Red Post Collection: August sale schedule, Fiora getting art updates, Match History & Champion Mastery Grades, & more

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This evening's red post collection includes the champion & skins sale schedule for August, Meddler and IronStylus on the art side of Fiora's upcoming update, Socrates commenting on adding champion mastery grades to the match history, and more!
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August sales schedule

As we've had the last few months, WizardCrab is back with champion & skin sale schedule for August.

"Check out all the champs and skins on sale this August. Like previous sales schedules, we’re not posting the exact dates for each champ and skin, but they’ll all be on sale sometime next month, so keep an eye out. 
Just a heads up – since we’re publishing these in advance, we won’t offer partial refunds on content bought before it’s on sale."
We still have a few sales left in  July though so don't forget to check out the previously announced July sales schedule to see what is left.

The Art side of Fiora future update

In a boards thread asking if Fiora will keep her current hair style when she gets art changes along with her gameplay update, Meddler joined the conversation to add:
Meddler said Fiora is getting some art changes a long with her update. She keeps her hair right? 
Because if she doesn't keep the red stripe I will be very sad ):
Last I saw the folks working on Fiora were playing around with different ways of doing a streak, or streaks, of colour in Fiora's hair. Can't make any guarantees until stuff's done of course, seemed to be thinking in a pretty similar space to her current look though. 
In terms of overall art changes also worth clarifying Fiora won't be a complete overhaul. New visual effects and animations where needed for kit changes for example, and some general polish work, but we're talking moderate scope changes, rather than everything being redone."
When asked about the scope of the art side of the Fiora project, he noted:
Basically, Miss Fortune-scope? Or even less, say Singed/Kassadin/Maokai?
Bit larger than Singed/Kass/Maokai, definitely smaller than MF though (who, while she didn't change thematically much, is close to a complete rebuild on the art side)."

When asked what that meant exactly, IronStylus noted:
"Larger base design change, less technical overhaul."
He also joked:
"Ah long foh ah vehrsy visual and sematic updait. As vell as highlighting on my clazzy hayir ztripes."
On Fiora's hair, he continued:
"Oh it's emphasized. The color had to be tweaked a little away from red just slightly to more pink since the red was almost the same value as her hair. Wanted to get it slightly more prominent."

On the topic of champion updates, Ironstylus also reminded that Poppy's rework is in production and will be a Sion level project:
"Nah. Poppy is in production currently. We have various scope projects running at the same time."
He continued:
Is there any estimated date for her release? Or is she at least getting reworked first than fiora?
"Think of large scope projects taking about 6-8 months maybe more, while low scope projects maybe 1-2. Low scope projects are usually worked on in concert with large scope projects, which release a little faster."

As for when we might see the Taric update, IronStylus commented:
"The hope.. I EMPHASIZE HOPE.. is before the end of the year. A lot of time has to go into making that much beauty. You can't put a timeline on how long it takes for Taric to make himself look that good."

Match History & Champion Mastery Grades

In a reddit thread asking for Champion Mastery grades to display on match history, Socrates replied:
"We want to make this happen at some point. Can't give you guys a date yet but it's something we're looking at as part of the next iteration for champ mastery."
As for who might be able to see can see these potential grades on match history, he noted:
"We aren't likely to make it completely open since those games where you land a D+ aren't really worthy of sharing. 
Being able to call out when you crush it and land those S tier grades would be sweet though."
He also briefly commented on the likelihood of seeing the grading /mastery system added to ARAM:
"The complexity with this is the grading system for ARAM would have to be pretty different since the game mode is very different. We're not building that atm, but that's not to say we won't ever do it."
In response to a "Soom tm" to his comment about making this happen at some point, Socrates explained balancing the addition of features and teased the team is currently working on a larger champion mastery feature:
"This is a sensitive topic, but I'll try to give you guys a satisfactory response. 
When we see opportunities like this we can focus on it to deliver some short term value. The trade there is some longer term value gets bumped off or interrupted. For example, right now this team is focused on a larger feature related to champion mastery that we think you guys will be excited about, but something that takes longer to build. 
It's kind of like a strategy game. We could zerg rush and deliver a small feature. The cost is late game units. 
Building games is really all about making these trades. We don't always do it perfectly and you guys keep us honest."

