Red Post collection: Sion update discussion, Evelynn texture rebalancing, Inhibitor timers on SRU, and more

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[Update: Riot G-Mang tweeted out that Gangplank's ultimate change is coming to PBE soon! More information at the bottom of the post, along w/ Scruffy noting Warmonger Sion's colors will likely change! ]

This morning's red post collection features ton of discussion on the newly revealed Sion gameplay and visual update, Ququroon commenting that the Evelynn texture rebalancing is NOT a replacement for a proper visual update, Meddler with context on the PBE Azir buffs, Scarizard looking for feedback on the PBE's new SRU Inhibitor timers, and more!
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Sion Discussion

With Sion's massive rework now revealed and on the PBE for testing, several Rioters have man an unstoppable onslaught to the forums to discuss our reanimated Noxian!
Before we jump in to the discussion, be sure to check out these two posts to better acquaint yourself with Sion, The Undead Juggernaut!

In response to the reveal finally being released for all to see, Scruffy shared:
"It feels like we have been holding our breath for months now working on this. Feels good to finally reveal. 
Time to smash some teemos."
Grumpy Monkey added in:
"Been a long time coming. So happy this is out!"
and Riot Entropy:
"It's been a privilege to finally make good on this promise. Hope you all enjoy! 
Now I'm going to murder you all in top lane. BLOOD FOR NOXUS."
When asked about changing up Warmonger Sion's color scheme to more closely match the original, Scruffy noted:
"We're looking into the warmonger skin today based on the feedback you all have been giving. Should have it updated fore he goes live."

When asked what positions they intended the updated Sion to fill, Scruffy commented:
"I hope he is playable in both top or jungle. He plays pretty differently in the different positions, but we want to support both playstyles."

First up, Scruffy tackled a set of questions regarding the duration of Sion's new ultimate, why he discards his axe during the passive, his role identity, and more!
Riot Meddler / Scruffy, some questions regarding Sion: 
1. How long does the Ultimate last, is the Movespeed ramp percentage or flat? Is he CC-Imnune during charge?
2. Why does he lose his axe after Death?
3. What is his core identity now? A heavy-CC Jungler, with tank potential in late?
3. Can Sion solo Baron with max Lifesteal after Death?
1. It's 8 seconds, but that allows him to roughly cover about half of the map length
2. It's actually pretty badass to see him just use his raw strength/fists to wreck people. Also with that attack speed it looks pretty strange with a huge axe.
3. Heavy CC zone control tank is spot on. Also crazy cross map initiation.
3b. Unlikely, but if he dies mid baron fight it can be a gamechanger for his team (in a good way)"

Scruffy also noted that Sion's passive gives a flat attack speed bonus and summoner's are disabled for the duration:
1. His passive gives to him attack damage and attack speed based on his level?
2. How Ravenous Hydra works in Sion passive state?
3. Can Sion activate ghost / flash while in passive state?
1. The passive actually gives him a set very fast attack speed regardless of items (he usually builds tank) and the 10% max health per hit is around at all levels.
2. Hydra works in the passive but it wont splash the max health damage.

3. We currently have summoners disabled during the passive."

Meddler also elaborated on how Sion's new passive works, explaining that it drains a % of Sion's max HP per second:
"Yeah, a % of max health per second - to get a longer passive duration you'll need to be attacking to make use of all the bonus lifesteal the passive offers.

In case it's unclear Sion loses access to all his usual abilities during his passive so it's not really a mobile Karthus passive. Instead he's an auto attacker, with bonus damage on auto attacks, lifesteal and a one time boost of movement speed. Dangerous if you let him get on you, often very kiteable though."

When asked about the Sion's potential to monster solo potential with this passive, Meddler noted:
"It's a shorter effect than you'd need to solo dragon - think more of a Karthus passive like duration. Enough time to lock your fingers around a king's throat say."

Scruffy also shared that the longest his passive usually lasts with items is:
"15-20s is pretty much the top end"
As for Sion's new Q being a stationary channel instead of a "Vi Q like" channel where he can move around, Scruffy explained:
"We tried this for a time, and it made the Q much easier to hit for sure. So much so that we had to make the impact of the spell (damage and cc) much worse. The high risk/high reward of the immobile Q felt like a much more satisfying skill."
Scruffy also commented on Sion's W shield scaling with AP and HP, saying:
"The shield does scale with his HP, more fitting for a tank. (also combos well with the health stacking passive)"
Meddler also reiterated that Sion's permanent health gain on minion kill is still here but as a passive on his W:
"It's still on the kit as a passive on his W."
As for confirmation on how Sion's new E works, Meddler explained:
"Roar of the Slayer (his new E) knocks minions around, it doesn't knock champions around though. Champions hit, whether directly by the E or by a flying minion, are slowed instead."

