Red Post Collection: SR Summoner Icon promotion ending soon, Lee Sin and Yorick discussion, and more!

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This morning's red post collection features a heads up that the owl and stag summoner icon promotion to celebrate the launch of the Summoner's Rift update is ending soon, Riot Scruffy with discussion on Lee Sin, Meddler with a few comments on Yorick's rework, a reminder on Sejuani's price reduction, and more!
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SR Summoner Icon promotion ending soon!

The promotion to commemorate the launch of the open beta of the updated Summoner's Rift by earning the exclusive stag and owl themed Summoner Rift icons is ending soon!

Here's Riot Aeon with more information:
"We’ve been celebrating the launch of the update to Summoner’s Rift with two exclusive new icons. You can earn each icon by winning a game on each side of the map, but the promotion ends on 12/16 at 11:59pm PST, so your last chance to nab the unique Summoner’s Rift icons is fast approaching. Remember you can earn each icon by winning a game on each side of the map in Ranked, Normals, or Team Builder.
Log in, throw down on the Rift’s updated look, and the exclusive SR icons can be yours!"

Check your region's thread for more:

Pulsefire Ezreal

In a reddit thread asking for visual updates to Pulsefire Ezreal to bring him up to bar with today's skin quality, IronStylus swooped in to comment:
"Chances are we wouldn't touch him unless we were doing an update across the board, not limited to just a TU. We do have concepts for his other skins but PFE is a major hurdle in the way of such an update. Not so much in the texture repaint, but everything from ability hookups to file structures to a lot of other technical stuff. 
The character is 4 models with a pile of other assets. Though we're itching to get at Ez also, we are indeed weary about affecting PFE. It's a difficult call and if we were going to update him, we'd want to go pretty all in."

Lee Sin Discussion

In a forum thread asking about the balance team's thoughts on Lee Sin and why they tend to remain out of sight when he comes up, Riot Scruffy stepped up to the plate:
"Nothing to see here folks... move along...

Only Kidding! I don't think we have anything against talking about Lee Sin, we just don't comment on every thread that pops up on the boards. 
On subject, there is a lot to talk about with Lee Sin as a champion. Just to name a few things:
  • He's fun as hell with a high skill cap and lots of depth to his play (love this) 
  • He is pretty unfocused, and this is more of a symptom of the older champ development style that he was created in (see irelia etc). The question of "what makes lee sin special as a champ?" isn't easy to answer - is it mobility, tankiness, damage, who knows. He definitely needs a bit more focus, and that probably involves both toning down some of his unnecessary strengths and pumping up the things that are what make him really unique. 
  • At any given time he may be a little strong or a little weak like any other champion. Number tuning happens a lot and our Live Balance team works full time to do this kind of work. If we aren't addressing champs that are out of balance as quickly as we should, it's fair to call us out. 
  • Last thing, and this is more about just our resources and time - we can definitely make him a better champ, but there are 122 other champions in the game and IMO some need updating more than he does. (fully stacked urgot tear). 
EDIT: A lot of you think that he is a very high priority problem right now holding back a lot of other junglers. We will take a serious look at where he is at currently in terms of pushing out other jungler's viability."
He continued, clarifying:
"Lee Sin has been nerfed many times in the past and if he continues to dominate he will be again. Sorry if that wasn't clear above."
he continued, also noting:
"I was more talking about a rework being lower priority. Buffs and nerfs are always things that should happen to keep the game balanced. We don't want Lee or any other champion to be the clearly best jungler. There are 123 champs in the game for a reason, the diversity is a big reason why playing LoL is interesting."
Riot Scruffy continued:
"You have a good point, we shouldn't only focus on the bottom of the barrel champs as you say. Sometimes fixing an overly dominant pick can open up doors for a lot of other champs. I'll do some more analysis and talk to the balance team about his current state to make sure we are doing all that we should for the character. I have a feeling that he was not the top of their priority list in the most recent patch (cough warwick)."

What Happened to the Yorick Rework?

When asked about Yorick's rework that was discussed at length in the past and then put on ice, Scruffy noted:
"Yorick is a champ that really does need work, I agree.

To answer your question, unfortunately Xelnath is working on other things so the Yorick project is on hold. I know that we will come back to it some day and the work Xelnath did gives us a good head start. But he is currently not in the pipe."

Meddler also added in:
"As we've discussed in the past, and as Scruffy mentions in that thread you've linked, we agree Yorick's got some problems that need fixing. We've never said we didn't have any plans to do so however. He's not currently scheduled in our update lineup, that's because we can't work on everything at once, not a lack of desire to make him better.

On the gameplay side at least (I can't speak for certain about art or creative design) Yorick's going to be a really large project. Maybe not quite as big as Sion, but at a guess pretty close and right now Poppy's our biggest focus on the gameplay update front (few details at I get that it's frustrating to see other champions prioritized above those you feel have a greater need, I do want to stress though that 'not currently being worked on' is not the same as 'no plans to fix'."
He continued, noting that Poppy should be the next larger scale gameplay rework:
"Last I heard we hadn't committed to a timeframe on Urgot (he's another high value, but really large, job). Unless something goes wrong Poppy's going to be the next really large gameplay rework. You'll almost certainly see small and medium sized gameplay updates before her though."

Shop Feedback

Riot Saberprivateer also popped on reddit to reply to a few bits of feedback regarding the in-client shop!
When asked if the shop could display the price of skins when the particular champion is not owned, Riot Saberprivateer noted:
"Thanks for the suggestion. We've discussed this on the Unlock team in the past. Is it primarily curiosity to have the price? Does it affect which champions you grab?"
He also shared his thoughts on wishlist and shopping cart features:
"We've heard this quite a bit from players. It would make gifting a lot more meaningful if you can surprise a friend with exactly what they want. As opposed to having to message, "hey...umm...lets assume you were gonna get a gift, what would you want?" This is something we want to build but to set expectations, we won't be getting to it anytime soon.

As for the shopping cart, a big trade-off is all the extra steps and clutter to account for the interface. We've made a decision to focus on efficient one-off purchases. A typical use case for this is hitting 4800 IP and running to the store to get that champ you've been saving up for!

I'd like to know more about what is going through your mind when you feel the need for a shopping cart? What is the thought process and other benefits?"

[Reminder] Sejuani Price Decrease

With the release of Rek'Sai, Sejuani's price has been reduced from to 6300 IP and 975 RP to 4800 IP and 880 RP - right in time for the upcoming release of Poro Rider Sejuani later this week!

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