Xelnath teasing Quinn and status of HP Bar Update / LoC Indicators

Posted on at 11:52 PM by Moobeat
When he's not breaking Yorick on the PBE, Xelnath has been stalking around the forums dropping off a few interesting posts.
Continue reading Xelnath teasing Quinn's abilities and mentioning that the HP Bar & Loss of Control indicators won't be making it into the next live patch.

Teasing Quinn
 We don't know too much about Quinn, the next champion to join the League; from her teaser, we can deduce that is that she is from the Demacian lower class, has a pet bird, and specializes in bringing criminals to justice. Playing off the community excitement, Xelnath has been teasing about her abilities over on the forums.
"She shoots a thing, then she birds a thing, then she kicks a thing, then she birds a thing some more.

Yeah, I think thats it. Also, teemo hates her."
He then made an addendum:
"I take it back. Garen hates her more."
If we assume Xelnath is not just messing with us, what could this mean for Quinn? Both Teemo and Garen would be frustrated by some sort of scouting or bush revealing mechanic - perhaps Valor, her bird, follows around targets or something? I certainly don't know but my interest has been sufficiently piqued!

New HP Bars and Loss of Control Indicators Not in Next Patch
As a status update on a few of his projects, Xelnath also posted earlier saying that neither the new HP bar display or the loss of control indicators will be in the next live patch.
"The next PBE push will have this entire system, along with Loss of Control, disabled, as we are not pushing those features in the next patch.

You will have your 100 hp ticks back.... then after we patch, we'll go back into Petridish Beta Environment mode."
The latest PBE update reflects these changes

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