Red Post Collection: 5.11 Patch Rundown, Hecarim 5.11 Changes, 2015 World Championship Regional Seeds, and more

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Following last night's massive PBE update to start the 5.12 PBE cycle, we also have a large Red Post Collection! This morning's red post collection includes a patch rundown for 5.11, Meddler with context on the 5.11 Hecarim changes, a note that the missile system rewrite is NOT in 5.11,  a tease on the Gangplank rework, information on the 2015 World Championship Regional Seeds, and more!
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Patch Rundown 5.11 – Diversity Rules

With patch 5.11 out on live, we have a new episode of the Patch Rundown to explore some of the changes included in the recent patch!

"We’ve given the rundown a fresh lick of paint but the show’s the same! Join Scarizard, Ghostcrawler and Zirene as they discuss the goal of champion diversity before jumping on the changes hitting Leblanc, Jayce, and Shen."

With the new set and new style, Scarizard also tweeted out he's looking for feedback on the patch rundown changes:
[1] "Looking for feedback on the new-new Rundown. We're trying to be as hands-off as possible with the conversation and just chill/talk."
[2] "We never had much prompting at all, but this is actually just 'getting together and freestyling about design stuff'. Felt great on set."

Hecarim 5.11 Changes

When asked to elaborate in the patch 5.11 Hecarim changesMeddler commented:
Patch 5.11 
Passive - Warpath
UPDATE CYCLE 1 second ⇒ 0.25 seconds
E - Devastating Charge
MOVEMENT SPEED BONUS Stacks multiplicatively with other movement speed bonuses ⇒ Stacks additively with other movement speed bonuses
So with his passive can someone explain what that means?
And with his E does that mean it only adds the other buffs rather then multiply it?(So say before his E multiplied his speed by two and now his E only adds speed to him)
Passive - At present Hecarim's passive only recalculates how much bonus AD he gets once a second. That means he's potentially getting a bunch of bonus AD speed boosts after they've already ended (e.g. Homeguard after he's entered combat). Under this change the AD bonus is recalculated much more often, so the amount of extra AD he gets will much closer match his current speed, rather than lagging noticeably behind at times. 
For the E, yeah, it basically won't be much more effective when combined with other speed boosts than without. Using E on Hecarim without any other hastes should be unchanged, using it with major speed boosts (like Homeguard) won't offer as much total speed as previously however."

Missile System Rewrite not in 5.11

During the 5.11 PBE cycle it was announced the team was working on rewriting the code for missiles. MeyeA has commented this will not be going out to live in patch 5.11 and is tentatively slated for 5.12:
"[Update] We won't release in 5.11. We found a technical bug that blocked us. We're slated to release in 5.12 now barring any blockers."
More information on the missile system rewrite can be found here.

Status of updated Match History

When asked what happened to the updated in-client Match History that was originally documented in the 5.9 patch notes, Lyte commented:
"Quick update. 
The teams involved in rolling this out to the rest of the servers hit some snags with hardware in some of the servers. RiotRazor and co. have a team working on getting the hardware issues resolved ASAP, but we can't roll it out until then. 
For the new Reform Systems, we're aiming to get to KR and OCE next, but we actually are facing some of the same hardware issues as Match History, which is why the Player Behavior team is involved for both features now"

Pool Party Skin & Lack of Yorick Skins

With the new Pool Party skin set (including Pool Party Zac) out on the PBE, Riot KateyKhaos commented:
"Sorry we couldn't spill the beans sooner! This was one of the hardest to keep quiet about, haha. 
This is one example of if a champion fits for a specific skin thematic that's tied to a particular time of year, we'll hold the skin until the right time. Welp, it's nearly summer - let the pool party begin! :D 
Hope you like him!"

When asked about the idea of a Pool Party skin for someone like Ahri, Kindlejack commented that no one is off the table for future skins but if she was in production she'd have a theme and be more than just "Ahri in a bikini":
"When it comes to Pool Party you can see that no champion is off the table! However with a lot of the LoL female champs there is not much visual interest in their silhouette/body type (personally I see this as a big mistake made in the past) so putting them in a swimsuit almost creates the 'anime effect' where they can only be distinguished by their hair colour. That's a bit of an exaggeration but what I'm getting at is that a straight up 'this champion minus the outfit' is underwhelming and often very odd looking due to removing bulky armour etc. If we do a champion like Ahri there needs to be a theme to the outfit and not just  -clothes +bikini."
He continued:
"I'm trying to find the right place to put this reply. Hopefully this will do/ 
I apologise for not being clearer. I began by saying that yes, there is still a chance of seeing more shapely ladies in the pool party line in the future. However I wanted to point out that this year there were much stronger visual and thematic hooks for other champions that the team were more excited about. I was, in fact, the person that raised the concern that we didn't have a human female in this year's line up as the first year's splash art teased quite a few. But without a strong thematic to pitch 'Ahri with a Beach Ball' lost out to the other thematics. We are definitely aware that people really want more pool party girls and I hope we can deliver more in the future!"
With the long awaited reveal of a new Zac skin, Kindlejack also commented on Yorick's lack of skins since his release years ago:
"Yorick won't get a skin until his rework is finished. You know it's sad but truuuuuueeee."
For a refresher, Scruffy mentioned back in April Yorick's update is currently being worked on and he is up for a Sion level visual and gameplay update.

