This Week in Esports [SEPTEMBER 1ST - SEPTEMBER 6TH]

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With the final World Championship spots decided, we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: This post contains event spoilers!]

Continue reading for results from the EU & NA Spring Promotion tournament, the results of the final IWCT, a rundown of all 16 teams for the 2015 World Championship, and more!

Regional Leagues:

The information and standings below are up to date as of Sunday, September 6th and as always, VODs can be found here.


    • The final teams for the 2016 NA LCS Spring split are: CLG, TSM, Liquid, C9, TIP, Gravity, Dignitas, Renegades , Team 8, and Team Coast.

          [EU] LCS:

          • The EU Spring Promotion Tournament also concluded this weekend and the final two 2016 EU LCS Spring Split spots have been decided! 
            • Gamers2 defeated SK Gaming in a 3-2 set to earned their spot in the LCS! 
            • Gambit Gaming defeated Mousesports with a 3-0 record to defend their LCS spot!

            • The final teams for the 2016 EU LCS Spring Split are: Fnatic, Origen, H2K, UoL, ROCCAT, Giants Gaming, Elements, Dignitas EU, Gamers2, and Gambit Gaming.

                [Korea] LCK:
                • The LCK Regional Qualifier concluded this last weekend with KT Rolster taking first place!
                • With a record of 3-1, KT Rolster has defeated Jin Air and has earned the third and final KR spot at the 2015 World Championship!

                  [China] LPL:
                  • The LPL Regional Finals have concluded and our last two 2015 World Championship teams from China have been decided!
                  • From the Upper Bracket, EDward Gaming defeated Invictus Gaming with a 3-1 record to earn  a spot at the  2015 World Championship
                  • From the Lower Bracket, Invictus Gaming came back to defeat Qiao GU to earn the second  2015 World Championship! 

                  2015 International Wildcard Tournament

                  Following  IWCT and Bangkok Titan's qualifying for worlds, the 2015 International Wildcard Tournament Chile wrapped up this weekend, deciding our  final 2015 World Championship competitor!
                  • With a 3-0 record, paiN Gaming (BR) defeated Kaos Latin Gamers (LAS) and have qualified for the 2015 World Championship

                  2015 World Championship - All Teams Qualified

                  With the 2015 World Championship fast approaching and all 16 teams are now locked in after the final four spots were decided this week - 1 from IWCT:C, 1 from Korea, and 2 from China!

                  • Team Solomid - Championship Points
                  • Counter Logic Gaming - NA LCS Summer Split 1st Place
                  • Cloud 9 - Regional Qualifier 1st Place

                  • H2K - Championship Points
                  • Fnatic - EU LCS Summer Split 1st Place
                  • Origen - Regional Qualifier 1st Place

                  • SK Telecom T1 - Champions Summer Split 1st Place
                  • KOO Tigers - Championship Points
                  • [Qualified 9/5KT Rolster - Regional Qualifier 1st Place

                  • LGD Gaming - Championship Points
                  • [Qualified 9/4] EDward Gaming- Regional Qualifier 1st Place (Winners' Bracket)
                  • [Qualified 9/5Invictus Gaming- Regional Qualifier 1st Place (Losers' Bracket)

                  Taiwan/Hong Kong/ Macao
                  • ahq e-Sports Club - Championship Points
                  • Flash Wolves - Regional Qualifier 1st Place

                  • Bangkok Titans - Qualifier 1
                  • [Qualified 9/5paiN Gaming - Qualifier 2 

                  Be sure to turn in on Saturday, September 12th at 1 PM PDT / 10 PM CEST for the Worlds 2015 Group Draw show!

                  With all the teams finalized, here's the pools:

                  • Pool 1: CLG, FNATIC, LGD, SKT T1
                  • Pool 2: ahq, KOO Tigers, EDG, TSM, Flash Wolves, KT Rolster, Invictus Gaming, H2K
                  • Pool 3: C9, Origen, paiN gaming, Bangkok Titans

                  Team, Player, Event & Organization News



                  "After the confetti descends at the 2015 World Championship, we’ll head into the offseason with players around the world setting their sights on our last international event of the year. The 2015 All-Star Event (ASE) will bring the unexpected to the Rift featuring a clash of the regions, epic 1v1 matches, fan-voted comps, fun game modes, and mixed region roster showdown."
                    • The event will take place from December 10th through the 13th in Riot's NA LCS Studio in Los Angeles, CA.
                    • Ticket information in the coming weeks.
                    • The event will include "epic 1v1 matches, fan-voted comps, fun game modes, and mixed region roster showdown."
                    • Voting for the five player regional teams will open up in November.

                  • The first ever International Wild Card ALL-STAR event has also been announced
                    • Winners will continue on to represent IWC at the 2015 ASE.
                    • The event will take place from November 26th - 29th in Melbourne, Australia.
                  • Check out Riot's Moments & Memories videos for the EU  & NA LCS for a look back at the summer season!
                  • A set of summoner icons and "emblems" for each of the 2015 World Championship teams have been added to the PBE - look for these to hit the shop in a future patch!

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