This Week in eSports - Week 5 wrap up, NA/EU CS Finals, & more

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This week is drawing to a close and we have just the thing to send it off right - an eSports recap!
[Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free NA and EU posts!]

Continue reading for the results of LCS week 5, the latest team news, and more!


  • The NA LCS returns for week 6 on SATURDAY, June 28th! 

    • The EU LCS  returns for week 6 on THURSDAY, June 26th

  • [NA CS] Team Coast wraps up the NA Challenger Series - Summer 1 by beating Team LolPro 2-0

  • [EU CS] H2K Gaming wraps up the EU Challenger Series - Summer 1 by beating Ninjas in Pyjamas. Alex Ich was unable to attend the games with NiP due to visa issues between Russia and Europe. 

  • [OCE] The Oceanic Regional Tournament - Winter wrapped up this weekend! In first place is Avant Garde Ascension, followed by Team Immunity and Team Nv in second!

    Team News & Roster Changes

    •  [NA/EU] LCS team summoner icons were made available earlier tihs week, including the new LMQ and CompLexity icons! More information and pricing can be found over on the LoL website. Remember: 20% of the icon price goes directly to the team! 

    • [NA] Robert Morris University has started a program designed to make an official league of legends team along with two practice teams with all the support structure of a regular sport. This includes a support staff, tutoring, scholarships, etc. More information can be found on the main site! 

    • [NA] Brokenshard was permanently replaced as the jungler on CompLexity by Kez. Brokenshard will be pursuing challenger options in Europe instead.

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