( Updated ) 4/18 PBE Update: Udyr's title now "The Spirit Walker"

Posted on at 2:30 PM by Moobeat
Update: There also appears to be new Freljord faction summoner icons - one for each sister. These will likely have something to do with the new icon acquiring method we heard about a while back.

A small PBE patch, containing very minor changes, went out earlier this afternoon.

Biggest change is Udyr's title is now "The Spirit Walker" changed from "The Animal Spirit"

Speaking of Udyr, also included in this patch was the revised Udyr bio we were privy to earlier ( click here to read the new lore for yourself ).

Balance Changes

  • Pale Cascade ( W ) cooldown reverted back to 10 at all ranks from 14/13/12/11/10. ( This is an undoing of a PBE change we saw a few days ago ).

Need a refresher on the latest PBE content? Here are links to the other PBE patches this cycle!

P.S: I also noticed custom games seem to now show your League and Division. Not sure if this is new to this patch or if I'm just now noticing it. Turns out it was added last patch and also shows on your buddy list.

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