Red Post Collection:Team Up and Pool Party Coming Up, June 11th Patch Update, new /ALL Chat, and more!

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This afternoon's red post collection includes details on the upcoming Team Up week and Pool Party event where the global community will unlock rewards by playing with friends and gifting, a look at the June 11th patch update, tips from Foxdrop on how to optimize your jungle clear, a new /ALL Chat, and more!
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Team Up and Pool Party Coming Up

Good news everyone, we'll soon be having a Pool Party celebration! Next week will kick off a Team Up Week where the ENTIRE community will earn points for winning premade team games and gifting other players followed by a Pool Party with rewards being handed out to each contributing player based on the total points earned by everyone!
"League’s more fun with friends, so starting next week, we’ll celebrate playing together (and earning rewards) in two distinct phases. First, Team Up Week runs from June 15-21. You’ll team up with friends and earn points by winning games in five-player premades or sending gifts to friends both new and old. These points pool together to unlock levels of rewards for the whole community to enjoy. 
When patch 5.12 launches, phase two begins. Pool Party kicks offwith the splashdown of five new Pool Party skins and the rollout of all the rewards the community teamed up to earn the week before. Snorkel on down to see the rewards and learn the details!
How You Can Earn Points
June 15 - 21
  • 5 points (per team): Win a matchmade game (no bots) on Summoner’s Rift, Howling Abyss or Crystal Scar in a five-player premade party
  • 10 points: Give a gift to another player
  • 20 points: Give a gift to another player at the end-of-game screen
Community Reward Levels
At the beginning of Team Up Week, 6/15, we’ll launch a hub that will provide daily updates on the community’s progress and detail each unlockable reward.
Recruit new friends for Team Up Week on Boards! We’ll stick around to answer any questions below."

Hippalus jumped on reddit following the announcement to answer a few questions:

When asked which servers will be participating and how much you have to contribute to get the rewards, Hippalus noted:
"All servers excluding China can contribute points, and yes, one win with a 5-man premade team, or one gift sent, is enough to count as a participant."
As for why China isn't included, Hippalus continued:
"Tencent does its own thing when it comes to events and promotions. I think eSports is the only place where we've had combined vote counting."

As for how to get the mystery champion for using the Friend Discovery feature mentioned in #3, he noted:
"Yes any player who has signed up for Facebook friend discovery will receive a mystery champion if that milestone is hit 
Also, any player that contributed to the milestone will receive an icon. 
NOTE - players who have received a ban/restriction/etc. in 2015 will likely be excluded from all rewards"
As for what would happen if you don't have any champions left to get a mystery champion for  the third reward, Hippalus noted:
"Exact details will come in the next few days, but my understanding is if you're ineligible for a mystery champion, you will receive a mystery skin."
He continued:
"I'm in charge of some of the people who are working on this, but am not always up to speed on the latest details. So I'll deter to the official announcement in a few days but the plan as I understand it is: 1) If you have signed up for Facebook Friend Discovery and that milestone is hit, you get a mystery champion. 2) If you are ineligible for a mystery champion, you get a mystery skin 3) If you are ineligible for a mystery skin, you get 490 RP"

As for when you would need to sign up for the friend discovery feature to be eligible for the reward, MattEnth commented:
"Anyone who has a connected Facebook and good-standing LoL account on the upcoming reward date will be eligible for the mystery champion. 
So if you're signed up now, you're good to go as long as you don't unlink before the reward date."

When asked if reward six means everyone will get a the new Pool Party Mundo skin, Hippalus
"Yes if that milestone is achieved, the skin will be given for free to everyone who contributed points, excluding players who don't meet a threshold for good behavior in 2015"
To avoid mix ups with folks potentially buying the skin when it is potentially being given out for free to contributing players, he noted:
"^ The skin will be granted at the same time it is put in the store."
You'll also get Dr. Mundo if you don't already own him:
"Mundo will be unlocked for free as well for participants if that milestone is hit."

