Red Post Collection: More to come on Tahm Kench, Rift Scuttler CC fixes, Fiora price reduced, & more

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This morning's red post collection includes Jaredan mentioning there is more to come on of Tahm Kench's background , concept art for Corsair Quinn, CertainlyT and Reinboom commenting on bugfixes for Rift Scuttler and various CC effects, a reminder Fiora's price has been reduced, & more!
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More to come on Tahm Kench

In a boards thread inquiring about Tahm Kench's short in-client bio and it leaving readers less than satisfied after The River King and the Q&A answers, Jaredan noted that there is still more to come:
"The short character intro that you see in-client is not Tahm's complete bio. He will have an additional background and story text, though it will be a little off the beaten path due to his folklore nature. 
I'll be writing something more substantive about the thinking behind the new format closer to when we show some examples before the end of the month."
Also worth noting is that Tahm Kench'champion page is up on the LoL site and interestingly enough it lists that Aatrox is his friend and that almost all of the yordles plus Fizz as his rivals.

Corsair Quinn Concept Art

Just as he did for Captain Fortune, Zeronis has tweeted out concept art for Corsair Quinn!
[1] "Corsair Quinn Concept Art! I'm so glad to hear so much positive reaction!You guys rock! <3 #quinn #LeagueOfLegends "

Check out our 5.14 PBE cycle megapost for more on Corsair Quinn and the other upcoming skins!

Rift Scuttler Armor/MR Reduction & CC fixes next patch

In a reddit thread inquiring as to why Aatrox's knock up doesn't temporarily reduce the Rift Scuttler's armor & mr (as all movement impairing cc effects such as stuns should), CertainlyT commented that it is a bug and will be fixed in 5.14:
"Aha! Found out what was up. Fixed next patch."
Later on in the thread, Reinboom also added in a list of other effects that will soon properly weaken Rift Scuttler:
"Charm, fear, terrify, and taunt will all weaken the crab with next patch."

Death Recap Order Fix in 5.14

Speaking of bugfixes, Meddler also commented on a bug fix for Death Recap to make it properly sort the damage taken by highest values first:
"So, bad news/good news here. 
The bad - Yup, death recap still has issues and isn't showing enough information to be useful a lot of the time. 
The good news - The fixes that did go out in 5.13 have exposed a bug where death recap's not prioritizing the display of the largest amounts of damage. That bug has been present for a while, we'd previously believed it was the result of a different problem however (data not being properly passed to death recap in the first place, which we fixed in 5.13). Now that we know that's not an issue we've identified and fixed that prioritization problem, so minions dealing 12 damage won't take display priority over champions dealing 1,000. That follow up fix should in 5.14, or possibly a hotfix before that if we get a good opportunity and it's ready in time, and should, fingers crossed, make Death Recap quite a bit more useful in fights with more than a couple of enemies."
This follows the Death Recap improvements introduced in patch 5.13.

Why Ruby Sightstone is undesirable

In a thread asking inquiring as to why Sightstone's Ruby Sightstone upgrade is so undesirable and only adds extra health, Xypherous noted:
"We don't want the Ruby Sightstone upgrade to be particularly desirable as we'd much rather have Supports buy almost any other item than be forced to spend even more income on vision. 
The problem with vision related upgrades is that they tend to become mandatory - and thus choke out any other itemization options that exist - thus compressing the function of almost every support (and jungler) into a vision bot."
Xypherous continued, commenting on why Ruby Sightstone exists as an upgrade at all:
"It exists as a super late game option to ensure that Supports final builds aren't destroyed by a incredibly slot inefficient stat item - hence why it's a Giant's Belt worth of Health with Wards. 
You upgrade it, if you have no other choice - because you need that slot to provide at least okay statistics for the end-game."

[UPDATE] In response to several suggestions, He continued:
[1] "Given the rather limited income of the support class as a whole - making the item cost more and be more slot efficient tends to only make Sightstone a Jungle item - as they would become the only ones with the amount of gold necessary to hit these upgrades at any reasonable point in the game."
[2]  "Changing or improving the way your wards behave means that if the vision power is appreciable - it will rapidly become either mandatory or useless, depending on the type of vision you grant. 
Putting more necessary statistics on it like AP/AR/MR without doing some other bindings on the base item to make it more of a support item simply makes Sightstone a better purchase for other classes (like a Jungler.)"

[PBE] Now In Testing: The Player Bug Report Tool

Here's Riot Chesties with information on the Player Bug Report tool now testing on the PBE boards:
"Hey testers! 
We’ve heard your feedback that bug reporting has traditionally been clunky for you. We’ve been working on a new Player Bug Report tool to improve the feel and accuracy of the bug reporting experience, and we're ready to roll it out for testing! As with all PBE content, we're looking for your help to make it better. 
So, how do you help? Just use the PBR whenever you'd normally post to the boards and let us know how the tool feels to use. (Side note: you can actually use the tool to report bugs about the tool!) We know we're launching with a few issues and limitations so please don't hesitate to let us know where we can make improvements! 
Thanks as always, 
Riot Chesties"

Chat with visual designer Saiyaka on 7/15!

Next up we have a heads up that Lisa "Saiyaka" Thorn will be hosting a Q&A on the boards tomorrow!
"We’re back with Between Two Turrets, a new Q&A series from the NA Community team in which we’ll connect you with various Rioters to chat about League, life, and anything in between. You can expect an installment every couple weeks or so, with Rioters from all over jumping in to spend some time with you on the boards. 
This week, we’ve got visual designer (and voice of the Diana login song) Lisa “Saiyaka” Thorn - come chat with her on the boards July 15 starting at 1 PM PDT!"

God of Ip-LoL - Tahm Kench

Next up we have Riot Glyceroll sharing God of Ip-LoL on Tahm Kench.

"Ever wonder what the top players in Korea think of all the brand-spankin’ new champions hitting the scene? Wonder no more, as they’re here to fill you in on all their early thoughts on how to play the good ol’ river king Tahm Kench in the latest episode of God of Ip-LoL, a show which focuses on the professional Korean League of Legends players and coaches discussing trends and champions within League of Legends - complete with team compositions and strategies to pull off moves like the pros! 
This week, God of Ip-LoL features Duke - the top laner from Najin e-mFire, known best for his amazing outplays against nigh impossible odds. Plus, be sure to check out the entire playlist to find insights into your favorite recent champion! 
God of Ip-LoL is in Korean, but has full English subtitles, so be sure to enable them on YouTube if you don’t see them! 
Have you played Tahm Kench yet? Know any tips or tricks? Let us know below!"

[Reminder] Fiora Price Reduction

With Tahm Kench's releaseFiora's RP & IP price has been reduced!
Fiora is now available for 4800 IP / 880 RP, down from 6300 IP / 975 RP!

A schedule for upcoming price reductions following future new champion release can be found here.

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