Rengar Love, More from Hippalus, Exclusivity update, and no hard reset after S2

Posted on at 3:00 AM by Moobeat
Here is a small grab bag of red posts, featuring Classick mentioning some Rengar buffs, Hippalus seeking some feedback on Bundles and fielding more summoner questions, another post regarding the drama-riffic team exclusivity debacle, and confirmation there will not be a hard rest at the end of Season 2, only a soft rest or softK factor reset, or both.
Classick tossed out a small, but hopeful, response to a thread questioning if Rengar will potentially receiving some balance love in the near future. He said:

There's some stuff I have been working on and I'm pretty confident you guys will like the changes a lot."
He followed that comment with another, giving away the slightest of details:
"I also did a few feel changes to his passive that should help out a lot, that will be in a future patch."

If you saw the initial mention ( bottom of this post ) about the exclusivity rumor, that is the rumor circulating that Riot is/was attempting to deny teams/organizations from having both a sponsored League team and other MOBA teams, there has been another update. Redbeard, Riot's VP of eSports, again took to the forums to explain the situation and clarify Riot's stance. He says:
"Guys, let’s clear this up: this was a big miscommunication between Riot and a few teams. We are not requiring team organizations to be exclusive to League of Legends, period.

Our goal as an eSports organization is simple. It’s to do our best to over deliver on the expectations of our fans. This is why we have made a very large commitment to eSports, despite being a young company relative to some of the largest game companies in the world. We have set a high bar for ourselves as we have decided to take on some ambitious and unconventional risks such as building an official league and formalizing consistent regular season play. We have made this a focus because we love eSports as much as our fans and we believe it deserves the best possible production quality, live events, and fan/player experience. And ultimately, we believe our initiative and investment in eSports will help every competitive game."
 Is this enough to set the situation to rest or will something else crop up?

These four items constitute our current and meager bundle options!
Seeking some specific feedback about one his previously mentioned initiatives, Hippalus took the forums brainstorm some ideas and see what exactly players wanted out of Champion / Skin bundles. He is currently seeking answers for the following three questions:
"1) Improving how we handle situations where players already have some of the content in the bundle, and how we handle situations where we offer a skin bundle, but players are missing one or more of the necessary champions. Would prorating the % discount across all of the unowned content solve this for you? (eg. a bundle with five 975 RP skins at 50% off would normally cost 2437 RP. If you already own two of the skins, that would drop to 1462 RP. But if you are also missing one of the necessary 585 RP champions, the price of the bundle would be 1755 RP.)

2) What type of preset bundle designs/themes would you be most interested in seeing once we relaunch bundles with the improvements in #1? Feel free to also include what price or % discount would make it worth buying.

3) We're also looking at ways to design a Create Your Own Bundle tool. Would you prefer to have total flexibility to choose any content and receive a small discount, or would you rather choose from preset lists (eg. select four 975 RP skins) that would enable us to grant a larger discount."
 Want to weigh in on the subject? Head on over to his thread and let your voice be heard!

Similarly, Hippalus also answered a few more summoner questions, adding even more onto yesterday's pile of eCommerce related information. Here are a few more interesting responses:
[On rune reductions]:"I am getting enough good feedback on rune issues here that I will take a harder look at it, but practically speaking there are already too many other things I want to improve in 2012, including rune page pricing, so it is unlikely that I'll get to runes this year."

[On the possibility of other content, such as map skins or announcer packs]:"Yeah there are a ton of ideas for cool new content and I promise you'll see more than just champions and skins over the next year. I can't be more specific than that."

[ On the frequency at which we will see new eCommerce related content ]:"There are some issues that are so complicated and require input from so many people, that it is impossible to commit to a timeline. There are others that can be resolved within weeks but still often must be prioritized against one another. The only commitment I can safely make is that you will see something NEW (big or small) out of eCommerce every month at least."

