Red Post Collection: 7/16 patch update, HUD Update coming to live in 5.14, Tahm Kench Price Reduction, & more

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[NOTE: Fix is out and Ranked Queues are back online. Added info on the July 16th patch update.]

Tonight's red post collection includes an announcement and up to date look at the HUD Update that is coming to live in 5.14, a reminder that Tahm Kench's price has been reduced to 6300 IP, and more!
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7/16 Patch Update

The official 5.13 patch notes have been updated following an update on July 16 to fix issues with recall that left ranked disabled for over a day.

BUGFIX - Fixed a bug where Recall could instantly teleport champions back to base when cancelled"

The HUD update ready to go live with 5.14!

Following several cycles of PBE testing, the HUD Update is coming to live in the upcoming 5.14 patch!

Check out the announcement for a rundown of what's been added since it update was originally announced:
"After an extended stay on the PBE, we’re pushing the HUD update out to the live servers alongside patch 5.14! Check out the HUD update microsite for the full story, but if you’re already familiar with the initial changes and just want to know what’s changed since the new HUD hit the PBE, then read on! 
Here’s what’s changed - in a large part thanks to your feedback - since the HUD update said hi to PBE:
  • Teammate ult timers - we’ve added in timers that indicate when your allies can use their ults! Before the update, this was just represented by a binary green light, but you’ll see the ult timers fill up with the update, meaning you can more accurately figure out when it’s time to wombo.
  • Teammate summoner spell timers - hit the tab key at any point and you’ll see if your allies can use their spells, and, if not, how long until they can.
  • Teammate mana bars have returned - we left out allied mana bars with the update, thinking they weren’t super important. We were wrong, you guys let us know, and they’re back in now.
  • Persistence - if you open champion stats or latency display during a game, it’ll persist between matches.
  • Level up ceremony - we added a bunch of animations and sounds to make sure you know when you ding.
  • Spellbar clarity - made some pretty hefty changes to the shape, color, and animation of cooldown, loss of control and out of mana to improve readability.
  • Minimap changes - game time feels like it belongs near the minimap because timing is usually related to map objectives, but ultimately playtests and feedback have shown it's a more natural fit in the top corner.
  • Visual style - we’re all for minimal, but we may have overshot it. We’ve since tried to squeeze in more magic through texture work and animation.
  • Accessibility - added camera lock and options buttons back in.
We’re planning on rolling the HUD update over to live with patch 5.14. We’ll target non-ranked queues first to make sure nothing goes boom, then, if we’re ship-shape, add the update to ranked a few days later. 
We’re super excited to get the new HUD out to you guys! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below."

Here's an updated look at the HUD update on Riot's dedicated microsite:
"This update’s an evolution of the existing UI and is designed to better support the way you play League by improving gameplay clarity through its better layout, improved readability, and added features.


We’re creating a more streamlined UI that doesn't obscure the play space and reorganizes the information based on how players actually use it. 
These changes are all driven by tons of observation and playtesting, but like everything else, we’re looking for your feedback to improve them further.


  1. Clear corners should allow you to see more of the game
  2. Added CDR to basic stats. Press C to display advanced stats above
  3. XP bar moved to the center of the screen
  4. All buffs back to the center, divided into buff and debuff groups
  5. Ability icons are larger and have new clearer state change effects
  6. Items are displayed in the center to make it easier to track activities
When we say ”tactical”, we’re referring to information that supports your moment to moment - mainly combat - gameplay decisions, stuff like casting an ult or chugging a pot. It also covers the things being done to your champion, like being shielded by a friendly Janna or ignited by a less friendly one. 
We’ve grouped these elements and placed them front and center because that’s a player’s main field of view. We’ve also amped up the visuals on state changes such as “just off cooldown” and “level up” to ensure you catch them without having to take your eye off the action.


  1. CS, KDA, Team KDA, and time are grouped here to get all your info in one place
  2. Team frames moved here to keep tabs on your teammates status
  3. Team ult timers have been added that indicate when allied ults are coming off cooldown and can be used
  4. Enemy respawn timers dynamically display here so you don't have to hit TAB after a team fight
Strategic information allows players to see the big picture. It helps you understand the state of the overall game and what’s going on across the map in order to make longer term decisions. 
For example, maybe you’ve farmed enough gold to get a BF Sword on your first back. Before you B, you have a few questions to answer: how are the lanes pushing? Where’s their jungler? Did your support just hit 6? How are you tracking compared to your lane opponent? Is dragon up? Are your teammate’s ults about to come off cooldown for a wombo? Then later on, maybe you’ve just scraped through a teamfight and have other questions that need fast answers: who’s still alive on my team? How many did we kill? How long until the enemy respawns? What can we get before then? 
In the current HUD, this information is scattered across the entire screen from the minimap to the top right corner, the left side, and even the TAB menu. With the HUD update, we’re grouping the answers to these questions around the minimap because players naturally head there for this kind of info. We think that this cluster creates a strategic command center of sorts and leads to better overall map awareness.


  1. Target Frame now displays CS and KDA
  2. Side by side layout to better assist in lane comparison
  3. Towers destroyed (team v s team) now display
  4. Ally summoner spell timers
  5. Drag n drop players to line up lanes
  6. Items will auto-sort by cost for easy comparison
  7. Larger, more readable numbers and icons
Finally, the update’s tackling some feature requests aimed at general usability. We’ve moved the scoreboard around so the two teams are listed horizontally, and added drag and drop so you can shift people around and line up midlane vs midlane, or move people around however you like. The new scoreboard also lists player items in order of cost, meaning you can figure out who’s packing the bigger punches, or who can take the most punishment out of the team’s tanks, as well as summoner spell timers for your team, so you know if your Annie is ready for that flash Tibbers. Last but not least, we’ve squeezed in tower info onto the scoreboard, meaning you pretty much have all the important info to hand whenever you hit the tab key.


We’ll be hitting all unranked queues first and ranked soon after. 


Is there any information that's going away?

Nope. The information contained in the current HUD is still there or can be flipped on. In fact, we’ve added heavily requested information (such as CDR, CS to target frames, and enemy respawn timers.) which should help you make better decisions.

Can I customize the HUD?

We'll provide customization in order to solve specific problems (such as accessibility) or in service of gameplay (I want stats or I’d like to see more of the game space). This helps ensure a level playing field which a competitive game like League of Legends should always have while allowing for some meaningful flexibility."

Meddler on Vision & a potential preseason change to trinkets

When asked for the team's thoughts on the current vision system of limiting the amount of wards on the map at one time per person, Meddler commented on trinkets and noted a tentative change they are experimenting with for preseason:
"Overall we're pretty happy with the ward limit per person. There's a limit to how much vision we think's right for the game (FOW's there for a reason), so the limit per player's allowed us to offer vision in other ways. Trinkets in particular we're really happy with - they generate some interesting gameplay. It's also put supports in a much more interesting spot, where they're able to invest in items rather than being forced to sink anywhere near as much money into vision. 
Something that is a bit of barrier to appropriate trinket use though for some players is that they're put off by the upgrade cost. We're planning to test removing the gold cost for the upgraded versions in the preseason as a result, find out if that has a good effect on the game. You should pretty much always be upgrading them as is, so it's a change that's got the potential to help players that aren't appreciating the vision system yet engage with it more. At the same time it would also free up a bit of gold for players that are buying the upgrades at present."

Tahm Kench Price Reduction

It's been a week since his release and Tahm Kench's price has been reduced to 6300 IP.

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