This Week in eSports 3/31 - 4/6

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Another week has passed so we're back with another edition of This Week in eSports! Since the EU and NA LCS wrapped up this week with week 11, we've got a summary of who's in danger of being relegated and which Challenger Series teams will be playing off next week for a chance at those spots!
(Warning: There are spoilers after the jump! For spoiler free info check out the NA/EU threads)

Continue reading for a look at next weeks LCS and a recap of everything  from the past two weeks!


  • [NA] and TeSPA have partnered up to bring us Lone Star Clash 3 in Austin, Texas! Check out their Indiegogo campaign here as well as all the details below!
    • Challenger team tournament
      • First invited team is Curse Academy (Four total teams will be invited)
      • Double Elimination
    • IvyLol Collegiate Finals
    • $15,000 dollar prize pool
    • Hosted by Rachel Quirico
    • Casted by Scarra and OptimusTom
    • More details coming soon, for now check out their website updates! 

  • [NA] The NA LCS Spring Split wrapped up this week, check out the final standings below:
    • Relegated teams who are in danger of losing their LCS position are:
      • [Last Team Decided during Playoffs] - 1st pick of which challenger team to face
      • Evil Genuises - 2nd pick
      • XDG - 3rd pick
    • The top three challenger teams will be decided next week on April 12th-13th
    • Playoff tournament begins on April 18th-20th (where the final relegated team will be determined)

  • [EU] The EU LCS Spring Split wrapped up this week, check out the final standings below
    • Relegated teams who will have to fight for their LCS spot are:
      • [Last Team Decided during Playoffs]  - 1st pick of challenger opponent
      • Supa Hot Crew - 2nd pick
      • Millenium - 3rd pick
    • The top three challenger teams will be decided next week on April 10th-11th
    • Playoff tournament begins on April 15th-17th (where the final relegated team will be determined)

  • [NA/EU Challenger] The Challenger Playoffs advanced to the final four teams this week in both regions. Teams will be competing for three spots to face off against relegated LCS teams coming up in May.
    • NA Challenger Semi-Finalists
      • LMQ
      • Cloud 9 Tempest
      • Curse Academy
      • compLexity.Black
    • EU Challenger Semi-Finalists
      • Cloud 9 Eclipse
      • Denial Esports
      • Ninjas in Pyjamas
      • Reason Gaming

  • [SEA] The Garena Premiere League wrapped up their season this week.
    • 1st - Taipei Assassins
    • 2nd - ahq
    • 3rd - Taipei Snipers

Team News & Roster Changes

  • [NA] Lolesports has produced a ton of great content this week, here's some of the highlights below:

LMQ Rising

MeyeA and The Houston Gaymers

URF Showmatch between TSM and Cloud 9 

  • [All] Riot has released the skins they produced for Season 3 World Finals team SK Telecom T1 onto the PBE. Be sure to check them out in this post if you missed them! There's also a fancy ward skin in there!

  • [All] has been improving steadily, adding features for both GPL, OGN, and LPL. Be sure to check out their schedule page for local times for important games across the globe! 

  • [NA] COGnitive Gaming picked up a new roster this week
    • Top - Bee Sin
    • Jungle - TrueID
    • Mid - Arthelon
    • AD - Fabbbyyy
    • Support - Bodydrop

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