Arcade Sona NOT Pax Exclusive; available for everyone!

Posted on at 12:38 PM by Moobeat
Phreak has some good news for those of you enamored with the newly unveiled Arcade Sona:
"AFAIK Arcade Sona will be equivalent to Metal Rammus:

Given out at a convention, but available to everyone."
This is fantastic news! Arcade Sona is labeled as "PaxSona" in the game files, leading us to originally believe that she would join PAX Jax, PAX Sivir, and PAX Twisted Fate as a skin only available to those who visited this years PAX Prime event.

Vesh also confirmed this news, clarifying:
"She will be given out at the event, but will still be made available in stores permanently and in ALL territories."


  1. Excelent news!!!!
    I'm soo gonna buy it :)

  2. Replies
    1. I second this <3 As a old Sona main and retrogamer at heart I'm so happy right now :3 Dance enemy puppets! Mash dem buttons! >: D

  3. Sooooooo glad to hear this! First day buy for me. Sona is my favorite champ, so having such an epic skin for her will be fantastic.

  4. YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Its about time she got a new skin with different particles! Its DDR TOO!! FTW.

  5. Yeah I'm gonna buy it too, just wondering if they're gonna put such an in-demand skin ever on sale?


  7. Does this mean Sonas distributed in Pax can be used in EUW and EUNE accounts? I will probably try to trade with someone to get this.

  8. Man this is amazing news! As a Sona main, this is an insta-buy. I thought about buying muse or guqin Sona, but this.. This is heaven on earth!

  9. i like this skin's animations but not the skirt, it looks fugly

  10. She looks like she came out from tetris, or some old arcade game xD
    And there is no more jumping Teemo at the top left corner? :(

  11. I was gonna see if they bring back Silent Night Sona on Xmas, but in the mean time, this awesome skin will do.

    Glad it's not PAX/event exclusive, because Riot is never anywhere I could travel easily.

  12. not gonna lie, did a little dance