finals. Read the Patch 5.21 notes here:"

Kindred's passive vs monsters cap

Over on twitter, Riot Wrekz has noted that Kindred's intended damage cap vs monsters is not currently working:
[1] "Yeah right now the damage to monsters which is intended to be capped is not capped. (1/2)"
[2] "(2/2) HP regen and sustain are being looked at. We'll see how things change with preseason before more changes." 

Lyte On November 3rd PBE Testing

Lyte has tweeted out a small reminder on the mysterious PBE testing they've been talking so much about:
So proud of the teams and what they are about to share on Tuesday, Nov 3rd. We'll see you on the PBE #LeagueOfLegends!
The current speculation is this will be the new champion select experience (formerly known as ranked team builder) that the team has been working on for quite a while. Either way, tune into Tuesday's PBE update to see what all the fuss is about!

Riot Engineering - Random Acts of Optimization

There is a new Riot Engineering dev blog on  how the team works to optimize League of Legends! Up for some tech heavy talk? Check the article out here - Random Acts of Optimization.

/ALL Chat | Goes to Worlds ft. Europe ft. ThePeacePigeon ft. Lewbae

"ALL Chat heads to Europe with ThePeacePigeon and OBC Lewbae to see how summoners in The Netherlands and the UK get their Worlds on! Let us know what you think in the comments below! 
OBC Lewbae: 
The Delft Student Esports Association: 
League of Legends UK Facebook: 
The Walkabout in Birmingham"

The Climb: Cast Abilities Faster | Bodytags 

Up next is RiotOpti with a set of videos from community creator Bodytags on input buffering:
"Defensive Input Buffering

Offensive Input Buffering

"Sometimes our reflexes aren’t fast enough. When Lee Sin dives in to Insec or Alistar goes for your squishy to Headbutt+Pulverize, a difference of two-tenths of a second can make or break an important teamfight. 
With input buffering, you can anticipate your opponent’s movements and queue up spells to go off as soon as your target comes in range. 
In today’s special double video feature, educational youtuber Bodytags goes over why and how to use input buffering, and then follows it up with how you can add Flash to the mix for a particularly deadly combination.How have you used anticipation to outplay an opponent? Let us know in the comments below! 
Creator Background 
Platinum NA ADC main Bodytags has been playing League since Season 3 and making educational content since 2014. A frequent poster in /r/summonerschool, he drew inspiration from educators Shakarez and LastShadow9 to create his own educational YouTube channel. On this channel, players can find detailed breakdowns, new game mechanics, and tips & tricks. 
Learn more about Bodytags via the links below!

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