Red Post Collection: One for All on SR instead of HA, Update on Cho Q Slow, Tibbers SFX, IEM Cologne, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection features a reminded that IEM Cologne starts today, a discussion on why SR is the chosen queue map for One for All instead of Howling Abyss, Meddler with an update on Cho'Gath's Q slow, a cool video showing the making of Tibbers SFX for the Twist of Fate Cinematic, and more!
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Recent News

IEM Cologne 11/23 and 11/24

Attention eSports enthusiasts! IEM Cologne starts this morning, featuring eight games between amateur teams and some of the big names in the NA and EU LCS - such a Gambit Gaming, CLG, Fnatic, and Cloud 9!

Check out the schedule below, click here for Riot's event summary, and visit the reddit thread for extra information. Oh, and don't forget to tune in to the steam!
( Times listed in image are in EST )

Regarding Feedback on One for All on Howling Abyss

Now that One for All mode is live, BuffMePlz, a features designer, has a few comments regarding all the feedback of One for All on Howling Abyss and how Riot came to the decision to make the queue for Summoner's Rift
"Hey everyone! 
First, I want to thank you for the great feedback on One for All! We're all really excited about finally getting this out to you, and we're glad that you're enjoying it. 
I'd like to take a bit of time to talk through some feedback we've received about having the One for All queue on Summoner's Rift as opposed to Howling Abyss. One of the initial goals we had while first developing One for All was to fulfill the fantasy of having five of one champion fight five of another. Who would win in a match between 5 Ezreals against 5 Dravens? As such, we decided to explore Summoner's Rift as the battlefield for these clone combats. We felt that having multiple lanes and secondary objectives opens up a lot more opportunities for teams to create strategies while behind, a scenario that could commonly happen if the champion you picked was not as strong in lane as your opponents'. 
While the game is definitely paced differently on Howling Abyss and has lots of positives, we found the asymmetrical champion selection to be potentially more punishing on Howling Abyss than it is on Summoner's Rift. We felt the lack of objectives on Howling Abyss resulted in players having fewer options when they're up against a team composition that was unbeatable in team fights - with only a single lane and no fountain healing, the actions available to your team felt limited, and were further exacerbated if the champion matchup was uneven. 
That's not to say that poor matchups don't happen on Summoner's Rift as well, but we found that the additional objectives gave teams more of a fighting chance, even when their chosen champion was losing (all of?) their lanes. Maybe the traditional laning paradigm isn't the best one to use against a team of 5 Yoricks - on SR, your team has the ability to pivot on this and try something different. Triple mid? Give it a shot, you might be surprised! Double jungle? Not a bad thing to try against that pesky 5 Soraka team. There are a lot of strategies to explore on Summoner's Rift - I wouldn't expect the established Summoner's Rift meta to work on One for All, and would encourage you and your teammates to be inventive and come up with a new strategy that really suits your particular champion! 
That said, remember that you can still play One for All on any map through custom games right now. We heard your early feedback and made sure that this was an experience you could still enjoy once the game mode went live through the new featured custom game flow. Though it differs from the 5X vs. 5Y theme we were hoping to hit with this release, there's definitely a lot of merit in having 10-man mirror matches. I would posit that these mirror matches would actually be more fun on Howling Abyss than they would be on Summoner's Rift - we definitely think that this tenfold Murderbridge variant of One for All is a mode worth exploring, and have already started planning for having this be its own featured game mode in the coming year. 
Given that, I hope you'll continue to try new and crazy strategies on One for All on SR! Please continue to give feedback on these featured game modes - we love hearing from players and your input is an important part of the iteration process! =)"

Tibbers Sound Effects

Riot Eno, a senior sound designer, swung by the forums to drop off a link to the sound team recording Tibbers fire sounds for the Twist of Fate cinematic.
( couldn't get it to embed! GRR! )

Cho'Gath's Slow

Following up on yesterday's post about Cho'Gath's Q slow ACTUALLY being 1.5 seconds in duration ( instead of the listed 3 ) for a very long time, Meddler commented:
"Hey all, quick update on this. We've fixed the tooltip bug for the next patch, we're also talking about some possible small tweaks to Cho that we've been thinking about for a bit. Details to follow at some point, assuming those tweaks test well."
As of the 11/22 PBE Update, Cho'Gath's Q tool tip is now fixed to correctly list 1.5 second slow duration.

Summoner's Rift Detailed Art Feedback

RiotForScience is again snooping around the giant "Summoner's Rift Detailed Art Feedback" thread, this time agreeing with a summoner that the jungle monster camps could use a bit more thought put into them.
"Yeah I want to +1 this. I think it would be a win from both an artistic point of view as well as from a design/orientation standpoint, If you could tell that wolves(for example) spawned from this specific area of the map. Perhaps even having indications that "Wolves live here" in the geography immediately surrounding the camp. That way while you are walking through the jungle you get a lot of context clues to indicate where you are.

The other ideas that have been brought up are also great, Thanks for sharing so much feedback. Please keep it coming."

Ransom on Riven and Yasuo

Ransom, one of the creative designer's, dropped off a little tidbit on the popular theroy that Riven is the person involved in Yasuo's lore.
"Me too! I love the RivenDidIt.Com meme, but I would say that regardless of whether Riven killed the elder (I don't want to impose on all this fun speculation!), the stage is set for a very interesting relationship between these two characters. They have so much in common, and yet so much divides them. They are literally my favorite pair in all of League right now.

There are still some little goodies on the way, so stay tuned..."

New $50 RP Cards

Looks like there are some new, higher denomination RP cards available soon to physical stores in the US & Canada.
"In addition to the $10 and $25 League of Legends prepaid cards that you can currently find in stores, $50 cards will be available at GameStop in the US and EB Games in Canada beginning this holiday season. 
Click here for more information on prepaid cards!"

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