Red Post Collection: Potential Soraka follow up changes, Nautilus' Size, "Is Lulu Evil?", and more

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[Update: Added in Vesh's plans to test normalized Q speed and W range buff for Soraka, as well as follow up posts from "Fabulist"]

Tonight's red post collection features Vesh mentioning some tentative changes he hopes to test for Soraka, Scruffy on Nautilus' size, Carnival Knights answering the question "is Lulu evil?", a mysterious message from the BR forums, and more!
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Potential Follow up Soraka Changes 

Following her gameplay update in patch 4.17, Vesh commented on a few tentative Soraka changes he hopes to test for an upcoming patch:
"I'm looking into a number of potential changes for her in the patch after this next one. The missile speed was actually put in so you could see how many hits you got on Q and then choose whether or not to heal an ally before they reached you (because they heal more when you're at lower health) as a small optimization. Also, having them move too fast would disrupt a lot of the clarity of the enemy seeing whether or not they were hit and where Soraka's healing is coming from. We could possibly speed them up some, but I'm not sure if that's the place I really would want to buff Soraka. Right now I'm primarily looking at her E cooldown (possibly raising it), her W range (possible increasing it) and her Q cast paradigm (changing it to fixed travel time instead of variable depending on distance. this would be a nerf at close range but a buff at far ranges and will also increase how understandable/usable the spell is for a number of players). 
All of this is tentative though, but those are the things I'm looking at primarily. She might not need any of that at all but we will be testing some changes. I'm more concerned with usability/fairness than power right now because it's hard to get a good power read with all of the preseason changes being tested right now. For instance, with the new Dragon granting increasing buffs, Soraka is naturally more powerful because she allows certain junglers to take dragon extremely early with her heals."

When asked about increasing the range on W,  Vesh continued 

"In development I had to walk a very fine line with the W range to get the accessibility I wanted for the character while preserving functionality. Because we were introducing a true healer into League, Morello, myself, and a lot of our live designers wanted to be very careful with how safe she was allowed to be (nothing more frustrating than a safe healer). We might have pushed too far here, and another 50 range might do wonders while still keeping her vulnerable. It's a really crazy buff though, and I expect that she would need a nerf elsewhere to compensate (base stats perhaps, but still exploring all of our options). Glad you're enjoying her though! I promise I'll keep working to make her the best she can be for League (by best I mean fun... not powerful :p "
He continued:
"Gonna try some stuff on PBE. Anyone reading this who loves (or hates!) Soraka please jump on if you have an account and post some feedback! 
Just going to test buffed heal range and fixed travel time on Q for now."

The Size of Nautilus 

In a thread about why Nautilus looks so massive in the "A New Dawn" cinematic but so smallin-game when compared to the visually updated Sion, Riot Scruffy commented:
"When we were evaluating Sion's new size during development, we compared him to a bunch of the other tanks in terms of size. A few of them (like maokai, malphite etc) seemed like they were smaller than they should be in game. 
We should take a look at Nautilus and see if there's room for him to get a little size bump. He's definitely never going to be as big as he is in the cinematic, but there may be a bit of room on him. No promises tho."

Is Lulu... evil?

In a boards thread posing the question "Is Lulu Evil?", Carnival Knights swung by to offer his thoughts as a writer:
"When looking at Lulu it's important to consider English fairy tales, particularly those involving the fae realms and things like elves, gnomes, and dwarves. These creatures are not particularly violent or cruel within the expectations and boundaries of their own society, but have little understanding or empathy for humans and/or human culture. This isn't because they're evil, it's because they're far removed from humanity as whole. 
Lulu is very much the same way. She doesn't understand that to many, her magic isn't a game - she grew up among the fey, where changing forms and wild magic are extremely common, and where things like audio/visual perception and the concept of death don't necessarily mean the same thing they do to the rest of Runeterra. 
She's not a sociopath. She's a child who never grew up."
He continued, discussing the foggy details of Bandle City and Yordles in general:
"Bandle City has remained largely undefined until very recently - which is why there's a big rocket ship in the middle and the art looks like one of the earlier trading posts in Oregon Trail. Like Targon and Icathia we have traditionally had loose interpretations of what could be there, smaller faction-oriented stories and the like, rather than any big-picture stuff. Foundations has been working hard in that regard, rebuilding a vision of Bandle City that plays to the innate strengths of Yordle characters and society. 
What I can say is that Yordles, as they have always been, are a eclectic bunch that excel at pretty much anything they set their minds to. But Runeterra still doesn't know very much about them, and whether or not they stand unified in really anything is still a matter of scholarly debate. Why are some inventors and some warriors? Why do some fight and some explore? Why is that very short magician laughing maniacally, and who decided to build a death robot with toilet plunger feet? That whimsy and mystery defines Yordles much more so than any traditional standard, so if you're looking for an overall theme right now, that's probably your best answer."

Strange Message on BR Forums

A strange message by a red account called "Fabulist" (Storyteller),the same account that told the story of River Spirit Nami earlier this year,  has popped up on the BR forums to share a mysterious message:

[In the original Portuguese]
No começo, muitos me chamavam de "Fabulista". Eu escrevia contos e histórias para entreter as pessoas. Tudo o que eu queria era, por meio das minhas palavras, dar asas à imaginação de meus leitores. Há cerca de um ano, tudo isso mudou drasticamente...

Agora, eu escrevo para não esquecer. 
Não sei mais se o agora que presencio é minha realidade, ou se não passa de um sonho. Sim, acredito que há uma história por trás de tudo, mas... e se nem tudo for somente uma história? O que fazer destas visões sobre ilhas assombradas e nuvens de almas inconsoláveis de lugares que desconheço? 
Meu sono intranquilo - isto é, quando consigo dormir - pode estar pregando peças em minha mente frágil. Ah, repouso, por que foges de mim? 
De vez em quando, me sinto sozinho. Normal; a carreira de escritor tem estes momentos em que você tem mais a companhia de seus personagens do que de, bem, gente de verdade. Às vezes, eu faria de tudo para saber que estas vozes do além têm algum motivo...
[Fan Translation]
"In the beginning, many called me "Fabulist". I would write tales and histories to entertain people. All I wanted was to set my reader's imagination free, through my words. Around one year ago, all changed drastically...

Now, I write not to forget.

I don't know if what I witness now is my reality, or if it's nothing but a dream. Yes, I believe there's a history behind it all, but... what if it all isn't just a history? What to do about these visions about haunted islands and clouds of inconsolable places I don't know about?

My restless sleep--that is, when I can sleep--can be cheating my fragile mind. Ah, rest, why run away from me?

From time to time, I feel alone. It's normal; a writer's career has these moments where you have the company of your characters more than, well, real people. Sometimes, I would do anything to know that these voices from the beyond have any motive..."

Could this be related to OCE's banner video? The mysterious fog on champion pages? Who knows!

[UPDATE] Nothing particularly juicy fo far but "Fabulista" has been spotted answering questions on the BR forum!

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