Season 2 Regionals - Da Nang!

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**Updates have been made**

The Season 2 World Championship is right around the corner and Southeast Asia hasn't had it's say yet just yet! The final regional qualifier will be played out this weekend.
Are you ready to see your favorite Southeast Asian teams compete? I sure am! Read on to find all the information you need to be ready for the tournament this weekend.
The tournament is going to be held at Tien Son Sports Palace in Da Nang, Vietnam on September 9th/10th, sponsored by Garena. This is a double elimination tournament, and the seeding will be done by random draw on the 9th. This means I will not have the tournament bracket until then. The tournament is set to begin at 10:40pm EST and last until 7:05am EST. The five best Southeast Asian teams will be competing and come from all over, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. They will be playing for a $9,000 prize pool split up between the places like so:
1st place - $5,000 & Qualification to the Season 2 world championships!
2nd place - $2,500
3rd place - $1,500
4th place - $1,000
Tien Son Sports Palace, and where the event will take place in Vietnam
Now, most of these Southeast Asian teams are relatively unknown unless you follow the eSports scene like it's going out of style. So I've made a small breakdown of each team, who their members are, and which position each of them play for your enjoyment and ease of information!

Kuala Lumpur Hunters
This team hails from Malaysia. Their roster is:
  • GoldeNz - AP Mid 
  • MoNk3yz - Top 
  • Epyonz - Jungle
  • Hagane - AD Carry
  • donmuri - Support 
Singapore Sentinels
This team is coming at us from Singapore, obviously. This name should be slightly familiar as they were at IPL Faceoff - San Fransisco Showdown. Their roster is:
  • Chawy - AP Mid
  • ToFuBoi - Top
  • HaRleLuYaR - Jungle
  • d4rkness - AD Carry
  • Equivocal - Support
Saigon Jokers
This team is based out of Vietnam. Their roster is:
  • SAJ.Nixwater - AP Mid
  • SAJ.QTV - Top
  • SAJ.Violet - Jungle
  • SAJ.Archie - AD Carry
  • SAJ.Junie - Support 
This team hails from the Philippines. Their roster is:
  • MLE.Kaigu - AP Mid
  • WILD jrd.TNC - Top
  • WILD gtz.TNC - Jungle
  • Zensho - AD Carry (C-C-Combo breaker)
  • WILD zlk.TNC - Support
*TNC GG.PH acquired four members from Team Wild and therefore, took their place in the tournament.
Black Bean
This team comes to us from Thailand. Their roster is:
  • Estrell.BBXllyra - AP Mid
  • Estrell.BBPorsch - Top
  • Estrell.BBInsta - Jungle
  • Estrell.BBNignz - AD Carry
  • Estrell.BBPungy - Support
The tournament will be streamed on Garena tv HERE. Be sure to tune in to find out who exactly is going to be playing against the worlds best in October!


  1. c-c-combo breaker Zensho

  2. Moobeat don't you mean september?

    1. I'm the one that did the post, and yeah I did. I'll fix it sorry about that.

    2. Oh sorry Seranaya, didn't look at the writter's name. Anyway gj, keep us informed!

  3. Gah, I'm getting all confused with the times though - East Coast here!
    I think...for this side the streams are going to be on like, around 3-4am, blagh!
    Hope they re-stream it!

  4. Wait, Azubu Frost and Azubu Blaze aren't even able to qualify? Aren't they Southeast Asian?

    1. Nevermind, I'm stupid. Did NOT know Korea, China, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan all get their our circuits.

  5. Hohoho Fail Team Aguinoobs didn't join? as expected.

  6. the kuala lumpur hunters roster is wrong i think

  7. I dont really know how SEA teams play although I am from singapore....
    but hoping SGS win the SEA qualifier
    Also I only play on NA and EUW servers I dont play on SEA servers :P

  8. glad to be a vietnamese and ill be cheering for saigon joker woot

  9. Why such a small prize pool comparing to the other regionals?

    1. For Asian that amount of money is pretty huge

  10. Singapore Sentinels is a sure win here.

  11. zensho is there because he is the top player in PH solo queue. not really part of team wild hence the combo breaker name

  12. LOL TSM get 40,000$ And the 1st place of Asia has 5,000$ xD

  13. I'm cheering for Black Bean because Thai and that name lol.

  14. How does the tournament itself look like ? Is this best of 3, each team playing with all others ?

  15. Replies
    1. Yessir, I'm working on the post now.

    2. Updates have been made, I still don't have the bracket though, as they haven't made it yet and won't make it until tomorrow when the tournament begins.