On the audio side of things, C3Sound commented on Sion's VO and SFX (which are coming to the PBE soon):
"Really excited to have everyone play this guy. There are some really cool SFX and VO features we made for him. Lets see if you can find them all! :D"

Now that the set of Reborn teasers are all out, Riot Entropy commented:
"Thanks so much, I hope you enjoyed the ride. I've enjoyed reading the theories and watching people piece together the story. 
Shame there were some hiccups along the way, but I could have asked for this to turn out better."

When asked who the Jarvan mentioned in the first part of REBORN is, Entropy confirmed:
"Okay, the reveal is official, I can answer you now. 
The Jarvan in Reborn is Jarvan the First, so Xin isn't dead or dishonored or otherwise altered by the events you've been seeing."
Meddler also added in:
"The initial part of Sion's lore occurs centuries before the current time, with the Jarvan Sion kills assumedly a distant ancestor of Prince Jarvan the 4th (the playable champ). Couple of extra details related can be found at:"

As for all the mystery surrounding the Reborn teasers and all the characters involved, Entropy explained:
"As obvious as it might have been that it was Sion, we wanted the experience to be much more engaging than just telling you all the details. Being knowledgeable in the previously released content gave people the tools to bridge a lot of the gaps, but ultimately if you didn't know all the backstory you could get the gist of what happened to the fallen hero. I had faith people would draw the right conclusions even if it couldn't be said with certainty."
When asked if  Draythe Darkwill, a character from the family who ruled in Noxus prior to Swain's rise to power, is still alive, Entropy noted:
"Yes, but I wouldn't expect him to be making any public appearances under Swain's regime. Seems like he's got a lot of plotting to get to."

Entropy also commented on Vladimir's presence in part four of REBORN, saying:
"The ritual Vlad leads is the culmination of many arcane designs combining the resources and knowledge of Swain (and by extension Darkwill), the Black Rose, and his own blood magic. 
Vlad technically isn't raising Sion from the dead again so much as conducting the blood sacrifices necessary to rekindle Sion's mind."

As for what's next, Riot Entropy noted:
"Next is never a question I'll be able to satisfactorily answer unless I get to make an official announcement, but there are a few projects in the pipeline for before end of year and other things that are a bit further out."

Evelynn Texture Rebalancing and Future VU

In a thread asking if Evelynn is still going to get a visual update at some point despite her new texture rebalancing on the PBE, Ququroon jumped in to clarify:
"Hey Gixia, 
I'm no IronStylus, but I can answer this question just as well! 
The Texture Rebalances will not be impacting the work of the Champion Update team. They are being done as bandaids in order to make things look better on SRU, and look more cohesive with each other. These are different from Texture Updates which are more substantial in nature, as well as more long-term solutions to smaller problems. 
Evelynn still falls under the Rebalance camp here, even if the work is looking closer to an Update. We know that she needs a large amount of work, ala VU. She's on 'the list', and the Texture Rebalance does not affect her position on 'the list'. 
Her rig is still terrible, her visuals still meh at best, but this is hopefully a good bandaid until the time she is (rightfully) updated."

Grumpy Monkey also reiterated on this over on twitter, saying:
"Heads up on these little texture updates. This is just a band-aid. We will still go full blast on these in the future. #LeagueOfLegends"

[PBE] Context on Azir stat buffs

Regarding the slight buffs to Azir's base stats included in the 9/25 PBE update, Meddler noted:
"Regarding the suggested mana change - we're looking at giving Azir a little bit more regen, base AD and base Armor, help out his early game a bit. Needs to be tested, so not guaranteed to go out, but pretty likely."

[PBE] New Inhibitor Timers

In the 9/25 PBE Update, visual indicators to count down the time before an Inhibitor respawns were added to the Summoner's Rift update!
Here's Scarizard with a few comments on the tentative new addition:
"They're not timed 100% correctly yet, but we're looking for feedback on the Inhibitor timers we just added to the Summoner's Rift Update!"

Gangplank Ult Changes Coming Soon to PBE!

According to Riot G-Mang, a set of changes for Gangplank's ult are coming to the PBE Soon!

He tweeted out:
"GP ult change coming to PBE very soon. Check it out and let me know what you think! (Still lots of work to do on the kit.) #LeagueofLegends"
When asked if  these were the only changes hitting the PBE soon, he noted:
"Yep. For the moment, no other changes"

As for why only this change and not any others for the moment, G-Mang noted:
"We felt this particular change was a pretty clean improvement (not made because R is his biggest problem or some notion like that)."

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