Red Post Collection: Post PAX update on Rengar, Various 3.11 Bugs, and more!

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Today's red post collection features a post PAX update on Rengar, the status of several bugs - including Nidalee's traps, DC/Bug splats, and Graphic settings - introduced in patch 3.11, and more!
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Post PAX update on Rengar - Still brewing
( Note: This is an on-going discussion on future Rengar changes. Be sure to read up on the previous comments here: 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11)

Scarizard reported in for a post-PAX update on where his Rengar update currently stands, revealing how things things are feeling and that he's shooting for a 3.13 release.
"Sup dudes! Got back from PAX last night and busy playing catch-up this morning. Played Rengar today and have to say i'm pretty excited. End score was 10/4/16 iirc, with the lowest deaths and 2nd highest kills on my team. 
(For those that care about anecdotes) - Laned vs Renekton. Maxed W since i got to lane later after helping a jungler out, which got him pushing vs me early. Used W2 to Sustain, but since all Ferocity bonuses are champion-level scaled atm, still got to reap the beenfits of high Armor/MR and pushing power as well as Q-Train (Although my extended all-ins were considerably weaker than if i had the +DMG/+AS% from Q levels). 
Got the first kill of the lane vs him, then died getting outplayed (both of us were below 100 hp iirc) and so we basically conceded to farm. Felt fairly comfortable, used my Ult to roam and kill mid comfortably by Sprinting past his wards, then stealthing from a flank combo'd with my midlaner's CC. 
Maxed Q 2nd, ended up doing enough damage with Q-Train and BOTRK as well as utilizing top brushes to chase down Renekton and 1v1 him. 
Endgame build was Blade of the Ruined King, Mercury Treads, Frozen Mallet, Last Whisper, Bonetooth Necklace and a Kindlegem (With intent to Spirit Visage) - played a flexible peeler for my Carry by utilizing high Attack Speed with Frozen Mallet procs onto dudes like Nocturne and Renekton, but the most fun was using Thrill of the Hunt to run from a fight...only to double back around the brush i had exited (Since i had vision of the enemy team) and Stealth Ambush two mid-hp damage dealers that thought they had won the teamfight and wanted to push objectives.
Game ended in a Victory around the 30-35m mark.

Analysis outside of this game (as well as this game) seems to suggest that his Toplane is pretty strong vs a lot of melees, pending you use your W2 as a fallback should you be behind. (Remember! With Q-train, it's possible to Q, Q2, W, E, W2 all in a very short window, netting you great trade damage and the health swing from W2!) 
He's scaling pretty well with gold, too - i posted about the insane stompy Xelnath game where he even went so far as to get Zerker Greaves and an IE and had over 400 AD and was one-shotting people. Endgame, anyone mid-hp was instantly dead to my Q2->Q->E->Q2->W Flurry, and was an appropriate threat to members of the enemy team. 
Confidence level is pretty high atm that this can start going into Competitive testing, pending two things: 
1. Code Review with Volty - this is something we do where Designers check eachothers' scripting to see edge/abuse cases that may be present, as well as those that may cause bugs. Essential to moving forward with QA Coverage so a champion is bug-free. 
2. VFX/Smoothing on the Ultimate. Tl;dr here is that the Sprint/Stalk is working out really well in terms of the gameplay it's providing (Had some fail escapes, some sick jukes, some chase cleanups, some initiations and some stealth ganks) in that its truly flexible as an Ult if you premeditate it, but it's unclear currently in some playing against cases When or If i will stealth. 
My confidence is still in the Re-cast version of the ult, but particle support when he attempts to 'fade', removing the built-in delay to re-cast but re-implementing fadetime-delay on damage taken as well as a few other things are on the table as potential necessary places to move to smooth out the pure feel of using this ult. 
Just an update to let you guys know where things are at. We're pretty close to mechanics-locked at this point (meaning no drastic spell changes), but there is always room for tweaks and tuning across the board and i'm working closely with the team to figure out where any of it is necessary. If things continue as planned, i'd say i'm shooting for 3.13. 3.12 is unlikely, mostly due to the amount of time we'd need to account for bugfixing to ensure a safe patch release - but regardless of when it ships, it should be on PBE relatively soon for you guys to take a crack at.

Thanks for sticking with the thread and giving me a ton of feedback, good and bad. Can't wait for y'all to play it."

Problem with Lowest Graphics Settings
It seems many players who play on the lowest graphical settings have noticed a severe drop in performance in the wake of patch 3.11.

A fix is in the works and here is RiotFpMcgee with more information:
"Hey all, quick update: 
There was a change made to how some things display on low settings. We are looking into the issue, and any performance hits some players are experiencing. 
I can't guarantee anything tonight, but I will follow up with our engineering team tomorrow. Sorry I don't have better news, but I'll let you guys know as soon as I have more information.


