Red Post Collection: Mystery Icons & Mystery Wards through July 8th, Runeglaive 5.13 Bugfix, Friends & Foes Cosplay

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This morning's red post collection includes a look at the Mystery Icons and Mystery Wards available through July 8th, ricklessabandon commenting on the 5.13 Runeglaive bugfix, Meddler on Mid Varus, a look at a gallery of Friends and Foes cosplay, and more!
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Snag Mystery Icons and Mystery Wards!

Now through July 8th, you can purchase or gift new Mystery Icons (150 RP) and Mystery Wards (380 RP)! Both options are 40% off the normal price and will grant you a random icon or ward from a list of potential options consisting of both legacy and normally available content.

"From now until 23:59 PDT on July 8, we’re beefing up our arsenal of Mystery Boxes with icons and wards. Roll the dice and collect some of your favorites or send a Mystery ward/icon to your friends! 
Note: We recently made some changes to gifting restrictions. Be sure to check them out! 
Mystery Icons - 150 RP (40% Off)

All the icons listed below are included:
  • Arcade Baron Icon
  • Astronaut Poro Icon (Legacy)
  • Baron Nashor Icon
  • Battlecast Icon
  • Battlecast Poro Icon (Legacy)
  • Blood Moon Icon
  • Candy-Coated Cupcake Icon (Legacy)
  • Carnival Mask 2015 Icon (Legacy)
  • Carnival Mask Icon
  • Carnival Teemo 2015 Icon (Legacy)
  • Carnival Teemo Icon
  • Debonair Icon
  • Dragon Slayer Poro Icon (Legacy)
  • Firecracker Icon
  • Gentleman Poro Icon (Legacy)
  • Gromp Icon
  • Hat Trick Icon
  • Mecha Icon
  • Ocean Week Fizz Icon (Legacy)
  • Omega Squad Teemo Icon
  • Pentakill Icon
  • Shadow Isles Crest
  • Shadow Isles Poro Icon (Legacy)
  • Shurima Crest Icon
  • Sweetheart Icon 
Mystery Wards - 380 RP (40% Off)

All the wards listed below are included: 
  • Armordillo Ward
  • Astronaut Poro Ward (Legacy)
  • Banner of the Horse Ward (Legacy)
  • Banner of the Serpent Ward (Legacy)
  • Bat-o-Lantern Ward (Legacy)
  • Battlecast Poro Ward (Legacy)
  • Battlecast Ward
  • Bouquet Ward (Legacy)
  • Candy Cane Ward (Legacy)
  • Deadfall Ward (Legacy)
  • Dragonslayer Poro Ward (Legacy)
  • Dragonslayer Ward
  • Firecracker Ward
  • Gentleman Poro Ward (Legacy)
  • Gingerbread Ward Skin (Legacy)
  • Golden Goal Ward
  • Gong Ward (Legacy)
  • Haunting Ward (Legacy)
  • Heartseeker Ward
  • Lantern of the Serpent Ward (Legacy)
  • Luminosity Ward
  • Mecha Ward
  • Poro Ward (Legacy)
  • Sad Mummy Ward
  • Snowman Ward Skin (Legacy)
  • Starcall Ward
  • Sun Disc Ward
  • Tomb Angel Ward (Legacy)
  • Underworld Poro Ward (Legacy)
  • Urf Triumphant Ward
  • Ward of Draven
  • Widow Ward (Legacy)"

Runeglaive 5.13 Bugfix

As documented in the 7/2 PBE update, Enchantment: Runeglaive no longer procs spell effects such as Luden's Echo, Spell Vamp, or Rylai's Crystal Scepter on the PBE.

Here's ricklessabandon with context on bugfix responsible for this change:
"To clarify, it was definitely a bug we missed in development. Luden's Echo will trigger on 'spell damage' which are damage sources that apply effects like the slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter or the spell vamp from Hextech Gunblade. 'Proc damage' doesn't interact with those effects though, which is why Sunfire Cape doesn't perma-slow when you also buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Additionally, Luden's doesn't care about what type of damage is being applied, so Talon's Rake and Olaf's Reckless Swing would trigger the item's effect if they ever had the item (please don't try it with those champions in a real game though)… 
Runeglaive was always intended to be treated as 'proc damage' just like Lichbane, Iceborn Gauntlet, Sunfire Cape, etc but the damage on the primary target was flagged incorrectly (the AoE damage was correctly flagged). 
Fun Fact: the damage from Hextech Gunblade and Luden's Echo are intended to apply spell effects. This means you could do things like shoot a champion with Gunblade, have Luden's bounce off of them to three other targets, and heal off of the damage done to all four. If you had Rylai's, they'd all be slowed too! 
Edit: used the word 'though' too many times and it was bothering me…"

Meddler on Varus in the Middle Lane

When asked about his thoughts on Varus' recent surge of popularity in the middle lane, Meddler noted:
"We're keeping an eye on Varus mid, there's certainly the possibility his Q might get a bit overbearing once he's got enough CDR/Mana/AD. He is immobile though, and lacks a strong disengage on a basic cooldown. That vulnerability means he avoids some of the issues we've seen with Jayce, Nid, Ziggs etc in the past. 
In terms what position champions play in anywhere they're healthy's fine by us. In Varus' particular case we were actually aiming for mid lane play originally as a primary position for him, even going so far as to include that in the champion spotlight:
[Varus Champion Spotlight]   
That didn't end up working out at the time, didn't have the tuning on him right, nor some of the itemization he currently benefits from, but must admit it's been nice to see it getting play finally."

