This week in esports 8/26 - 9/1

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The eSports action continues as more and more teams lock up their spots for a chance to earn the title of Season 3 World Champions!

[ WARNING: SPOILERS AFTER THE BREAK ] Continue reading to see the latest teams headed to the S3 World Finals in early October!

Season 3 World Finals:

  • Here's a breakdown of where all the teams for World Finals are coming from:
    • China - LPL Finals (2 spots) 
    • Europe - (3 spots)
    • North America -  (3 spots)
    • Taiwan - (1 spot)
    • Southeast Asia - (1 spot)
    • Korea - Circuit Point + Regional Final (3 spots)
    • International Wildcard - (1 spot)

*Current Standings: 

  • China - TBD - September 7-8th 
    • Qualified:
      •  OMG 
      •  iG
      •  Positive Energy
      •  Royal Club 

  • Korea - TBD - Stream Link
    • Current Leaders:
    • Regional Finals - September 4th
      • SK Telecom T1
      • KT Rolster Bullets
      • CJ Entus Frost
      • CJ Entus Blaze

* 100% qualified teams have links to their Leaguepedia page

North and South America

  • The second batch of World Finals tickets that went on sale August 31st reportedly sold out within 5 minutes.

  • Espeon leaves paiN Gaming.

  • The NA playoffs at PAX Prime concluded with Cloud 9, TSM, and Vulcun rising up as the three teams to represent NA at the World Finals. Curse also placed last this weekend, meaning they are the third team that will be fighting to keep their LCS spot in the relegation tourney.

Final NA LCS Bracket/Standings:

1. Cloud9 HyperX
2. TSM Snapdragon
3. Vulcun Techbargains
4. Team Dignitas
5. CLG
6. Curse
7. Coast
8. Velocity


  • Nzq leaves Pulse Esports.

Final EU LCS Brackets/Standings:

1. Fnatic
2. Lemondogs
3. Gambit
4. EG Raidcall
5. Team Alternate
6. Ninjas in Pyjamas
7. SK Gaming
8. Meet Your Makers

China/Korea/Southeast Asia/Oceania

  • The LoL Summer Lesson series continues with
    • "Commander" teaching you how to lead your team to victory! This time the two commanders lead their teams head to head! Featuring Maknoon and Reapered - check it out here! (English subs are coming Sept 2nd).

  • LOAD and ActScene leave the Jin Air Greenwings Stealths.

  • Locodoco leaves Najin Shield.

  • Raven leaves Jin Air Greenwings Falcons

    • OGN Summer 2013 wrapped up with an exciting finale. SK Telecom T1 picked up 1st place and 400 circuit points - while KT Rolster Bullets fell into 2nd and picked up 200 circuit points. For a full rundown of all the circuit points check out Leaguepedia.

    • The Season 3 Taiwan Regional Finals ended this weekend. Gamania Bears picked up 1st place and a spot at Season 3 World Finals beating out the Taipei Snipers

    • The GPL 2013 Championship concluded this week - with ahq e-Sports Club beating Taipei Assassins 2-0.

    As always, feel free to leave any eSports questions you may have for me in the comments below!

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