Meddler on Tahm Kench's R passive & Shen

In a boards thread inquiring to why Tahm Kench's R passive increases his auto attack and ability damage, Meddler popped in to explain:
"We gave Tahm Kench bonus damage on his auto attacks because without it he lacked enough of an impact in fights. That's an issue that champions with non combat abilities, such as Tahm's ult, are at risk of. 
The passive's on his ult specifically so that he follows a similar power curve to other champions, with a significant power spike at level 6 in particular. Putting some, or all, of the on hit damage on his character passive instead resulted in a champion that bullied others hard in the really levels and/or got crushed once other champions hit 6. It's not a good thematic fit for the active part of the ult, but in this case we felt the needs of gameplay needed to trump going for a stronger thematic fit. 
As far as overload goes I'd agree we've had some champions in the past year with a bit much on their kits. I'd disagree that Tahm Kench is one of them though, the number of discrete effects he's got going on is pretty trackable, doesn't diffuse power/satisfaction too much and gives a fairly broad set of levers to adjust him if needed."
Meddler continued:
So was Tahm made to be a support or a top laner? The last time you (Riot) made a support with the idea he could be a top laner, we had a champion with such a powerful kit (Thresh) that he's always been supper strong. Not to mention the other supports that were given the ability to solo lane (Lulu, old Soraka, ect...) either are bad as support (Lulu) or needed an overhaul (Soraka).
We originally intended Tahm to be a tank, rather than a support. As his kit developed however we found that it was taking on some support like qualities. We concluded we liked those, so embraced them rather than trying to shift him back to the initial goal we had. 
In terms of where Tahm plays on the other hand that's something we hope's flexible. We have had to adjust some supports that have solo laned and been really unhealthy there (e.g. Janna clearing entire waves mid with one spell from her own tower). We do think there's a lot of value in the variety healthy supports, or supportish champs, offer in other positions than bot though (e.g. Nunu jungle or Morg mid)."
On the topic of tanky champions with long range ultimates, Meddler also briefly commented on the future Shen rework noting that his E and R will likely stay very similar to how they  are now:
"Yeah, with you there. Shen's laning, and how some champions can respond to it and some just get clicked on a bunch, is something we're looking to improve in a moderate sized Shen rework we've got underway. Details still being locked down, though it's extremely likely that his E and R will be the same or very similar."

Player Created Games Spotlight 

Last up we have Riot Glyceroll with a look at player created gamemodes for custom games!
"Recently on /All Chat, Melonie, Josh, and James tried their hands at a few of the many popular player created games, like Protect the President, Dodgeball, and Ultimate Bravery.

From hunting down Teemo to protecting Soraka Bot, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular community games. Do you have any favorites or games we missed? Let us know in the comments! 
Donger Dash! 
Donger Dash is a death-defying race around Summoner’s Rift or Twisted Treeline made by Phantoml0rd. Two teams set out to do as many laps as possible without dying to turrets, fountains, or enemy champions. For more in depth rules, check out this handy image by ArteFactos. 
Protect the Soraka 
Similar to “Protect the President” played in /All Chat, except that Soraka Bot is the “president” and you must protect her! Soraka Bot knows what’s “best” for her team, and will charge heedlessly into five enemies, so you must defend her with your life...or kill her if she’s on the opposing team. 
Hide and Seek 
Hide and Seek is a 5v2 game mode in which the hiders try their best to avoid both the seeker roaming around the map. The hiding champions only have 5 chances to not get caught, or else they are out of the game. For a detailed post about all the intricacies of Hide and Seek, check out this post by Faerlina Sin
Brawl is essentially a team death match mode. The goal is to reduce the enemy's total points down to 250 without recalling, capturing points, or leaving the inner circle of the map. Check out this post by Hitsux3 for more information. 
Ultimate Bravery 
Ultimate Bravery is the most well known of the community created games; it’s essentially a “chaos” version of Summoner’s Rift. Players are automatically assigned a champion, summoner spells, masteries, and a full item build and have to somehow manage to win the game. Check out their website here, or join the chat “Ultimate Bravery” in game. 
Support Wars 
Support Wars is very similar to Protect the Soraka but instead the president is an AD Carry bot for both teams. Bottom lane has to be the same on both teams, but that’s the only restriction. The goal for each team is to either kill the enemy AD Carry or take the bottom lane turret. Shoutout to StirFriedTeemo for this game mode
Baron Pit Dodgeball 
Dodgeball pits both teams against each other in a suspenseful game of baiting and juking. If you get hit with an ability, you’re out. There’s a fairly complex set of rules, involving champion selection and limits to the abilities you can grab, so check out D0ubD3aD’s post for the full list
Find the Teemo 
Similar to Hide and Seek, Find the Teemo pits both teams against each other to find and kill Teemo! Check out this post by JonOhTin for all the rules and variations of the game."

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