LCS EU Begins Tomorrow, More Player Bans

Posted on at 9:06 AM by Seranaya
Here we go again, summoners! The European side of the LCS is beginning to see which five European teams will qualify for the European Championship Series. On another note relevant to the LCS, another 3 pro players have received bans from Riot for toxic behavior.
Continue reading for all the tournament information you could ever ask for, along with which pro players received bans this time.

We're going to begin with the bans so the participating teams in the LCS make more sense. Yesterday evening Riot put out a statement on the forums about 3 players from Team Solo Mebdi. StunnedandSlayed (Jungle), Veigodx (AP Mid) were both banned for life for toxic behavior. StunnedandSlayed's previous account has the highest harassment score ever on the European servers. These players will never be allowed to compete in any Riot-affiliated event and any accounts made by them will be immediately banned. Also, Rayt3ch has received a year long ban from the LCS for his negative attitude as well. This means for the other two players in the team that they will not participate in the European LCS tomorrow due to shortage of players.

Now that we've established that, let's move on to the tournament! This tournament has sixteen fifteen teams and goes from January 25th - 27th. They are split into four groups of four in the group stage. This stage will be played as double elimination, best of one and the top two teams from each group advance. The bracket stage is played as single elimination, best of three and the top five teams will qualify for the European Championship Series. Awesome! Let's take a look at the teams involved:

  • LoLPro
  • Fnatic
  • Copenhagen Wolves
  • GIANTS! Gaming
  • Team Acer
  • Trudniej Już Nie Będzie (Renamed from The Mighty Midgets)
  • EloHell (Acquired roster of Mysie Pysie)
  • mousesports
  • DragonBorns
  • Anexis eSports
  • Against All Authority
  • Millenium
  • TCM Gaming (Acquired roaster of heyijustmetyouuu)
  • MeetYourMakers
  • Team Solo Mebdi (Disqualified)

The teams are grouped like this for the group stages:
Group A
GIANTS! Gaming
Anexis eSports

Group B
Team Acer

Group C
Copenhagen Wolves
Trudniej Już Nie Będzie
TCM Gaming
Against All Authority

Group D

Games begin at 4am EST (Oh geez..) tomorrow. As of now, the schedule is looking like this:
Photo: Leaguepedia
The stream for the event is located here:
Main Stream
Secondary Stream
Good luck to all the teams and I can't wait to see who comes out on top. It's going to be a very early day for me, how about you?

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