Red Post Collection: Champion Mastery Update soon, Twisted Treeline Discussion, SG Lux Concept Art, and more

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This afternoon's red post collection includes Riot Mirross commenting they plan to roll Champion Mastery out to more servers soon, ManWolfAxeBoss on Mark/Dash, a big discussion on Twisted Treeline, concept art for the upcoming Star Guardian Lux skin, a new episode of /ALL Chat, and more!
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Champion Mastery Rolling out to more regions soon

With Champion Mastery on the PBE and live testing on the BR server, Riot has been pretty quiet on details relating to the launch of the new feature. Good news though, Riot Mirross has commented that they are looking to roll out to more regions soon and details will be available next week!
"Hey there! 
Champion Mastery has been on PBE and in beta in Brazil for a few weeks now. We're planning to roll out to more regions soon. Look for an update next week! 
Here are more details on the system from the PBE launch."
Check out Riot Support's Guide to Champion Mastery for a better look at the upcoming feature!

ManWolfAxeBoss on ARAM's Mark/Dash

ManWolfAxeBoss also popped on the boards to comment on the 5.8's ARAM only summoner spell Mark/Dash and a few tentative changes he'll be looking to put on the PBE:
"Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Much appreciated. 
Yup. We agree that Mark/Dash needs a little tweaking :) 
So, yesterday we put a change in that will split the damage between Mark and Dash roughly 25/75%. It's on PBE right now. It also still has the CDR incentive.
This will kill some of that "pokey-ness" that exists now and reward players who commit. My mind is telling me no... 
We're still keeping an eye on things like the CD and will address it if we see it being too abusive, but we're pretty happy with the change. Let us know what you think!"
As of the 5/1 PBE update, these changes are now up for testing.

Twisted Treeline Discussion

Over on the dedicated Twisted Treeline subreddit, Riot JxE and a few other rioters are hosting a map team AMA about Twisted Treeline!

Here's Riot JxE with an introduction, including mention that they will be doing minor visual updates to Twisted Treeline just as they did in 5.8 for Howling Abyss:
"Hey all,

We're the Maps team, we're going to be making some minor visual updates to TT (new minions, nexus etc.) similar to what we did on Howling Abyss and have the opportunity to make some minor gameplay modifications to TT to improve the mode.

We wanted to chat with you guys first to hear your thoughts about TT and what you believe some of the problems are.

Why do you guys like TT?

Why play TT over other Maps?

What don't you like about TT?

If we could make one in-game change to make TT better what could we do?

What are your thoughts on Vilemaw?

What are your thoughts on the Altars?

What are your thoughts on the Jungle?

What are your thoughts on Towers?

I'm gonna set expectations immediately and let you know we're not going to be making any major platform changes (e.g. no ranked solo queue for now) We are looking to see what in-game improvements we can modify to make your experience better while keeping what you all love about TT."
Riot Nekomaru also chimed in, sharing what the team has identified as several of the core issues  with the map:
Hey guys! A few of us have been talking about the state of TT for a bit now and have identified what we feel are a few core issues with mechanics on the map. I'll list a few of them out to share where we're at in our thought processes on where improvements can be made.

Jungle: As many of you have pointed out, jungle is super risky in the early levels and is generally considered weaker at the moment than the support meta. One of the issues here is the amount of experience granted during the first clear, which usually leaves the jungler at low health and in a vulnerable position.

Altars: The altars on Twisted Treeline serve the purpose of creating contested neutral objectives for teams to fight over. We've identified a few issues with the current implementation that we're taking a look at, though. One of the strongest aspects of altars at the moment is increased gold generation, which is a lot of hidden power and it really sucks to be denied that strength when you aren't in a position to protect at least one of the altars. The 10% stat buff is also a bit difficult to appreciate since it's all math and doesn't really change how you play the game. Percentage based stat buffs are also very weak in the early game since increasing a small number by a percentage of itself is underwhelming, so there's not a strong reason to contest the enemy altar early on other than gold denial. Finally, capturing altars isn't exactly an exciting experience as you sit there for a few seconds waiting for a bar to fill up, and if that bar doesn't fill all the way then you get nothing at all for your time.

