Upcoming Map-specific Balance Changes for Individual Champions

Posted on at 4:35 PM by Moobeat
Remember that "something very cool"  that is in the works for Twisted Treeline and Dominion? Well, here is RiotNome with an announcement that Riot plans to do  map-specific balance changes for individual champions.
"First off, you’ve deserved a response to this thread for a long time, and I’m sorry we haven’t been able to give you one until now. We’ve been well aware of how the Dominion and TT communities have felt left behind and ignored, but we wanted to make sure we had a plan that we were confident in and committed to before commenting, because we don’t want to make any more empty promises. 
Dominion’s fun (it’s fast). So is Twisted Treeline. But they both share one key problem – League of Legends is competitively balanced for Classic gameplay on Summoner’s Rift. Our original goal was to create rulesets that would result in balanced experiences across all game modes with the same champion stats. We’ve experimented with itemization, game pacing, map features, and other design elements. While we’ve had limited success here, there’s still room for improvement, so we’re going to take the plunge: in the near future™, we’re going to be implementing map-specific balance changes for individual champions.

This is going to take a few patches to implement, but we’re actively working on the tech, and we’re already got a bunch of specific balance changes in mind that we’re iterating on. We’re sure there will be lots of questions regarding the initiative, so we’ll announce more specifics when the time comes. I’ll actually be joining the live design team to head up map-specific balance for TT and Dominion. Remember that this is just the foundation for support - we’ve got some other tentative plans that we’re exploring to enhance both maps farther down the line!"

What champions do you think might be getting a power reduction in non-Summoner's Rift maps?


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