Sejuani's update later this week and GM on the Annie update

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Between a brand new patch and the news of Annie's visual upgrade, I hope you'll have able to stave off your excitement long enough to check out this small set of red posts!
Continue reading for two short red posts, one from Meddler about Sejuani and the other is Grumpy Monkey clearing up some points about the Annie Visual update.

Update on Sejuani later this week.
Meddler was kind enough to stop by the forums and give us a small update on the Sejuani situation. While it isn't anything concrete, he mentions his intention to provide more specific information on her upcoming rework later on in the week. He also warns that she will likely not be the next champion rework.
"I'll get together an update on where things have progressed to for you sometime this week most likely. As stated please do bear in mind this still has a way to go - odds are you'll see another champion's rework come out before Sejuani's, particularly since there's some interest on the art side in getting a few visual tweaks in too."
Annie Visual Upgrade "FAQ"
Grumpy Monkey dropped off a small list of answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Annie visual update. He also mentions a slew of champions in line for a rework in an attempt to stop the "SIVIR UPDATE WHERE!?" comments:
"lad to see this out! Oh and I am going to answer this right now because I know it's gonna come up a million times,

1.Yes all her skins got updated

2. Yes relaunch team is aware of sivir, scion, master yi, twitch, trundle,Karma,etc... and they are on the schedule for a visual rework.

3. This Annie is the same size as old Annie.

4. The eyeliner makes her face pop at game distance and makes it easier to read. The old Annie texture had eye liner too.

5. "Tibbers has stitches now?! ROIT WHY YOU CHANGE!!" He always had stitches.

6. Panties have been covered up by something more modest.

7. We are using the same voice actress for the new VO set.

That being said I hope you guys enjoy the visual upgrade. Please take a look at her if you have access to the PBE and let Me know what you think!

Best and Kindest Regards,

 Furthermore, Grumpy Monkey also put up a nice, high res before and after shot for Annie.

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