June 11th Patch Update

The official 5.11 patch notes have been updated to reflect the hotfix that went out on June 11th to fix issues with Brand, Caitlyn, Jayce, and Smite on Twisted Treeline:
BUGFIX -The temporary vision granted by R - Ace in the Hole no longer persists if Caitlyn's target spellshields the bullet 
BUGFIX - Fixed a few bugs around damage dealt by W - Hyper Charge 
"As promised below!" 
NEW CAN'T STOP ME PART 2 - If R - Pyroclasm tries to bounce to a target that becomes untargetable, it'll seek out a new target instead of fizzling out on the spot 
Smite (Twisted Treeline)
BUGFIX - Fixed a bug where Smite's cooldown was sometimes too short after its first use"

The Climb: Optimizing Your Jungle Clear

Continuing in a series of gameplay tips from community content creators, Riot Opti is back with tips from Foxdrop on what order to clear each mob in an individual jungle camp:
"Which jungle monsters should you target first in each camp? The answer may surprise you. In this video, Foxdrop shows how optimizing your kill order makes a dramatic difference in reducing the damage you take, so you’re available for ganks and objectives instead of wasting time going b!

What tricks do you use to optimize your jungle clear? Let us know in the comments below, and please recommend your favorite community guides or videos! 
About the Educator 
Foxdrop has been playing LoL since Season 1, reaching Diamond in Season 2. He began his YouTube channel in October 2012 and it has grown to over 400 videos, blending League strategy with a healthy amount of British humor. 
Learn more about Foxdrop through the links below:

Dia dos Namorados cards on Riot BR

We also have a little surprise from Riot Brazil reds - June 12th is "Dia dos Namorados" in Brazil (think of it something similar to Valentine's Day) and the BR team has posted up a set of adorable cards featuring LoL champions!
While the link is in Portuguese, check it out for more cards and cute pictures! 

EUW spectator mode fell over recently – here’s why

Here's Riot tmx with information on the recent spectator mode problems on EUW:
"No matter how reliable a piece of technology happens to be, sometimes things just mysteriously stop working. Last Wednesday a technical glitch popped up that caused EUW players attempting to spectate games via the client to arrive at a black screen. As with any bug causing a service disruption, we temporarily took the spectator function offline and began investigating the source of the problem so we could restore the service for players as quickly as possible. 
What we found was serious: Game ID numbers that couldn’t be encrypted by League’s spectator service due to their excessive length. You could almost think of our bug a distant cousin of the infamous Y2K critter that demanded a refactoring of how dates were treated in banking software. But the cause of our spectator-mode disruption simultaneously brought a grin to the faces of our Live Services engineers digging into the problem. 
A few days ago the total number of games played on the EUW server shard surpassed 2,147,483,648 games. (In case you went cross-eyed for a second, that’s just north of two billion games.) Unfortunately for our beleaguered spectator, that number also happens to be the maximum positive value for a 32-bit signed binary integer in computing. 
In other words, during the design of the spectator feature, our developers never anticipated the Game ID counter going that high on a single platform. EUW happens to be Riot’s largest shard globally - if one were posting this article in Twitch chat, the abbreviation might be “EUW > NA” - and surpassing that 2^31 digit threshold shot the lights out in EUW’s spectator mode. 
Curious statistics aside, we’re committed to getting spectator mode up and running as soon as possible. Our engineers have already prepared a client fix, which will hit our internal test environment today. Once the fix has been vetted, we’ll release a small patch to live servers so all of us can get back to enjoying spectator mode. The ETA for this hotfix is Monday 15th June, as we try to avoid updating our code base on Friday to prevent unexpected issues and downtime that could knock you out of League for the entire weekend. 
We apologise for the downtime. But thanks to everybody on the EUW server for helping us hit this crazy milestone - even if we broke some stuff in doing so - and here’s to the next two billion games. See you in-game shortly, and we’ll spectate you early next week!"

/ALL Chat | How To Kill Teemo

Last up we have a new episode of /ALL Chat, including an interview with Chamille Mies, the creator of Rin the yordle!

"Today on ALL Chat we’ve got Bloodmoon Kalista cosplay, Chamille Mies, the creator of Rin the yordle, and how to counter everyone’s favorite champion, Teemo. The hosts attempt to discuss some exquisite MS Paint art, and Mel, as usual, can’t stop mentioning Udyr. 
Tell us what you think!"

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