This Week in eSports - Lustboy joins TSM, LCS W11 is SUPER WEEK

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Another week has passed and we're back with a recap of all the eSports events!
[Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free NA and EU posts!]

Continue reading for the results of LCS week 10, a reminder that next week's LCS is a SUPER WEEK, Lustboy joining TSM, and more!


  • [EU] The 10th week of EU LCS wrapped up Thursday and will return for week 11 on Tuesday, July 29th. Week 11 will be the finale of the Summer Split of LCS and a super week! 
  • EU LCS Week 10 Wins/Loss Record:
Alliance: 2-0
Fnatic: 1-1
Millenium: 1-1
Supa Hot Crew: 2-0
SK Gaming: 1-1
Copenhagen Wolves: 0-2
Gambit Gaming: 0-2
  • Current standings after week 10:

  • [NAThe 10th week of NA LCS wrapped up earlier this evening and for week 11 on Friday, August 1st. Week 11 will be the finale of the Summer Split of LCS and a super week! 
  • NA LCS Week 10 Wins/Loss Record:
LMQ: 1-1
Cloud 9: 2-0
CLG: 0-2
TSM: 2-0
Dignitas: 0-2
Curse: 1-1
compLexity: 1-1
Evil Geniuses: 1-1
  • Current standings after week 10:

    • [EU CS] Here's how the EU Challenger Series Bracket is shaping up after this weeks' games:
    • [NA CS] Here's how the NA Challenger Series Bracket is shaping up after this weeks' games. 

    • [LCS - Reminder] NA and EU Regionals were announced this weekend, with NA heading to Pax Prime in Seattle (Along with most of the S@20 Crew!) and EU heading to Gamescom in Germany. Regionals will decide the region's representation at the 2014 Season World Finals

    • [KR] OGN Global announced the venue for OGN Finals will be held! They will be held August 16th at Heaeundea Beach

    • [Promotion Matches] RiotNickAllen announced the schedule for the 2015 Spring Promotion Tournament for the challenger and relegated LCS teams:

    Tuesday, September 9
    10am PDT/7pm GMT – EU 8th Seed Promotion Match
    ~3pm PDT/12am GMT – NA 6th Seed Promotion Match

    Wednesday, September 10
    10am PDT/7pm GMT – EU 7th Seed Promotion Match
     ~3pm PDT/12am GMT – NA 7th Seed Promotion Match

    Thursday, September 11
     10am PDT/7pm GMT – EU 6th Seed Promotion Match
    ~3pm PDT/12am GMT – NA 8th Seed Promotion Match

    Team News & Roster Changes

    • [NA] After some initial issues (the swap was leaked before it was cleared with Riot) Lustboy (a Support player from Koreawas cleared to join TSM, replacing Gleebglarbu as the starting support. 

    • [Challenger Series] Riot laid down the law this week, with two punishments for challenger teams in both NA and EU:
      • H2K Gaming was found to be exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior in their game against GG Call Nash. They were fined a total of $300.
      • Kimchi Dos Spicy and Kimchi 2 Spicy were found to be colluding with each other to abuse the ranking system to raise their seed to a higher level. Both teams were suspended and unable to participate in the NA CS until Spring 2015.

    • [NA] LMQ announced that their organization will be parting ways with their general manager Sharon. The announcement is still muddled with rumors and heresay, but it appears that the breakup was a surprise to the entire team. [ Update ] Sharon's statement can be found here.

    • [Fantasy] Riot announced that Fantasy LCS stats have been migrated to a system that updates the stats LIVE during the game, so you can keep track of events as they happen! 

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