Red Post Collection: Meddler on 4.13, @WizardCrab, Doom Bots of Doom have left the building, Viktor Not Forgotten

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[ Update: Mystery Skins extended until July 29th 23:59 in each local time ]

Tonight's red post collection features Meddler with a few comments on the upcoming 4.13 patch, WizardCrab answering more questions in his "@Wizardcrab" thread, a reminder that Doom Bots of Doom's time has come and it is no longer available for play, several Rioters chiming in that Viktor has not been forgotten, and much more!
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Meddler on 4.13

In a thread asking if Riot plans to include Nocturne in the giant list of champions to be buffed in patch 4.13, Meddler noted:
"Noc was on the list of champs we assessed for this patch, conclusion we came to was that he was in a reasonable spot. He's getting the occasional bit of competitive play at the moment, via his ult has a distinct reason to be picked as a jungler, performs appropriately in solo queue and will probably benefit a little from nerfs to the current top tier junglers. As a result we decided to leave him alone.

Also, for anyone curious, just had a look to see how many champions we're changing in said patch. Not quite 40, but close ish - 30, with (as I read it) 14 champs nerfed, 15 buffed and one with significant gameplay changes focused on playstyle, not power (Sona)."
when pressed for more info on these changes, he commented:
"Patch notes will have all the details. Lot of these are relatively small changes, aimed at either trimming a champ's power without making them unseen or making them a bit more competitive without making them really dominant picks."
and when asked if Urgot was on that list, Meddler replied:
"Full rework - not this year.

Smaller set of changes potentially in patch 4.15 (4.13's just about to come out for context). Current details on those changes can be found in these two posts:"

When asked about nerfs for solo lane Lulu and what that means for Support Lulu players, he noted:
"If we nerf solo lane Lulu we would like to give support Lulu some power in a way that doesn't create problems in other lanes. No firm plans for what/when etc yet though, still under discussion."

As for the rationale behind adding an AP ratio to Lux's passive, Meddler commented:
"The goal there is to buff Lux's power a bit mid/late game (once she's got AP) in a way that doesn't primarily offer safe power. Keeps her passive more relevant and gives her more damage if she's prepared to auto attack a bit more."


As he has been doing for several weeks, Wizardcrab scuttled on back to his "@Wizardcrab" thread to answer summoner questions on life as a crustacean, eCommerce, and whatever else!

When asked about Elise getting a skin, WizardCrab commented on Elise's only post-release skin being in the Victorious skin that is not normally available.
"I'd argue against you on the Victorious Elise skin as I quite like it, but that's not really worth it here. 
I will say I will fight my hardest to make sure that the Victorious skin isn't for a champion that only has 1 other skin (release skin). Will I win that fight? I dunno. But I didn't like that Elise got the last one with only one other skin, leaving players that love Elise but didn't make gold high and dry when it comes to further customization options. We'll see what happens though. 
Anyone else have thoughts on that last point?"
As for an update on the Lifetime RP rewards that have been in the works for several years, he noted:
"There were a lot of versions, but until we have a finalized, released version I think it would be unwise to talk about the details. It's really about making sure we're rewarding the right people for the right reasons with compelling rewards, which is actually more difficult than it sounds."

WizardCrab also replied to someone asking for a system that allows users with a lot of IP to gift content to other users and his thoughts on the the in-game monster icons becoming summoner icons, as well as the problems with allowing summoners to make their own icons.
"I think that any system that allows a transfer of IP (even indirectly) from one account to another could and will encourage botting, so we have to be very careful.

As for your summoner icons ideas, I think the monsters thing sounds cool. And I think you've thought out a lot of the concerns with people making their own. We also have an interest in maintaining a quality bar with the icons, which is another concern."

When asked if any more skins will be retired to the legacy vault and the approximate time of the new Double IP weekend, Wizardcrab noted:
"We'll probably retire some more, but I'm not 100% on the exact way we'll do it yet.

Double IP weekend should be before the summer's over, I hope. Again, depending on the issues laid out by Udyr as well as some others."

As for why there was no MECHA skin bundle with the release of Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Malphite, WizardCrab noted:
"There wasn't a bundle because we wanted to see how people interacted with skin sets without a bundle. They're prolly be one if/when we release new mecha skins. 
Neither the icon nor the ward are limited time only."

