Sivir relaunch heads to PBE

Posted on at 1:01 PM by Moobeat
Note: Sivir's relaunch is currently ON THE PBE! Check this post for more info

It's time everyone - Sivir's relaunch one it's way to the PBE! As such, Riot has prepared a post detailing the Artistic, creative, and gameplay decisions they've made for our favorite Battle Mistress!

Continue reading for more information!

Here's Riot Pwyff with the full scoop:
"We've already been talking about Sivir and our plans to relaunch her; now that she's heading to PBE, we wanted to discuss some of the reasoning behind her changes. 
Art and Visuals: As one of the earliest champions in the game, Sivir's visuals and effects didn't match the look and feel of newer champs. We've designed her silhouette around her weapon and improved fidelity and readability of Sivir in-game, giving her an aesthetic that matches the battle-hardened mercenary personality she's always had. New effects on her abilities emphasize the boomerang-like nature of her weapon, and should make playing Sivir feel more like dashing around the fight tossing ricocheting blades and whittling enemies down from unexpected angles. 
Creative: When we revisited Sivir's lore in preparation for her relaunch, we identified a few mysteries we could explore. Our goals were to clearly identify her place in the world and deliver on the mercenary fantasy inherent in her story. Generic battle platitudes and lack of deep motivation previously made it difficult to become personally invested in her successes or failures. We've added new voice-over that ties in to her expanded lore and relationships. With more of her back story and a glimpse into her possible future revealed, players will have more opportunities to learn about Sivir. 
Gameplay: Sivir has a unique feel among ranged marksmen. She's a powerful counter to spell-reliant champs and offers different skills for teamfights than many marksmen with her ultimate and passive. It was extremely important to us to ensure that any changes to her kit preserved her ability to split-push, initiate and counter-initiate while opening up new options for Sivir players. With that in mind, Boomerang Blade and Spell Shield still operate the same way, with some slight tweaks as we continue to test her. Ricochet can bounce to more enemies, although it cannot hit the same target twice. On the Hunt was redesigned to deliver a massive move speed boost, no longer have a cast time and we've reduced the cooldown.

We'll go into more detail about all of the ability changes once she's closer to going live, but we're excited to see how players on the PBE use her new kit. As always, we're looking for your feedback along with the testing that'll help us squash any pesky bugs."

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