Visual Upgrade: Annie, the Dark Child

Posted on at 10:44 AM by Moobeat
It turns out Annie is the next champion due for a visual upgrade!
"Hide your combustibles! The Dark Child herself is receiving a visual upgrade in an upcoming patch, and will soon be taking names and melting faces more brilliantly than ever before.

This update brings a brand new model as well as improved textures, sounds, spell effects and voice over to Annie and all of her skins. But the pain doesn’t end there, because Tibbers is also badder and more bear-like than you’ve ever seen him. The same care and attention has turned everyone’s favorite ursine firebrand into a high-def, rampaging monstrosity, ready to scorch Annie’s foes across the Fields of Justice."
Even though they aren't all shown, ALL of Annie skins have been updated!
Continue reading for a high res before and after shot.

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