S@20's First Proving Grounds ADAM Mini Tourney Results

Posted on at 6:16 AM by Moobeat
As you may have noticed, our first ever tournament was held over the weekend and I must say the Proving Grounds Mini All Draft All Mid Tourney was quite the success! We averaged 400 viewers over the course of the broadcast and certainly took a lot of experience away to make our next event bigger and better!
Continue reading for SPOILERS on who won the ADAM tourney, VODs for each and every match, and more!

The tourney has come to a close and  team"They Call us Never" reign supreme! A big thanks goes out to everyone who participated and watched the event live!

Here is the finals match between  "They Call Us Never" and "Hyper Neko Rangers"

Winning the finals best of three with an impressive 2-0 finish, THEY CALL US NEVER took home the prize! Each of them walked away happy with $20 worth of Riot points.

Just in case you want to relive all the action, here are some sweet, sweet VODs!

Day 1 Schedule:
[ VOD - Time: 
15:05 ]  - Hyper Neko Rangers   vs   Consortium of Badgers
[ VOD - Time: 13:26 ]  - Codename: Captain College   vs   ƒinal ƒantasy
[ VOD - Time: 52:49 ]  - Haunted Dreams   vs  Dante's Infernal Squad
[ VOD - Time: 1:34:20]  - Tunnel Vision   vs   Muscle Milk
[ VOD - Time: 2:07:41 ]  - Arcobaleno   vs   Video Game Academy
[ VOD - Time: 2:38:02]  - Pridepatties   vs   Elo Gaming
[ VOD - Time: 3:23:47 ] - ChronicCrusade   vs   Pyrogaming
[ VOD - Time: 4:00:53] - They Call us Never   vs   LAST MINUTE

Sunday Schedule:
VOD - Time: 
18:46 ]  - They Call us Never   vs   PyroGaming
[ VOD - Time: 50:38 ]  - Elo Gaming   vs   Arcobaleno
[ VOD - Time: 1:45:52 ]  - Tunnel Vision   vs   Dante’s Infernal Squad
[ VOD - Time: 2:29:55  ] - Codename: Captain College  vs  Hyper Neko Rangers
[ VOD - Time: 3:39:49 ] - They Call us Never  vs Arcobaleno
[ VOD - Time: 4:07:31 ] - Dante's Infernal Squad  vs Hyper Neko Rangers
[ VOD - Time: 4:44:23 ] - Hyper Neko Rangers vs  They Call Us Never

Completed Bracket:

All this information will forever be enshrined over on the Proving Grounds Mini Tourney page.

Seriously, we can't stress enough how much we appreciate everyone's support and enthusiasm  Be on the look out for our next event ;) I think you'll like the next one!

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