[On being able to gift or send skins / rp to friends]:"The design of gifting functionality is still TBD. Gifting opens up so many opportunities for hackers and farmers that it must be approached very carefully so that it is as abuse-proof as possible."
I picked my favorite person to creep on and spectate their games for this shot. Rammus main ftw.
 Yegg, a Senior Game designer, talked very briefly about what we can expect from the upcoming end of season ELO resets.
"There will not be a full reset at the end of Season 2. I know it seems like a clean slate would help you out, but all it would mean is a couple weeks of games where players of all skill levels are thrown together into completely random stomps. Relevant image attached!

We will be doing something though. Either a soft Elo reset or a soft kFactor reset, or perhaps a combination of both."
While this isn't surprising or anything, it's nice information for those who may not be aware of how the resets were conducted at the end of Season One. Yegg also signed off with a
"We'll be posting an announcement that unveils the season end date as well a bunch of other juicy tidbits in the next couple weeks. Sit tight!"


  1. Did something came up about the gold/platin skins this seaso ?

  2. No reset, no free champ skin >.> Season One ended better.

    1. Hold your horses! There was a soft reset in Seasone one and we have no confirmation there isn't a free skin this season

    2. No reset? You must be sub 1200 because as a 2,1k player, a reset would piss me off

    3. Well, I might have remembered wrong, Moobeat. Was a while ago.. and I hope so!

      And tell me anon2, how many people are below 1200 and struggling with trolls and how many are above 2000?:P

  3. so what the difference between soft Elo reset and a soft kFactor reset oO?

  4. I hope they aren't serious about this. For a good majority of us who have worked to improve but are not masters or pro players, the only way for us to escape from low ELO is a reset, since we are good enough to help carry a good team where everyone contributes, but not good enough to carry the horrible teams we get at low ELO, where everyone is feeding massively, raging instead of playing, and quitting all the time.

    If there is no ELO reset, all of us normally skilled players who got in a bad situation, mostly from going into ranked too soon, may as well just quit playing ranked forever, because we can never advance.

    It's a major issue with the ELO system in general that there is no way for it to take account of your individual improvement, since it all depends on luck of the draw for team members whether you advance or not, especially since people only want to duo with people of similar rank, so below a point you are basically completely solo. If your improvement isn't enough to solo carry every game against 4 other teammates doing horribly, you tend to have your rank spiral ever downward after a certain point since you get more bad teams than good, no matter how much you individually improve.

    1. Last seasons soft reset brought something like 97% of the player base to between 1100 and 1300 elo. I can only assume we will see something very similar to this.

    2. No updates on everyone's favorite prototype (Viktor)?

    3. If you consider yourself good; Since only nine people every match can be numbnuts in this case, the enemy team have a higher risk of getting a numbnut. => You should win 5/9th of your games => You should advance in elo.

      This is, of course, if you are good.

    4. Another guy that thinks he is so good and then can't carry games :D

      How is, that when a pro makes a smurf account, he just climb up to the elo he deserves or is close to it? I know, we are not pros, but if we are really above our current elo, it will change.

      "If your improvement isn't enough to solo carry every game against 4 other teammates doing horribly, you tend to have your rank spiral ever downward"

      bullsh*t. If your improvement isn't enough, you shouldn't be higher in elo ladder. And if your teammates are "horrible" then ask YOURSELF, maybe YOU should do something to help them? Go roam? Help lanes that struggle and not that one which is so easy to gank because a guy is 5/0/0? You help him get 6th kill but then You loose because of underfed 0/3/0 AD carry that, gues what, cannot carry?

      Stop looking at THEM loosing your game, start judging yourself, and find out what you could do better in this actual game.

    5. Another guy who has obviously never been in low ELO so doesn't know what it is like.

      In low elo, crap like, "they got first blood, gg now I feed" and "[10 mins] we down kills [by one], gg, I leave" or "I wanted top, now I feed" or position fights where you end up with double mids are the sorts of things that happen. THIS BEHAVIOR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!! It has nothing to do with how hard you can or cannot carry.

      When this behavior manifests, it all comes down to chance as to which lane and side got in trouble first. If I am jungler and both top and bot are struggling on first blood, if I help bot and top gives up first blood and someone quits (could even be the bot lane you just helped), then the game is pretty badly off and usually lost. If someone on your team is actively feeding or refusing to play with the team, you lose.