Finally, he answered a few question questions concerning the next ultimate skin, August's skin sale list, and more:

Hello WizardCrab! 
I have a few questions for you... 
1. Are we gonna have an extra bonus rp anytime soon?
2. Will there ever be an option to buy things (skins, champs, rp) outside of the client, like on your phone?
3. Have you played the new champ yet?
4. Will there be an ultimate skin this year?
5. Will there be a skin sale list for august?
6. Why was the mecha summoners icon not available for IP like some of the others?
1. This I cannot say.
2. Yes.
3. Not in a full game, but I've messed around.
4. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I believe we're still trying to stick to 1 per year.
5. Nope.
6. Copy pasted from an earlier post of mine (albeit on Reddit)" [snipped, see below]
Earlier this weekend over on reddit, WizardCrab elaborated on why the Mecha summoner icon was not available for both IP and RP:
"Hey guys, I just want to clear up a couple of things. 
Like a lot of people in this thread are saying, the IP price for summoner icons is a thing that has so far only been tied to specific events. We've done it for Lunar Revel, Pentakill, and the soccer (football) stuff. The strategy is still slightly malleable but it is likely going to be as follows: 
For event-based purchasable icons, there will be an RP price and an IP price that will remain for the duration of the event. The reason event-based icons have an IP price is to help generate enthusiasm for the event. When you logged in and half of your friends list was sporting the Pentakill icon, it was super cool and got you excited for what was happening (at least it was like that for me). But, if the icon is to remain in the store permanently, the IP price will be removed after the event. Purchasable icons that are not event-based (like the Mecha icon) will generally not have IP prices. The Mecha icon is here to let players further signify their love of the skin line rather than to get people pumped for the release of these skins. Only having an RP price is our general strategy regarding non gameplay-affecting cosmetic content, and these fall into that category. I added to this confusion by forgetting to remove the IP price from the Hat Trick Icon after July 13th in some regions, and for that I apologize. 
I know that the definition of an event is a little confusing here, and I’ll admit I don’t have an incredibly clear answer for that. Specifically for just this context, an event involves more than just a themed skin release/promotion site (often with some time-sensitive component). I know that’s super vague but we’re always trying new things and to be honest they’ll probably be determined on a case-by-case basis. 
As far as the IP sink argument goes, summoner icons is not the place where we’re trying to solve that issue. I don’t want to get in a huge debate about IP sinks in this particular thread, but I’m happy to discuss that in other places (like my thread in the forums or another reddit thread or something). 
I hope this makes sense.

The Doom Bots have left the building!

After more than a week of DOOM, the  Doom Bots of Doom featured gameplay mode is now over and no longer available for play.

Here's L4T3NCY with the details :
"After countless Fiddle ganks, Mega Tibbers stuns and Malzahar Voidlings, it’s time to deactivate the Doom Bots of Doom, pull them back into the Featured Game Mode workshop, and get to tinkering! Did you fight them? Did you BEAT them? Let us know in the comments below, and leave us your epiphanies and feedback regarding both the Doom Bots of Doom and other game mode ideas you have!"

Thoughts on Smart Ping System

RiotScruffy posted in a thread concerning the Smart Ping system, offering his feedback on a summoner's idea to increase the ping system up to 8 options and add a "warded" ping.
"I like the idea of a few more smart ping options (warded especially would be useful), but I'd be worried that increasing the radial options from 4 to 8 would actually result in a lot more mis-pings than we currently have. 
That said, it doesn't seem like an unsolvable issue, and there are definitely ways to improve the smart ping system. Might end up replacing redundant/underused pings or finding another good keybinding for any additional pings that would be useful. Thanks for the suggestion/feedback. This is not a promise (as I don't work on the smart ping system personally) but i'll bring this to the attention of the people that do. 

Viktor Hasn't Been Forgotten

In a reddit thread that both questioned whether Viktor is still being considered for changes and falsely attributing the lack of Viktor changes to Scarizard being ill ( which he wasn't, nor had he been working on Viktor ) , a few Rioters stepped in to note that Viktor has not been forgotten:
Scarizard commented:
"y'all...lmao T_T I appreciate the concern, but i never fell deathly ill, nor was i ever working on the Viktor rework! D: If anything, i've been an incredibly outspoken player/pioneer of Toplane Viktor (Yellow Augment + CDR 'Bruiser Viktor') but that's about where my relationship with Viktor ends! 
Solcrushed (and possibly, very slightly Feralpony) were the only people working on Viktor to my knowledge, and none of them have grown deathly ill either (AT LEAST I HOPE NOT IN THE LAST WEEK?). We have our eye on Viktor at the moment, with a lot of different ideas on how the Hex Core might progress throughout the game. Viktor's an especially tough champion because for us to really differentiate him from other mages and give him a unique niche (do not confuse this with unique mechanics - he's got these in spades) will take a lot of work. 
We hear you and others in the thread OP about making Viktor's passive more CORE to his gameplay, but that's up to my folks over in the Champion Update team."
He continued, commenting on the thought of turning Viktor's item in to a trinket like Rengar's BTN:
"As one of the original implementors of the 'Bonetooth Trinket' experiment, none of us ever promised that Viktor would follow the same if it worked. IMO, Viktor's item is best left as an item (but one with greater flexibility/upgrades), where Rengar's trinket was low-scope enough to ditch the stats and become a trinket. 
It's just my opinion though, and totally within the discretion of the designer/team working on Viktor to make those decisions."

ZenonTheStoic also added in:
"Solcrushed is experimenting with some Viktor changes at the moment, but it's not yet at a stage where we want to talk about it I don't think. It's Sol's call."

Riot Scruffy also tweeted out:
"as far as I know scar didn't almost die, but we are looking into giving viktor some love."

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