 3.11 NidaleeBushwhack bug
Speaking of bugs, Nidalee's traps are currently bugged following the release of 3.11.

Here's the Riot NOC announcement:
"Hey Summoners, 
With the deploy of patch 3.11 we ran into a game-changing bug with Nidalee's Bushwhack traps where they weren't working as intended. 
We were able to implement a quick fix during our deploy but a smaller bug surfaced where the particle effect of the trap (the eye above the revealed champion) would only show for 3 seconds rather than the full duration of the reveal (12 seconds). Because this bug is only graphical and isn't actually game-breaking, we decided to preserve the stability of the deploy by waiting to hotfix this graphical issue later this week. Sorry for the inconvenience!

To quickly summarize:
- Nidalee's Bushwhack traps function exactly as normal (including debuff and reveal durations).
- The particle effect (the eye above the revealed champion) has a bug where it only lasts for 3 seconds rather than the full 12 second duration.
- The debuff icon lasts for the full duration so you can use that to see if you're still revealed.
- We will fix this as soon as possible!

Thanks again for your patience, Summoners. We'll let you know when this gets fixed up."

3.11 Bugsplat / Disconnect Problems
Continuing on the 3.11 problem train, several users are also experiencing frequent disconnect and bug splat problems related to the use of third party add ons.

Here's the Riot NOC announcement:
Following the 3.11 patch, we've seen an increased level of disconnections and Bugsplats. We’re fully aware of this and we now have a solution for resolving a majority of the issues.

Update: Some third-party add-ons are causing technical difficulties and bugsplats(game crashes) with patch 3.11, the latest League of Legends release. If you find you're experiencing more bugsplats than usual, try uninstalling your addons and running a repair from the settings dropdown of your League of Legends patcher.  
To run the repair function:
  • Run League of Legends.
  • Click on the button with a gear near the top of the window.
  • Click "Repair"
  • Wait. The repair function can take anywhere from 5 minutes to over 30 depending on the number of corrupt files it has to repair.

If after this you still experience the issues, please attach the following logs to your replies, as it will assist us in figuring out what is occurring: 
Launcher/Patcher - Launcher and Kernel Logs: These logs are useful for: Stuck Patches, Server Unavailable and Unspecified Launcher Errors 
The patcher is responsible for keeping your installation of League of Legends up to date with the newest champion, skins and features. Problems that require patcher logs occur when you first boot up the game and before you hit the "Play" button. There are two log files that will contain any error messages you receive while at this window: rads_lol_launcher.log,rads_user_kernel.log 
In-game RADS Logs: 
rads_user_kernel.log in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS (or on Mac: /Applications/League of
In-game launcher Logs: 
[Timestamp like: 2013-08-27T15-40-03]_launcher.log In C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Patcher Logs (or on Mac: /Applications/League of Logs)

In-Game r3d Logs:
These logs are useful for: In-Game Errors, Graphical Problems and Frame Rate Issues
A game log is created each time you play a game. It contains vital information about your loading process and will log any errors that occur during the course of the game. 
These logs are essential for troubleshooting in situations where you have problems in-game. 
Each file appears like this: 2011-05-24_21-11-32_r3dlog.txt 
C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Game - R3d Logs (or on Mac: /Applications/League of Game - R3d Logs)

For people that get stuck in the League of Legends logo, and / or at 99% , 33%.. When patching the client: Do not worry about it and leave it open. Both during the logo and when stuck at those % the game is still patching in the background. If you leave it eventually it will be finished and move forward. 
Thanks for your patience, we’re sorry to those running into this problem and it would help for you to let us know if the steps above helped fix things here in this thread."

Dannamoth elaborated on this addon situation, saying:
"Some third-party addons are causing technical difficulties and bugsplats(game crashes) with patch 3.11, the latest League of Legends release. If you find you’re experiencing more bugsplats than usual, try uninstalling your addons and running a repair from the settings dropdown of your League of Legends patcher. 
Just to clarify, we still love our modding community and we’re not out to disrupt any mod projects out there (except those run by nefarious, dirty hackers). We’ve reached out to some of the more popular mod devs out there, and we’ll be working to prevent hiccups or snafus like this one from cropping up in the future.

Sorry your stuff broke, summoners!"

Minion VFX follow up
As a teeny, tiny follow up from yesterday's posts on the new ranged minion visual effects, Nome clarified that cannon minions will be getting a minor change and that super minions will receive no changes.
"Cannon VFX look the same, but the muzzle flare is removed. Super minion VFX are also untouched."

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