Red Post Collection: CertainlyT on Twisted Fate's Passive Change and More from Grumpy Monkey

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While you'll have to wait a while longer for all the EU LCS and NA LCS action to kick back up, I do have a small red post collection for you!
Continue reading for CertainlyT's comments on the new Twisted Fate passive that's currently on the PBE and more concept art goodies from Grumpy Monkey's art thread!

Twisted Fate's new passive
In case you missed it, Twisted Fate has a new passive over on the PBE. Replacing his old global gold for his team passive, his new passive reads: "Upon killing a unit, Twisted Fate rolls his "lucky" dice and recieves anywhere between 1 and 6 bonus gold."

Here's CertainlyT with a few comments on this change:
"I hate to break it to you, but Twisted Fate is broken at the moment. He's been the most hotly contested pick in competitive play globally over the past year, including being picked or banned in every single OGN (Korean) game last season. This remains the case even after the tweaks we did last month. His mere presence in the game distorts all decisions the enemy team makes from picks and bans to lane assignments to mid game tower dives to late game team fight posturing. That's the hallmark of an amazing ability, but the rest of the kit needs to take this level of game altering (and hence team assisting) utility into account. 
Personally I like the new passive because it means that if you can shut Twisted Fate down, you actually accrue a meaningful advantage over his team. The current passive rigs the entire game, all lanes and jungle, against his opponents due to the silent increase in teamwide gold accruing steadily and inexorably over the course of the game.

Lastly, you seem to be assuming when you say "1-6" that TF likes to play fair when he rolls his dice. I can assure you this is far from the truth."
Xypherous also commented, hinting that TF might not always play fair when rolling his dice.
"Do you reaaally think the Card Master would leave things up to chance? :3"

More from Grumpy Monkey's Art Thread
Grumpy Monkey has returned with a bunch of new goodies to post in his "Grumpy Monkey's Art
Thread" - which is quickly becoming one of my favorite forum topics.
"Im Back! I have some Nami stuff this time around. Here is the sculpt for Nami that was used for the in-game model, and Here are some of the concepts and pitch art that the awesome Gem Lim created for Nami! I also found some of the models for Nami's joke animation. The shark was for her base skin, and the Koi are for Her koi skin. They used to be three colors, but after looking at it in game it was deemed too noisy so we made them one color."

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