1/24 PBE Update: Steel Legion Lux Enabled and League Polish

Posted on at 5:14 PM by Moobeat
A minor update has been applied to the PBE, including the activation of Steel Legion Lux for testing and more polish to the League system.
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Steel Legion Lux available for Testing
Following the release of her splash art yesterdaySteel Legion Lux has been enabled for testing on the PBE.

While her model hasn't been updated since it's first appearance on the PBE, here is a refresher image for you!

As we've known, this skin also contains a wealth of new animations ( her armor moves !) and particles.

*Note: Her ultimate particle is still incomplete.

More Tinkering with the League System
As with the last few patches since it originally hit the PBE, there has been more bug fixes, polish, and tweaks to the new League system.

With this PBE patch, Leagues were also reset and players will need to play another game to re-enter a League. Yegg explains:
" ...you'll just have to play one game to be seeded into a new league, and all of the ranked games that you've played on the PBE will be taken into account for choosing the tier and division. So you'll be starting from 0 LP again, but your progress hasn't completely been wiped."

Need to catch up on the previous patches in this PBE cycle?

PS: I'd like to apologize for taking so long to get the info to you guys! Sometimes school schedules and PBE updates just don't line up as well as I'd like them too.

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