Laboratory Security Breach – Development Log 003

Posted on at 2:24 PM by Dr. Frank
Beep Boop summoners!

Looks like things went wrong at Zaun's laboratory, its been less than a week since we witnessed the last journal log "Experimental Protocol Violation – Development Log 002" and today the follow up has been posted!

Looks like things turned out to be more difficult and darker to our fellow and mysterious friend ZAC, after being captive the Test Subject  ZAC demonstrated an uncontrollable and unstable response and managed to escape the test chamber!

Not only that! Looks like there's an emotional bond between ZAC and their creators, or project leads, who also managed to escape with ZAC. The project went on a hiatus and the whole laboratory is now looking for   the fugitives, they want to capture them at any cost! With our without force authorization!

What you filthy humans think about this? Do you think any of those leads can be, or be related to, known personalities of Zaun?

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