      And I am not saying it goes one way, you see it also on the other side where they have players that act the same way. However, as you pointed out, the chances are about even as to which team will act in this manner, so YOUR OWN SKILL, UNLESS SUFFICIENT TO BE ABLE TO COMPENSATE FOR YOUR OWN TEAM ACTIVELY THROWING, IS INSUFFICIENT TO ACTUALLY CARRY YOU UP IN RANK! The best you can do is hold approximately even as you on average win as much as you lose based primarily on the bad behavior of others. Until you cross the threshold of being good enough to compensate for at least one troll, you cannot advance.

      In contrast, at higher ranks everyone is basically doing their best to win. On average, no one leaves, no one actively trolls, and while some people are worse than others, on the whole it is the team working together that wins or loses. I'm not saying no one super carries at high ranks because obviously they do, but you almost never get active throwing, so you don't have to be so good that you are effectively two or more players worth of contribution to your team to advance. You stabilize at a point based on your ability to work with your team, not your ability to compensate for your team throwing the match.

    6. I know what you mean " Physicist".I'm not Pro either but I'm getting higher and higher since I started playing jungle (which is my better position).Now I always take a tank because in this elo people can't tank properly and defend the carry ...

      Someone like amumu can really change the tide of a battle with a nice landed q + ultimate.Plus most AD carries often go ahead instead of tanks so with a little bit of AP you can destroy them all.

      Try to help your team telling them who to focus, try to avoid arguing with them or drive them mad too.Also while you are in the champion select give them tips on which character counters.And if you don't know, learn it.

      Once as a jungler, try giving your top lane red buff and your mid blue buff.You really only need your first one and don't get greedy about it.Buy wards even if you are not the support, get oracles if you feel that you can stay alive.Always talk to them asking "how are the lanes" and stuff like that.If you are going to gank a lane let them know it, ask if the enemy warded bushes or the river.

      Last thing is, don't Ks them all cause if you are the only one strong in game people will focus you down.
      Always, I mean always play ranked games to improove your chances of getting better teams.

      GL & HF.

    7. Ok, now things to consider in easy to read points. Look at them Physicist and don't say "i already do that!" or "it wouldn't change anything!" without trying to understand, that they all sum up to raise your ELO.

      1. Role wars at champion selection screen. If you pick AP mid and the other person says "omg me mid or I feed" - give him that mid and help that lane as soon as possible. If you fight with him, he will just feed and you end up loosing anyways, so give YOURSELF a chance.

      2. You are last pick and don't want to pick real support, so you choose more aggressive or even strange champion and build him 'a little bit more damage'. This doesn't help your team. If you are supposed to be a support take a viable one and buy lots of wards/aura and gold items.

      3. During match, do not write in chat anything that is not important to the game itself. If someone gives first blood don't write "omg first blood gg" or ANYTHING. If someone else writes so, THEN tell the flamer that if he continues to flame, YOU will go afk. You will be surprised how often it works.

      4. Do well in lane so that people see you are a good player (and you are one, aren't you?). Then ping objectives and go for them, they will listen if you are not a flamer/feeder. You must know when and how, but you know it because you are a good player, right?

      5. Turn off ALL chat and focus on your team and the game itself.

      Just a few overall tips, there are many more but much more role-specific, no place and time to list them all.

    8. Dear Mr. Mr. Physicist Mister.

      I played more than 20 Games on 600 - 1200 elo and won more than 90% of it.

      Your argument is clearly invalid.


      Every good LoL Player.

    9. Mr. Physicist you're wrong. I was stuck at 1k elo. My skill level isn't 1600 elo level, but its enough to make a difference to get me to 1300 elo. Now you might say there's not that big of a skill difference between 1000 and 1300 elo. Well I must be doing something right in order to have been winning 70%+ of my games the last few months that I played and carried myself to 1300 elo.

      Who cares that you can't carry your team? If you truly are better than the elo you are in, then that means there is a higher chance that the other team will get players who are worse than you. What happens when you play against people you're better against? You win (most of the time). If you're not winning (most of the time) then that means you are not better than the people in your elo.