Vilemaw Buff: Same issue with the altar buff listed above. Lots of power that's difficult to appreciate for both the players with the buff and for the enemy team. Vilemaw should be seen as a way for a leading team to close out the game, or for a losing team to make a comeback. Neither of these events are really occurring with the current implementation, since it doesn't change how you approach playing the map any more than a bit of extra gold would.

General Lack of Comeback Potential: Currently, if you're behind in a Twisted Treeline game, the general hope is that the enemy team makes a mistake and allows you an opportunity to come back. A coordinated team with a lead is difficult to handle, as they're able to move together around the map and push down objectives due to the smaller size of the gameplay space. It's rare to find opportunities to trade objectives due to how quickly the enemy can get to you and punish, as well as due to the fact that there's a much smaller number of objectives overall compared to Summoner's Rift (towers, altars, and Vilemaw are pretty much it, not to mention altars and Vilemaw aren't always available). It's also very difficult to farm when behind since there's a pretty large distance between the towers and where minions meet, with a lot of scary gank paths for enemies to flank.

Overall, we want to maintain the same fast and combat oriented nature of Twisted Treeline while addressing some of these concerns in healthy ways. If you guys disagree with these concerns or have any more to add, please do! We're here to talk because TT has a dedicated player base with a lot of untapped knowledge that we want to hear!
He continued:
"Re: Jungle - We've definitely been talking about adjusting early jungle as a way to help junglers out. There are a lot of different levers we can pull to make sure it's in a healthier state so that you aren't getting wrecked by an invade you can't do much against. 
Re: Comeback Potential - We're also not sure that adding more objectives is the right fix for this. Again, we have a lot of levers around the map to start pulling. It could be positioning of towers, increased safety measures (such as base gates mentioned elsewhere), or by making it so that trading a tower for an altar is actually worth something (objectives have a pretty strict value hierarchy at the moment)."

In response to a comment on altars captures being too easy to interrupt, Nekomaru noted:
"Good point here. It's definitely frustrating that you have to invest so much into taking an altar when an enemy can completely shut down your attempt with minimal effort."
He continued:
"I agree that the circumstances around capturing an altar can be interesting, but the method of how you do so isn't. In a vacuum, capturing an altar is standing in place for a bit and then walking away. Adding the threat of an enemy coming to mess with you creates tension (which is good!), but there's potential to have a more interesting base interaction there. I've definitely had moments where I'm trying to take the altar and terrified that somebody is going to pop out of the darkness and murder me!"

Have comments to add? Be sure to swing by the Twisted Treeline AMA to add in your feedback!

Akali Passive Tooltip change and "more" soon. 

ricklessabandon has also been spotted tweeting about minor improvements to Akali's passive tooltip and noting to be on the look out for "more akali stuff soon"
[1] "related news, i updated akali's passive tooltip so it would (hopefully) be easier to understand—more akali stuff soon"
[2] "yup! i didn't change the functionality at all, but a lot of players didn't know how it worked so i reworded/colored it." 
[3] "and by 'soon' i mean 'likely in one of the next two pbe updates' depending on how things go in the meantime." 

Star Guardian Lux Concept Art

With a new Star Guardian Lux skin currently testing on the PBE,  Riot Zeronis tweeted out concept art of the upcoming skin!
"RiotNurseFlan 's guidance helped create this fun skin! Star Guardian Lux concept art! #LeagueOfLegends #lux "

/ALL Chat | Should You Ever Surrender?

Next up is a new episode of /ALL Chat, including an interview with community artist Rachel "kirryface" Corey!

"On this episode of /ALL Chat, we’ve got champion watercolor paintings, Rachel Corey stops by to talk about her League fan art and Diana lore comic, the TSM house is perfectly replicated in The Sims (flammable accidents included), a truly, truly outrageous pink Taric quartet and a discussion about surrendering. 
Tell us what you think!"
Be sure to check out the youtube description for links to everything mentioned on the show.

Over on her tumblr, kirryface shared the full version of the drawing art seen during the interview!

Mid-Season Invitational Primer

With the six teams now confirmed, Riot has posted up a primer for the upcoming 2015 Mid-Season Invitational over on! Brush up on who is competing, where, and what is on the line before the event starts up on May 7th.

Don't forget there will also be a number of limited time bundles and promotions available in the in-game shop during the event, as well as the temporary return of the TPA, SKT, and Fnatic legacy skin sets to the store!

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