Red Post Collection: Showdown and Hexakill back on PBE, Heal Nerfs in 4.6, and more!

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This morning's red post collection feature a notice the Showdown and Hexakill are back on the PBE for All-Star related testing, Riot Pwyff with a comment on the upcoming heal nerfs in 4.6, a brief discussion on visual updates, and Riot Seb answering some burning questions about Team Builder.
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Showdown and Hexakill back on the PBE

In order to iron out some kinks for the upcoming All-Star event, both the Showdown ( 1v1/2v2 ) and Hexakill ( 6v6 ) featured game modes are back on the PBE for testing!

Here's Riot Aether with more info:
"Hey guys! 
The upcoming All-Star Challenge features exhibition matches by pros from NA, EU, Korea, China and Southeast Asia. Before the event, we want to test some of the Featured Game Modes pros will play and make sure nothing broke while in the lab. 
We’re putting Showdown back on PBE immediately and adding Hexakill Saturday morning at 9 AM PST/4PM GMT. Both modes will be turned off on Monday around 11 AM PST/6PM GMT. 
To make sure these modes get the testing they need -- and to keep queue times reasonable -- all other queues except Summoner’s Rift Blind Pick will be disabled. Everything will remain testable in custom games."

Heal nerfs in 4.6

After it's strong showing in this week's EU and NA LCS, Riot Pwyff tweeted out that heal is up for some nerfs in 4.6
"Re: Heal nerfs. Specifically we only planned to re-implement the heal debuff on stacking use. There's potential for more in 4.7."

This line's up with what is  currently up on the PBE - Heal has the "recently healed" debuff back, which reduces an additional Heal's healing effect by 50% for ~30 seconds after being healed by the initial heal.

Visual Updates

In reddit thread inquiring about a VU for Malphite, ZenonTheStoic popped in to reiterate a few champs that have already been  noted as being on the "soon tm" list:
"I'm sure we will eventually. He's not on our list of high priority VUs right now though. Karthus/Sion/WW are definitely before him, Poppy might be too. (I don't work on the reworks team, so I'm just restating things that we already said publicly about these things)"

Riot Whist, an associate animator, also commented on the want for more VUs, saying:
"Don't worry, we are well aware of these things. I can't tell you how many times I hear "Ugh I wish we had the time to fix that ugly animation" or "I hope the VU for this character is coming soon" 
The problem is there are a lot of things to do that take time to do right. 
We don't want to release updated content that doesn't take into consideration what people love about a champion. We have a dedicated rework team working hard to fix up our old content. We do a lot of research, surveys, and play tests to nail down our visual updates. 
If you were around for the Garen VU, I'm sure you'll remember the controversy over him not having an AA animation where he punches or not flipping when he attacks with Q. The smallest and seemingly unimportant things can be a big deal to the players. It's so hard to predict what makes a character lovable to each person and what might just be a knee-jerk reaction because something's slightly different. Turns out, Garen punching is still a topic of debate. 
Morde will get a VU (and trust me he's not forgotten!), but in my personal opinion there are still a handful of other champions who need it much more.

Rioters are all players too, and we all feel the same pains. This is why the rework team was created in the first place."

Display Rounding

Meddler popped on to the forums to answer a summoner's question about the values for cooldown reduction and if something like 1.67% CDR would round up to 2% in game.
"The display rounds, the actual values used to calcuate spell CDs don't however. Same approach for all other stats too."

Riot Seb Hot For Team Builder

Riot Seb is just burning to share some important information on the Team Builder.

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