9/4 PBE Update: More Tentative Balance Changes

Posted on at 12:41 PM by Moobeat
A small update has been pushed to the PBE, including several tentative balance changes the re-addition of an alert ping buttons to the HUD, and colorblind fixes for Tahm Kench's Grey Health.
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and iterative - what you see may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers! Manage your expectations accordingly. )

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HUD Updates

Here's Rayven with a bugs & feedback thread for the current round of HUD updates on the PBE:
"Hey friends, a couple new things in this release we'd like feedback on (and a few bugs we know about): 
- Ping button on minimap
- Summoner names on the scoreboard
- Larger and more clear team frame meters
- A mirrored scoreboard layout preference (bugged at the moment - under the interface section of the option menu)
- Ranked team names and tags on the scoreboard
- [BUG] Flipped minimap doesn't appear to be working. 
Here's a look at the alert ping has been added back to the HUD near the corner of mini map.

Here's the bugged mirrored scoreboard options, expect a fix soon!


  • Tahm Kench's Grey Health (E) bar's colorblind mode display has been updated.
    • Check out these tweets from ZenonTheStoic for more - [1], [2], [3], [4]
[Left = Standard // Right = Colorblind Mode]

  • Azir's R indicator has been updated on the PBE, functionality remains the same.

Balance Changes

* Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical changes. The changes you see below may be lacking context or other accompanying changes that didn't make it in - don't freak out! These are not official notes.

  • Decimate (Q) Missing health heal per champion hit reduced to 12% from 15% 
  • Decimate (Q) Maximum heal increased to 36% from 30%
  • Human Form / Spider Form (R)
    • Spiderling damage reduced to 10/15/20/25 from 10/20/30/40
    • Spiderlings reduced damage from multi target abilities increased to 25% from 20%
  • Base HP reverted to 552.76 from 518
  • Armor reverted to 19.2 from 23
  • HP per level reduced to 74 from 82

  • Armor per level increased to 3.75 from 3.5
  • Base armor reduced to 22 from 24.88
  • Harvesters of Sorrow (W) "when they touch" damage lowered to 140/200/260/320/380 from 180/250/320/390/460
  • [NOTE: Live value is currently 140/180/220/260/300.] 
  • [REMINDER: Mordekaiser has a ton of W changes currently on the PBE, including modified damage, the ability to self cast, an added health cost, and more.] 

Check out THIS PAGE for a comprehensive list of the new content in this PBE cycle or catch up with the individual update links below !

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