Small update on the Annie Visual Upgrade

Posted on at 5:58 PM by Moobeat
Earlier today, Ququroon stopped by the PBE forums to drop off a short status update on a few things Riot is still working on with the upcoming Annie visual upgrade.
"Why hello there! Some updates for you all! 
We're tightening up her run cycle now. We hear that it looks a little floaty, so we're trying to add a little more oomph into her step. 
We're looking to readd snowflakes onto Frostfire Annie. 
The sparks are back on Frankentibbers Tibbers! (this won't be in PBE just yet)

We've fixed most of her outstanding bugs, including the really old bug where Tibbers steals buffs from Annie if he kills them and the fire appearing under her feet when she autoattacks."

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