IronStylus talks Quinn and her teaser

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Quinn is just the talk of the town and who better to squawk a bit about her than trusty, armored lady makin' and bird lovin' IronStylus?
Continue reading for a few posts, including why Quinn's teaser and her PBE release seem so spaced out, a few hints at her look, a grim note about art spotlights, and more.

Responding to several summoners who are dissatisfied with the amount of time between the teaser's for Quinn and actually seeing something tangible, IronStylus explained that a little slip up that put the last two pages out early has made things more spaced out than intended.
"Some quick context:

Initially today was supposed to be the last day of journal entries, but because of the sleuthing that uncovered the last 2 pages of the journal prematurely, obviously there wasn't anything to show today, that was all done on Friday.

That being said, we did not intend the time from the journal being fully released to her being available on PBE to be long.

Rest assured, Valor's scouting ahead, she's not far behind."
When questioned if future teasers would be this spread out, he commented:
"Still working out the kinks here. Ideally yes, I think we'd like to have a more rapid succession of content preview. This particular case had some hiccups. It's something that doesn't always line up with PBE, that's another factor that can make things a bit slippery."

When asked if there was any concept art for Quinn and Valor, perhaps similar to the Steel Legion Garen concept art IronStylus shared with us in the past, that we'd get to see, he responded:
"I have prepped concept art ready to be shown, I'm not sure specifically when or where it will be posted. I believe it's meant to be shown before PBE release, not 100% sure on that though."
Following the theme of "teaser" or concept content, one concerned summoner questioned about the sudden disappearance of the Art Spotlights. IronStylus responded, explaining that things run a bit differently now.
"Art spotlights may very well already be retired. Those were timelaspse of a single artist working on a single splash for hours on end. Now we have a comprehensive team that dog piles, often taking a piece of the splash and working on it separately in crunch time. That, combined with how some splash is aided by external artists, makes it not feasible to do those spotlights as they were done in the past.

What I'd like to do is get some art assets out when we do produce a champion showing how it evolved. Art spotlights had nothing to do with development, there wasn't a lot of content below the surface novelty. The spotlights were fun but they weren't really able to showcase technical tips because of the speed nor are they really feasible with the current team dynamic. I'd like to roll something out that has more content driven substance. We're working with a different system that is trying very hard for consistency across the board. Spotlights would throw a wrench into a process that's still getting galvanized."

That isn't all he talked about though; He also teased out a few things about Quinn herself.

When asked how armored she she is, IronStylus revealed:
"No naked midriff. On the level of covered she runs about an Iron Solai Leona level of clothed-ness. No plate armor though. Or very little at least.

I just realized that the least covered released character I've worked on has been Skarner..

..I don't know what that means but there you have it."

Following suit, someone asked IronStylus to share how satisfying her auto attacks were on a scale of "On a scale of 1-10, 1 being Human form Elise and 10 being Darius". He replied:
"Oh jeeze, asking the artist about mechanical flavor, this will end well..

That said, I find her auto attacks EXTREMELY satisfying. Some of that is animations and VFX, other parts of it are sound, crisp and snappy, and the other part, the novel part, is the special sauce that's a cornerstone of her auto attacks.

I'd rate her a 10 but that's me also being terrible at this game and squealing with joy when I effectively last hit one minion out of fifty."

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