Red Post Collection: Zed R Indicator, Team Builder, "Fiesta De Mascaras" Masks, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features Lyte with additional Team Builder discussion, CertainlyT mentioning future improvements for Zed's R's Kill Indicator, context on March 12th's EU service issues, a brief comment on the small PBE patches from earlier today, a look at some of the handmade "Fiesta De Mascaras" masks shared on the LA LoL FB page, and more!
Continue reading for more information, direct from the forums and social media!

[ Continued ] Team Builder Discussion

As the two-day live beta is still raging on, Lyte is still over on the forum answering your Team Builder questions and responding to feedback!

When asked about being able to requeue with friends after a successful Team Builder session, Lyte commented:
"We definitely want to make it easier to "requeue" with your new found friends after a Team Builder game. We have a few ideas in mind, but it just didn't make it in for the Live Beta."
Returning to the subject of having to choose your champion before queuing, he commented:
"When the Live Beta wraps up, I'll probably spend some time next week discussing why we decided to have players choose Champion, Position and Role first before entering the Team Builder queues.

It's a pretty long and nuanced discussion, so I want to make sure I have time to invest in the discussion."
In response to the suggestion that captain position be randomized instead of chosen, Lyte noted:
"This isn't ideal because it encourages players to log in and out of Team Builder until they are a Captain or a Solo (whatever they actually want to play). Then, you have to do anti-abuse systems just so players don't repeatedly spam Team Builder queues trying to get the flow they want... which means we're now creating anti-abuse systems for a behavior that we created 0_0"
As for extremely long times in queue, Lyte commented:
"I've seen a lot of posts of players having some queue issues with some roles or champions, and we're investigating them.

So far, most (and by most, we mean ~95%) players have queue times that are just a few minutes or less--that's even with unorthodox things like Marksman-Corki-Mid or Talon-Jungle. But, a small % of players are getting queue times more than 10 minutes. We're investigating to see if there's something weird in the matchmaking, or what is in common with these special cases."

Improvements to Zed's R Kill Indicator

An example of Zed's R's kill indicator.
Much like Cho'Gath's R, Zed's R has a special indicator that pops up above his target's head when the delayed damage is enough to kill them. As evident in a recent reddit thread, not many players are aware this exists.

When asked about improving or making the indicator more visible, CertainlyT replied:
"We should have some improvements for this, hopefully in 4.5! I actually happened to do some of the legwork for this during our most recent Thunderdome."

[PBE] Extened Maintenance and Final Bug Fixes

While we there was no dedicated post, the PBE was updated twice today and underwent an extended maintenance time earlier today. The extremely small patches contained bug fixes and clean up aimed at prepping the patch for live.

Over on twitter, Riot Feithen commented very briefly on today's PBE activity:
[ Tweet 1 ] "Extended PBE maintenance today! We've got some back end changes that will take a few hours. We're closing in a few min."

[ Tweet 2 ] "Final bug fixes for the patch, you shouldn't see anything spectacular."

[EU] March 12th Game Disconnect Issues

While the problem has been resolved, many EUW summoners faced game disconnects throughout the day  on March 12th.

In a dedicated thread, Riot Hawknet elaborated  the problems:
"Hey everyone, 
I'm making a new thread for this latest incident. We're tracking and investigating the large number of game disconnects that have been happening over the last 30 minutes. We're currently on the phone with our provider in the area to investigate if there's any relation to the incident that hit us earlier today. Loss forgiven has been enabled as of 9:32 PM GMT. I'll update you all as soon as I get any new information. 
Update 10:25 PM GMT - We're seeing recovery on our end, but there's still a pretty large login queue (50k as of typing this). We're still digging into what caused this incident to kick off, but various signs are pointing towards a network problem at this time. An investigation of our game servers and overall platform health didn't uncover any issues. 
Update 10:51 PM GMT - The login queue should now be empty at this point, for anyone that was waiting to re-log. 
Update 12:10 AM GMT - About 20 minutes ago we removed a pair of platform devices that were identified as being out of memory. Since removing them, we've seen things stabilize once again. We're looking into when exactly these machines started having memory issues to see if the onset of this incident lines up with this hardware issue. Based off of that information, I'll be following up on where we can improve our monitoring for these particular boxes.

Also, loss forgiven will be coming off shortly, and ranked matches will be available again."
Rincewind also chimed in, saying:
"Some of gory tech details: 
We use a memory caching layer to speed up transactions of reads and writes to the database. This is a fairly common practice in a high transaction, high availability environments. In our case the caching layer is a cluster of several systems. Each system in the caching cluster runs several independent threads. A couple of the threads ran out of memory ( This is not because there is isn't enough physical ram, it is more of an application thing where a memory leak occurred or there is a 1 in million chances a bug gets triggered.*

We killed those threads. This is more of a "we did this and we saw improvement" rather than exactly what caused the issue. We are still investigating to prevent the situation from repeating itself.*"

[ Community Beta ] Merged Red Tracker

The Community Beta's redtracker has been updated to show red posts from both the Community Betaand the normal forums  in one convenient place.

Here's Krylhos with more info:
We recently rolled out a merged view for the Redtracker. You can now view vBulletin Rioter posts as well as Rioter posts within the "Community Beta" platform. We built this to provide a single place to find Rioter posts within both locations. 
Let us know what you think! 
EDIT: Link to redtracker (it's also on the side)"
 Be aware that this has no effect on the normal red tracker that still only tracks red posts on the forums.

[LA] "Fiesta De Mascaras" Masks

The Latin America League of Legends Facebook account has shared tons of summoner made masks entered in their recent "Fiesta De Mascaras" contest, which is part of a larger region specific ( LAS/LAN/BR ) promotion.

Since they are so crazy awesome, here's a few of the masks that are currently at the top of the voting:

You can check out tons of other, equally as awesome masks by visiting this page.

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