As for why Taric hasn't received in years, he continued:
"Another champion that is waiting for the rework to be completed. When it does there are like, a hundred great skin ideas for Taric. Maybe for those few champs that have been waiting forever for a rework ( Taric, Urgot, Poppy, Yorick  ) we could launch two skins back to back to make up for it? I'm going to suggest it tomorrow and see if it's possible."

Ryze PBE Changes

Following the extensive set of Ryze balance changes in the 6/9 PBE update, Riot Repertoir commented:
"There was a bug on today's PBE version where the R tooltip said it had a 4 second duration, but it hasn't been touched from 6. This tooltip bug should be fixed tomorrow. 
Also, this isn't intended to be the Ryze 'gutting'. Reading too far into the W cooldown change alone may give that impression, but there are other factors that come into play to offset this."

Gangplank Rework Tease

Following a question about Gangplank's rework and his delicious citrus, Riot Scruffy teased:
"Is there such a thing as too many oranges? I can give you assurances that the update will have more oranges than current GP. 
Orange Intensifies. 
PS- I'm mostly talking about visuals, orange gameplay is relatively unchanged"
As a reminder, Gangplank is currently on the champion update schedule for a visual and gameplay update.

Context on Unintentional Black Zac PBE Chroma

The 6/9 PBE update included a new Pool Party Zac skin and a set of orange, pink, and yellow Zac Chroma, as well as an unintended black Zac chroma.

When asked about this chroma, Riot LoveStrut explained that it is an older placeholder that was not meant to hit the PBE and will not be released.
"As for black Zac, however, this was a placeholder texture from a long time ago that accidentally got out here. Unfortunately, we can't move forward with this color because dark colors (especially, just plain black) lead to gameplay readability problems such as not being able to immediately read Zac as he's coming out of the fog-of-war and not being able to provide effective shading on dark colors to aid readability and clarity."

2015 World Championship Regional Seeds

Riot Magus has published details concerning the 2015 World Champion participants and how many spots each region will have, as well as where they come from.
"As we begin the march towards the 2015 World Championships, we’re excited to reveal the final seeds per region. Below is a breakdown of the regional seeding for the upcoming 2015 Worlds compared to the 2014 tournament: 
For the most part, the seeds per region haven’t changed between 2014 and 2015 with the exception of Southeast Asia and Taiwan.
Southeast Asia: GPL and LMS 
In 2014, the GPL included the top teams from both Taiwan and Southeast Asia. After the split of last year’s GPL into the LMS (composed of the top teams in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) and the current GPL (composed of teams representing the rest of Southeast Asia), we’ve transferred the league’s two guaranteed seeds to LMS, while also giving GPL a qualification path to Worlds through an International Wildcard Qualifier.
Based on historical and recent performance, we feel that LMS merits the two seeds that it historically earned through the GPL, while the new GPL deserves a chance to compete for a spot at Worlds with other growing markets in the International Wildcard Qualifiers. 
International Wild Card Regions and Qualifiers 
Two new leagues, Southeast Asia’s GPL and Japan’s LJL, will join the fight to be a part of Worlds. They will participate along with Oceania, Latin America, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Turkey, and Brazil in the International Wild Card Qualifiers. The top team from each IWC region will compete in two qualifier tournaments, each of which will qualify a single team to participate in 2015 Worlds:
  • Qualifier 1: CIS, Brazil, and Latin America
  • Qualifier 2: Southeast Asia, Turkey, Japan, and Oceania
The first IWC Qualifier tournament will be played in Chile and the second IWC Qualifier will be played in Turkey. 
We’ll share more information about the Group Draw as we get closer to Worlds, as well as following each region’s progress as teams get closer and closer to the 2015 World Championship. Tune in along with us to see which teams will qualify to represent their regions at Worlds in Europe later this year."

LCS Summer Finals Ticket Update

Earlier this month it was announced that the LCS Summer Finals would be heading to NYC and Stockholm in August and that tickets would be available later this month.

The LoL eSports twitter has announced the EU LCS summer final tickets will be available on June 15th and that they are still finalizing details for the NA LCS summer finals.
[1] "Tickets for the EU #LCS Summer Finals in Stockholm will be available on June 15 at three price points -- 140, 190, 320 SEK"

[2] "We're still finalizing details for the NA #LCS Summer Finals in NYC."

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