4/18 PBE Update #2: Tons of new Splash arts

Posted on at 9:16 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated and a smorgasbord of new splash arts have been added!
Continue reading for a closer look at all the fantastic new splashes, including Lissandra's splashes, new defaults for Sejuani, Trundle, and Nunu, and arts for the Volibear, Anivia, and Shyvana skins currently on the PBE.

Lissandra Splash Arts


Bloodstone Lissandra

New Default Splashes



New Skin Splashes
Ice Drake Shyvana

Runeguard Volibear

Blackfrost Anivia

Frosty Login
The client's login page is also excited for the Freljord patch and has put on it's coolest outfit.

Need a refresher on the latest PBE content? Here are links to the other PBE patches this cycle!

PS: Hope you didn't miss the new summoner icons for each of the Freljord factions! They were a late add to the last PBE post.

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