This Week in eSports 4/13 - 4/20

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Another week has passed so we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports! Both the NA and EU LCS wrapped up after a grueling week of playoffs and the participants in next weeks Summoner Promotion matches have been decided!
(Warning: There are spoilers after the jump! For spoiler free info check out the playoff threads)

Continue reading for a look at next weeks LCS players and a recap the rest of this week's esports news!


  • [All] Be sure to vote in the upcoming All-star votes! The current voting is for URF MODE, which was revealed today as the 2nd challenge format! Check out this page to cast your vote for a specific champion that EACH TEAM will have to use during the game!
    • The two previous winners of the Hexakill voting were Misaya and Toyz. Full announcement can be found here.

  • [NA] and TeSPA have partnered up to bring us Lone Star Clash 3 in Austin, Texas! Check out their Indiegogo campaign here as well as all the details below!
    • Challenger team tournament
      • The invited teams include Curse Academy, Cloud 9 Tempest,  Team 8, and Complexity.Black
      • Double Elimination
    • IvyLol Collegiate Finals
    • $15,000 dollar prize pool
    • Hosted by Rachel Quirico
    • Casted by Scarra and OptimusTom
    • More details coming soon, for now check out their website updates! 

  • [NA] The NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs wrapped up this week, check out this page for VODs from the playoffs. Here are the final standings:
    • Ranking
      • 1st - Cloud 9 - Will be playing for NA at Allstars in Paris
      • 2nd - TSM
      • 3rd - CLG
      • 4th - Curse
      • 5th - Dignitas
    • Relegated teams who are in danger of losing their LCS position are as follows and their picks for opponents are shown next to them:
      • Team Coast vs Complexity.Black
      • Evil Genuises vs Cloud 9 Tempest
      • XDG vs LMQ
    • The relegation tournament will take place on April 26th-27th

  • [EU] The EU LCS Spring Split wrapped up this week, check out this page for VODs from the playoffs. Here are the final standings:
    • Ranking 1-5
      • 1st - Fnatic - Will be playing for EU at Allstars in Paris
      • 2nd - SK Gaming
      • 3rd - Roccat
      • 4th - Alliance
      • 5th - Gambit Gaming
    • The teams have already chosen who they will face in the relegation tournament:
      • Copenhagen Wolves vs. Denial eSports
      • Supa Hot Crew vs. Cloud 9 Eclipse
      • Millenium vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas
    • The Relegation tournament will take place on April 24th-25th

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [EU] Forg1ven, the AD Carry for Copenhagen Wolves was hit with a fine ($1,000) this week for "poor behavior, both in solo queue as well as on community streams." More information can be found via the post over on Riot's forums

  • [EU] Gambit Gaming has confirmed that they are not allowed in Kiev for the time being. Mostly due to the recent political upheaval over there. Currently, Gambit is residing in Kiev to reduce travel time to the LCS. They'll need to sort it out before the Summer Split starts in LCS or they'll be travelling from Russia (which is an insane trip to make weekly). 

  • [NA] Cloud 9 Tempest was banned from 3 seasons of ESL and lost their prize money after they dropped out of the semi-final match of the ESL Pro Series. Press release can be found here

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