This Week in eSports - LCS Super Week Results, Altec replaces Yellowpete, and more!

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The LCS super week is over and the results are in for the first week of the Summer Split!

[ Warning: There will be spoilers after the jump! Check here for spoiler free NA and EU posts! ]

Continue reading for a look at next weeks LCS and a recap of everything  from the past two weeks!


  • The NA LCS  returns for week 2 on Saturday, May 31st!

  • The EU LCS returns for week 2 on Thursday, May 29th! 

  • [NA CS] Here's how the current Challenger Series is shaping up for North America:
  • [EU CS] Here's how the current Challenger Series is shaping up for Europe:

  • [ Fantasy ] Don't forget to check out the results of  your FANTASY LCS teams! 

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [NA] As most of you are aware from his debut week in the NA LCS, Seraph officially joined the CLG roster as their new starting top laner! Full announcement can be found on CLG's site

  • [NA] Dignitas announced that they are releasing their two subs, Goldenglue and Patoy.

  • [NA] Evil Genuises announced that they'd be moving Yellowpete to a sub position while bringing in Altec (formerly of Cloud 9 Tempest). Yellowpete played his last game with EG on Friday, D1W1 of the NA LCS. 

  • [KR] The Jin Air teams in Korea have a slew of roster changes:
    • Falcons
      • Rock, Vin, Pilot, XD, and Radar join the team.
      • Miso, RealFoxy, Mystic, Kish, and BoRoona leave the team.
    • Stealths
      • Chaser and Chei join the team
      • Radar and XD leave the team

  • [SEA] Saigon Jokers announced a slew of roster changes:
    • QTV, Lovida, and Optimus leave the team
    • Uzi, Jinkey, GoNy, NixWater, Vigoss join the team

  • [China] Royal Club, after their recent finiancial issues, announced a change in management. The current CEO of LMQ will be taking over the lead for Royal Club and changing the name to Starhorn. 

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