    10. Search for "Y U NO GET ME" on EU West.

      That's my account. I played only 3 rankeds so far, but I won every single one of them.
      1st game: Ashe 11/2
      2nd game: Ashe 16/6
      3rd game: Amumu 11/8/27

      I have only around 300 won games, and I can carry myself out of "ELO hell". You have bad teammembers? That's your excuse? really?

      In every single game I had to motivate my team, and I carried the game for them. The game with amumu... well I took part in EVERY SINGLE KILL, and my team would have failed, if I wasn't there.

      I, too, had some Flamers. I even had someone in my team, who went afk, because as a Jungler I didn't want him to take blue buff, and took it myself, cause I needed it for ganking. But when we had our first real teamfight, which we won 4vs5, I was able to motivate this guy, and play with us again.

      Your excuses are stupid. You don't try hard enough. You only win because of yourself, and only lose because you are not good enough to win.

    11. Raflstomping at less than 1400 is realy easy, i duo qued bot lane with a buddy and we forced 20 minute surrenders 7 games in a row. If you cant solo carry your way out of sub 1000 you should check your own performance. Carrying a team no matter how aweful is not hard, cause i 100% guarentee the enemy is just as retarded as yours.

      As just about EVERYONE ELSE said your delusional. Get better so you can carry.

    12. You can only really carry as a top or adc, but other then that. you are SOL cause yesterday I did a ranked and we were destroying them but because of part of my team disconnecting they pushed to our nexus and we almost lost. So dumb. Plus If you can carry its gonna take A LOT of games in order to get out of low ELO if you solo. I recommend duo que.

    13. well if u think about the fact that the bad player has an equal chance of being on either team (or even which team has the most) then the only constant variable is your skill level. This means that theoretically you will win more games then lose based on how good you are since the playing field is balanced (again both sides have the same chance of being stuck with bad players)and luck dosnt really play part (same as fliping a hundred coins theoretically they come out 50/50).

  5. I don't like they people that say it's impossible to escape elo hell. Been in 800s at the start of season 2 climbed all the way to 1600s and now sitting around 1450s now. Work for it. Elo reset means nothing.

    1. Elo hell is just a fairy tale scrubs made up as a scapegoat because they cant stomach the truth that their just not good enouph to climb higher.

      Calling it luck, just spits in the face of all the people above them that worked hard to get there.

    2. I do believe you can get stuck under a certain elo, I however do not believe that you can be stuck at a certain point forever unless it has something to do with your performance. Wishes 4 accounts above 1.6k just to try my luck.

  6. Same with me I just started playing ranked at Christmas lost my first like 10 games and ended up in the 600s, if your good you can carry teams if you play a hard cc jungles or a good roaming mid and now I've maxed out at 1541 but now 1485 it's easy to carry teams at low Leo if yours good!!

    1. i had bad teams too ,but some games are carry-able , try not to give up, play more ,have fun ,u should have an increase in elo ,i went from 800 to 1633

    2. Yes, have fun while the polish noob plays first time Nautilus or the carry gets mad when you get one kill. You cant carry a game. Even if you have 20/0 with Corki they will focus you and if your team is retarded you will lose the game. There is no way to carry some noobs who don't even know the skills or passives to some champions!

    3. If your truely 20/0 with corki you could have easily pushed a tower. Maybe quit farming kills and actualy play the game. Grabbing global objectives will drag your retarded teamates to victory whether they want to win or not.

      Waaaaaaah look at all these kills i have but i still didnt win woe is me, carrying is soo hard. Play the objective and youll win simple as that.

    4. Yep a 20/0 corki should be able to carry easily, if u know how to position yourself.

  7. Not gonna lie that alot of ppl fight over position in a game why hadn't there been anything to stop this like a game list that has you pick ad carry, support, ap mid etc... Then it puts you into games with these other ppl so you already know what your role is in it.

  8. The 'pros' claim anyone can clime out of elo hell if they are truly meant to be higher, well then allow a fucking hard reset and put your money where you mouth is
    i constantly play with 1600+ people on my friends list and play just as well as them, but ranked at 1200 is 70% luck, so yes i can win games without trolls but i have had about 30 games out of 40 that have had a leaver/troll or someone who only just reached level 30, is so fucking stupid, we need a fucking hard reset so the 'pros' can see what is like down here

    1. They already did see it and managed to climb to 2000+ on smurf accounts without any problem. See TheOddOne and his european accounts for example.