Mystery Champions still in the process of being distributed 

While many players have already received their mystery champion (or skin) for linking their LoL and Facebook accounts, dArtagnan's Pool Party Rewards Distribution thread has been updated to read:
"EDIT: July 2nd Mystery Champions are still being distributed, but it may take up to 2 weeks until the distribution has been fully completed. We will update this thread when we have more information!"
Keep an eye on this thread for more information.

Xypherous on AD Itemization

In a reddit thread asking if there are plans for an AD itemization pass similar to the core AP itemization pass going out in 5.13, Xypherous noted an AD pass would be a bit more complicated:
"The usual difference is that ADCs with different item builds don't really do anything fundamentally different because the core drive of the class is to apply sustained damage as long as possible. What makes this worse is that teams and champions will usually bend to ensure that their ADC doesn't need to be anything than a direct damage dealer as they're going to handle any kind of broad side utility that could be an interesting choice between damage and something else.

Because the core drive of the class is so linear - when you shift their items around - you don't really shift their build or build orders around because they have no other real reasons to purchase non-DPS items - they'll simply redistribute themselves around what allows them to accomplish their purpose the best.

At best - you can get them variety in purchasing some kind of defensive item - but you really only have ~1/2 to 1 slot to bring about this choice.

Contrast this with AP which is a broader set of champions - but even in primarily damage oriented AP champions - they bring a wider variety of expected contributions to a fight and they have a ton of varying requirements to allow them to function.

Essentially, because the ADC class is completely linear in its function and tastes - simply shifting the items like I've done with AP doesn't do anything for AD item build orders - they only have one requirement - and they're trying to optimize it with as few gold as they can and generally speaking - it is suboptimal to prioritize anything for damage - because the rest of your team is simply trying to get you to a place where you can unload your complete damage.

That's not to say that we don't want to adjust ADC itemization such that there is more room for variety of expression - it's just not something you can do with a light pass that I've done for AP because the problem is really really ingrained down to their core patterns and needs.

In the end, with the current system that ADC's use - any item we add simply gets evaluated as: Does this potentially fit within the highest DPS build for me? Fine. It is better than an existing item I use? Fine.

And then the item gets permanently swapped in, replacing the existing item - such that the builds are basically the same before and after.

Now, individual ADCs may use items better or worse - but in this case, it tends to get tricky. If you introduce an item like BoRK that works really well on Vayne and Twitch for example - you're kind of guaranteed in this current world that it'll basically simply buff a small subset of carries - while every other carry would ignore it... which usually means you just nerf the carries that can use it well - because now part of their power is the fact that they'll always get that new item first.

TL;DR - ADC itemization is a completely different game entirely - due to the fact that they have an incredibly narrow function - but also an incredibly narrow set of needs - which leads them to hyper-optimize. This is in contrast to almost every other champion archetype."

Check out the Friends and Foes cosplay gallery!

Last up we have Riot Yuka with a look at Friends & foes themed cosplay from around the world!
"Whether it’s the gruesome Soul-Bound ritual tethering Kalista to her support or the rivalry between Freljord leaders Ashe and Sejuani, League’s varied relationships bring the world of Runeterra to life. We asked our incredible cosplay community to bring some of these interactions – both friendly and hostile – to life in our most recent call for entries. You submitted so many inspired shots that we can’t squeeze them all into a single page- so we’ve included a few teasers below. If you like what you see, be sure tocheck out the full gallery.
Darkflame Shyvana (Captain Izzy) and Championship Shyvana (Element Cosplay), Photo by Lexa One
Ahri (Noe) and Katarina (Asu), Photo by Kihachi
Warring Kingdoms Nidalee (Tsupo) and Dragonblade Riven (CloodM), Photo by Lucas Ambrosio

Visit the full gallery now to view 30 incredible “Friend & Foe” cosplay photos
Before we sign off, we’ll leave you with a teaser for the next cosplay roundup so you can start planning ahead of the formal announcement. Summertime is here, the sun is out, and we’ve reached the heart of cosplay season. Our next round-up will be Pool Party-themed. Time to bring a new meaning to the phrase “champion pool”! Look for submission details soon, and we invite you to review our full cosplay round-up schedule for 2015 here!"
As mentioned above, be sure to check out the full gallery of submissions for more Friend or Foe cosplay or you can find them in the sourced IMGUR gallery below:

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