Red Post Collection: Revive Trinkets for Dominion, Firewall Issues Maintenance, Call for Player Stories and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features ManWolfAxeBoss discussing Revive trinkets for Dominion, ricklessabandon with a few comments on Galio, a note on an earlier maintenance to help clear up the firewall related issues summoners are running into, the announcement that the Team Builder two-day live beta is up on BR and OCE, and Riot Neon's call for your player stories!
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Recent News

Revive Trinkets on Dominion

ManWolfAxeBoss stormed into the Dominion forums earlier today looking for feedback on his idea for trinkets that allow you use the summoner spell Revive:
Hey Denizens of The Scar, 
I've been working on revive trinkets this week and the functionality is all in place. Now it's time to give them a unique touch. It would be simple enough to fill stat gaps, but let's think bigger. What are some unique and interesting mechanics we can bring to Dominion? What would you guys like to see? Feel free to go nuts. Ex- "I want to turn invisible for 5 seconds whenever I hit a speed shrine." That probably won't happen, but maybe some form of it. 
Current functionality: 3 revive charges with no CD.

Aside from suggestions, feel free to discuss implications of the change here too."
When asked if this means the summoner spell revive would be removed from Dominion after the trinkets are implemented, he commented:
"That's the plan."

In response to complaints about the mere idea of revive trinkets, ManWolfAxeBoss commented:
"This isn't a change that has to happen at all. I'm not going to force this on you guys if you don't want it. Feedback so far seems pretty positive, but if I've missed the mark with this then let me know."

When asked if the trinkets will feature only revive or have an additional active effect, he replied:
"Possible, but bad precedent. Very much leaning towards passive effects.

How would you guys feel about earning revive charges? Possibly through the quest (would require the overhaul that it needs already) or some other means. Just a thought."

ricklessabandon on Galio, Graves, and MF

While ricklessabandon has been knee deep in discussion his upcoming Miss Fortune changes, he also fielded a question about the Galio changes he mentioned long ago:
"re: galio - he's never really had an official timeline. there was a period of time (like, 6 months ago) during which i thought i'd be able to spend some time working on him, but i've never been able to prioritize him above other large projects. doing these miss fortune changes has at least shown me that a workflow that allows for working on larger projects in pieces (if planned out right), so i might be able to slow burn that project now with these recently learned lessons.

re: graves - no one is doing any work on graves currently. i don't think he's planned for upcoming changes in the immediate future either, but there have been talks about what direction(s) to explore whenever he is up for changes."

He also commented on a request to discuss those tentative Miss Fortune changes, reiterating that a new draft will be up on the 4.5 PBE:
"sure thing, but the kit changes you're referencing are very much out of date. the current changes will be on the pbe (with notes) soon, which will make for more relevant discussion overall. might be best to wait until the current iteration is playable on the pbe. :3"
as for how those changes will affect AP "Mage" Fortune, he commented:
"hmm… given the current iteration, some things are better with that and some things are worse. i don't really know how it adds up in the end—it's really best if you see for yourself."

[Completed] NA Maintenance for Firewall Problems

 While it wrapped up a few hours ago, there was a brief maintenance on NA in an attempt to suss out the problems summoner's are experiencing due to firewall.

Here's Chager with more info:

14:03 - Maintenance is complete. Ranked has been re-enabled and loss forgiveness disabled.
Hi all,

In an effort to narrow down some issues players are seeing with firewalls, we'll be performing a live network maintenance shortly. We don't anticipate any player impact, but to protect the player experience, we'll be disabling ranked prior to performing this maintenance.

I'll update this forum as we continue with the maintenance as we have more information.

GeneralMills also chimed in:
"Hi summoners,*

This maintenance was to help pinpoint an issue where some players were getting a "firewall error" message when joining a game. During this maintenance we restarted some internal services on our routers to improve internal network flow within our Data Center. We are still searching for a root cause at this time."

Team Builder up on  BR and OCE

The Team Builder two-day live beta is now up on both BR and OCE!

Here's Riot Gehirn with a brief note about OCE's Team Builder activation:
"Hi Everyone, 
The Team Builder live beta is now up and running on OCE! 
The beta test will run for 48 hours. 
Please try it out and let us know what you think. We're looking for any and all feedback for this feature such as (but not limited to!) what you enjoyed, what you disliked and where you'd like to see it changed or improved.

Feel free to ask any further questions related to the feature and we'll do our best to respond."

Call for Player Stories

Riot Neon has posted up a request for summoners to share their own, personal LoL stories!
"Hey Summoners, 
Over the years we’ve had the privilege of meeting many of you and hearing your stories, and we've realized that there are some truly extraordinary people out there in the League of Legends community. 
We'd like to hear more. We’re looking for interesting players – people who live in unexpected places, have unusual occupations, overcome extreme obstacles to play, or simply have a story to tell. 
There are a ton of reasons we want to collect your stories, and we're not yet sure exactly how any of this might materialize. It could help educate Rioters about the community. We might make a documentary. One of you might give us a cooler idea. 
Either way, we know we want to hear from you. If you've got an incredible story - or if you know another League player who does – please fill out the submission form here:

Thank you!"

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