      His main american account:
      His european smurf account made this summer:

    2. Lol, it's because it's true. If you're meant to be in the higher elo then you'll know exactly what to do in low elo.

    3. I got to 1400 in just 10 games. You mad bro?

      Dont say its luck thats 40 teamates any one of them coyld have been pants on head retarded some of them were and i carried each and every one of them. If your good youll rise.

      I played with so and so at X elo and i do well is retarded. Your friends are probably higher due to a higher tendency to push, ward, or coordinate fights, a safety net you wont have in soloque. They cover a flaw in your playstyle that is holding you back when your alone. Figure out what it is and make it part of your own style.

  9. They should leave gifting out of the game completely. Its never been an issue and it shouldn't be one now. I agree hackers and what not could take large advantage of this. Its better the way it is now.

    The only safe way I could imagine gifting to work is that once you confirm sending something through PVPnet they send you an email to your registered email to confirm the gifting process.

  10. I've set a rather arbitrary goal for myself before I play ranked: 1000 normal wins before I start. I'm hoping that this will prepare me well enough to excel when I begin, despite being matched with potentially underperforming teammates. It seems the problem tht the underlying problem that most people have with their ELO is they started too soon without adequate experience, got stomped and haven't been able to recover.

    1. I suggest playing until you know all the champions and who counter who (and how) + learn how to smartcast most of the spells + purchase all them runes for every role. There is no wisdom in playing normals after that, as

      it has nothing to do with ranked games; normals are often crowded with full ap supports, no junglers and so. Also, people do not play 100% serious in normals, so you will face a bigger challenge in first few (100) ranked games anyways.

    2. Normal draft is identical to ranked, the only you canr see your own elo. There are calculators outcthere my projected normal elo was 1800 when i started ranked and just roflestomped to 1400 im confident i can keep climbing to higher. Normal more than prepared me for ranked.

      Aka play enouph normals and win often and it can actualy end up just as challengeing if not more than ranked play.

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  12. Can someone tell me what the kFactor is ? I googled it, but found only random crap.

    1. like 10 ever ranked you play you start at 1200 elo with +/- elo point of maybe 20-40 then it starts to decay until it sits at +/- 13ish elo per win or lost

  13. The Elo picture you showed is Mrofni ^.^

  14. I would love to see a bundle where it included 5 champions and they would be a solo topper, jungler, support, adc, and mid laner. That would have been soooo awesome as a beginner to this game.

  15. I would love to see a skin sale somthing like a shoesale, buy one and in the next 24 hours get one half off of equal or lesser value.

  16. ELO Hell doesn't come from people who actually succeeded at it to begin with. Read that logic once-over. It comes from the people who decide to rank "just to try it out" and end up crapping up their ELO, Stop, Then re-decide later to come back and be stuck with it. Simply because they cannot get proper games in normal, they have no viable option for good practice. The concepts/plans/mentalities people play by, between the two, are mutually unintelligible.

    People who our "Bad" are the ones who don't care. Not the unfortunate that have no utilities to learn with others, of their "maturity". Levels are only an age these days, only used to put a few petty speed bumps on smurf accounts.

    The people who actually care in normal, are being repressed. Because you can say anything, something, or even NOTHING, to somehow magically anger another individual. So it's better just not to say anything, in some people's cases, to at least have a chance of being ingored as a target.

    Tribunal? Smurf Account.

    It IS possible to get better, you just have to have an adept mind on how to deal with certain individuals, how to point what a person is going to do based on how they act in Q. It's possible, but if you think about that, that shouldn't be a requirement to get better in a game. The game is free, why pay for a psychology or sociology major lol

    Also, Kfactor probably means they'll reset people back to a certain point, in levels/stages. Like 1500 back down to say 1100, then 18 to 15, 24 to 18. Or how it'll probably work anyways, I'm only guessing.

  17. "that Riot is was"
    This doesn't seem correct.Give it an F3 in case you can't find it