4/10 PBE Update: 5 Starting Potions, Balance Changes & Champion Banners

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The PBE has been updated! In addition to the new stuff, Lissandra,the Sejuani and Trundle relaunches, and the rest of the "rolled back" content has been added back to the game for further testing.
Continue reading for the change to the amount of potions you can, balance changes, Champion Banners, and more!

( Reminder: PBE content is tentative and iterative. Everything you see is subject to change! )

Shop Interface Update
The Shop interface was updated! It's a bit wider now, and it has three columns instead of the two on Live.

Balance Changes
* Note: These numbers and changes are relevant to the numbers currently on live.

  • Wither now reduces target's Attack Speed by a % equal to half Movement speed slow amount instead of a flat 35% all ranks.

  • Tag Team's cooldown was reduced to 140/110/80 from 140/120/100
  • Blinding Assault now also scales with AP (0.5 ratio)
  • Arctic Assault  - Mana cost changed to 80/85/90/95/100  (from 70/80/90/100/110)
  • Subjugate's drain increased to 40% of the target's Armor and M.Res along with the health drain (up from 20%)

  • Tiger Stance - Damage dealt reduced to 30/80/130/180/230 (down from 60/115/170/225/280)

Poro Snax
There were some new files for the previously uncovered Poro Snax BUT they are still not available in the shop to buy. Since I know you are bummed about this, I want have this here picture of a Poro. He's so cute.

Champion League Banners
New champion banners popped up in the files. They seem to fit in to the League tabs. For example, Vi's Marauders would have a Vi banner along the top.

Here are a few as an example:

Health Potions Limitation
As mentioned earlier, you can now only have five health potions at any given time. For more context on this change, here is Riot Pwyff spillin' the beans:
"Hey all, I just wanted to talk about the changes we're making to limit health potion stacks. While this is the PBE and things are subject to change, I'd still like to give some context behind this particular change. 
At the moment, we are planning to limit the maximum number of health potions you can hold at any time to five. This change was intended to combat super high sustain starts, where champions (particularly those going top and mid lane) would buy as many health potions as possible (and a ward or two) in order to sustain in lane forever. The problem is that this really destroys any incentives players have to interact. Resourceless champions in particular benefited from these starts and, for champions with mana pools, we've actually seen that some literally do not have enough mana to burn through that much sustained HP. 
On that note, we arrived at the hard limit of five health potions because this should have the least impact on standard starting builds while still targeting the high sustain problem.

Hope this gives some insight into our approach to these changes."
Server / Localization Stuff
While it's been out there for a while, proof of an upcoming Australian server has popped up in the files. It is also joined by what seems to be a ( Not Brazil ) Portuguese and an Indonesian localization.

While this is a "new" PBE cycle, here are links to the still unreleased Trundle / Sejuani relaunch and Lissandra PBE coverage.

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