Announcing the Streamer Portal!

Posted on at 8:50 PM by Seranaya
The official League of Legends website has rolled out a new fancy feature!
Introducing the Streamer Portal, a new initiative by Riot that offers incentives for streamers of all skill levels! Continue reading to learn more.

In the shadow of the Season 3 Championship Series, Riot Games has decided to bring streaming to the forefront of their own website. They have decided to include streamers that "follow the Summoner's Code and represent the character of a League of Legends role model". However, not only the pros are on the featured streamers list! Anyone can apply if they follow certain guidelines and meet certain criteria, such as having 1,000,000 viewer minutes a month.

Kry0 posted a FAQ on the forums about what the streamers portal is, and how one can apply to be a part of it.
The new Streamers Portal with some of the currently featured streamers!
Streamers that apply to the program, and are accepted, gain several benefits. Anyone that is part of the streamers program will receive a forum avatar, and have their stream, bio, and streaming schedule all placed on the Streamer Portal. Everyone accepted will also have a Streamer Program T-shirt mailed to them that has your individual summoner name and summoner tier icon on it! How cool! You also don't need to be any specific Elo to be included in the Streamer Program.

Anyone accepted into the Streamer Program will be placed into a specific tier according to their viewership, whether or not their stream contains coaching content, and of course whether they abide by the Summoner's Code. Depending on the tier you're placed in, you will receive incentives! This chart was published by Riot in regards to the incentive program.
* means subject to change.
The five tiers of icons available to new streamers.

The Streamer Portal is located here. This is where you can go to find streams you wish to watch.

Here is information about applying to become a featured streamer, along with information about benefits depending on what tier streamer you are.


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    1. Swag is a common term for promotional items. Riot is just going to hook up high teir streamers with free stuff to giveaway.

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